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Helm of Fierce Bison

Posted in Silly with tags , , , on July 18, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

myhatI’ve been trying to figure out how to display my Helm of Fierce Bison without … you know … blowing my cover. Because once you’ve seen me it cannot be unseen. It’s for your own good. So anyway, I noticed all the news stories about Goth Barbies. That’s it! I’ll use Goth Barbie as my avatar!

Since Matty can’t login and check her mail (which really has Cat spazzing out) because I think lightening is menacing her or something, TA DA! Goth Barbie is modeling my new Helm of Fierce Bison!

I know! It’s the most wonderful helm ever! The heat index here this week is at 108 degrees Fahrenheit and yet I wore that baby for the first hour I had it! I think I will wear it to any special occasion coming up, my mother’s birthday party! Just the ticket! I am so excited to winter dog walk this year!

What? Well yeah … Goth Barbie would totally have a Lesser Voidcaller pet … no question.

Thank you so much Matty! I love it! Best Helm ever!