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Blizzard’s Revenge or Beware Kittys!

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , , , , on September 15, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

highwingI was vaguely aware there were birds on The Timeless Isle that would pick you up but didn’t get around to investigating until I received the quest, Rolo’s Riddle. For the final step of this quest a ride to an inaccessible place was in order. I have to what? I have to kill an albatross to land? Very funny Blizzard. Some kind of payback for our whining?

Little did I know how much punishment Cat was to receive. But first, I found Mossgreen Lake to be an easy pickup spot. He’ll come low enough for you to do some damage so he’ll stop and pick you up. Kind of 45.50ish. The bad part was when he picked Cat up she turned from Cat to Caster, not good as to get him to drop you you’ve got to kill him. In caster form she’d have a hard time killing a critter.

I fly up to the Red Lake where the final riddle to complete the quest is located and she cannot kill him. She’s out of mana and he’s barely scratched. Now she beats on him a while. Trouble is there’s so much time between her melee hits he keeps moving in between. Now he’s moved out of water dropage range. I finally hearthed to get off him.

Hmm … now I know why people were arriving in the lake area with half-dead birds. A lesson learned. Next flight she hopped, she beat him down way before arriving at the lake so that when she arrived she had regenerated her mana and could kill him in the desired location. Yay! Success! Even get an achievement for it!

Now that I had the whole process down I couldn’t seem to let it go. I hopped another flight and managed to tame a rare Skywisp Moth, a battle pet who frequents those high peaks. Took another ride looking for Sturdy Chests and just sightseeing.

So overall, after a rocky start I really enjoyed my flights. Still kinda waiting to see what form that bad luck from killing an albatross might take though.

gamblingOh! That might be it! I wasn’t going to mention it but Cat’s developed a gambling addiction. That darn Master Kukuru suckers her into that cave every time she gets a little ahead on the coins. They burn a hole in her pocket. And she’s not lucky. Usually spends 500 coins and the box contains 100 coins. Not a good exchange rate. I’ve told her but it’s like she’s possessed. Can’t stop. She’s got the luck of an albatross killer.