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Report from the Battlefront

Posted in Battle Pets with tags , , , on May 26, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

wolfWell, pet battlefront anyway. FINALLY the big bad wolf made an appearance. The Draenei came through! And poor thing, she’s dressed in rags and for a moment there it looked like Attumen was going to kill her. I KNOW, really, how embarrassing would that be. It’s partly gear but mostly, my complete inability to remember how the hell a Enhancement Shaman works anymore if she isn’t jewelcrafting or making glyphs. Oh how the mighty have fallen. I was happy she was the one to acquire our new little pet, might help with her self-esteem a bit.

Then Cat logs in and sees she has mail, hmm … must have forgotten that I mailed myself something or one of these factions wants me to knock off someone for them. BUT NO!
zpet It was from Zeirah of Azeroth Life! Zeirah always has lots of beautiful screen shots and is a fellow altoholic. And now we know she’s also extremely generous because she had sent Cat a Menagerie Custodian of her very own! Cat knew she’d be out most of the day at a birthday celebration irl so she took him to her cottage in Halfhill to get him settled in and introduced to everyone. Thank you so much Zeirah! And thanks for your kind offer, but Blizzard ruined one of the best things about CRZ when they changed it to no more than three times zones. I had forgotten, but the other day I grouped with Cymre and Luxy for the Darkmoon Rabbit and although I was standing on top of their dots, they weren’t there! Oops, I forgot! One of the few things I liked about CRZ and they took it away.

ioncannonI was battling a tamer and realized another problem I have that might be contributing to how HARD getting 10 wins for What We’ve Been Training For is turning out to be. I’m now at five. Why can’t I go up against goofy people like me who are trying out an all bunny team. Oh come on! There MUST be others, I can’t be the only one! Anyway, Mechanical Yeti. I just HAVE TO use him. I use him sometimes when he really isn’t the best match up, but Ion Cannon! Just look at that! How can I not use that! Yes, I not only put together teams based on how cute they are, I make other teams based on how cool their abilities look. And while I’m starring in awe the other team is finishing me off.

Oh well, I must toughen my heart and pick a team of capable brigands who will tear through the pet PvP community with impunity! Tough! I’ll be tough!

Bunnies! Oh, Bunnies! Where are you? Let’s have one more try!