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A Tale of Two Hunters and PvP Pet Battles the Easy Way

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , , on May 28, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

catfluxWell see, this is what happens when servers are down. I talk too much. Posting is ALWAYS preferable to cleaning.

Navi made a comment that made me feel sort of guilty. Sasche became a Darkspear Revolutionary almost as soon as it was available. I figured people would be doing it daytime since it was new. Navi said it would be interesting to see how Battlefield Barrens looked from the Alliance perspective … um … I wasn’t even planning on doing it with Cat, shame on me. Poor Cat.

There is a reason, the few scenarios Cat’s done have all turned into a nightmare. There has been a lot of willy-nilly running around aggroing everything. I don’t know what that’s about. One time I was sure the person had stepped away for a moment and their cat might have jumped on the keyboard. It was the only explanation that made sense. I’m not sure if it’s the time of day or Cat is just unlucky, unlike Sasche. But Navi is right, Cat should get to see her side of the story. It’s the weekend, surely people are queuing. Yep, they were and off we went.

Oh yay! A Hunter, with a bear! Blood in the Snow should go fine! And a Shaman, let’s get this done! The Hunter was fine and I’m glad they were there. The Shaman commenced with telling the Hunter to take out a tanking pet. Hunter responded that the bear was their tanking pet. Shaman told them they needed to take out their Turtle, Hunter said, don’t have one. Shaman responded with a rude little acronym that implied extreme stupidity on the Hunter’s part. The Hunter remained calm and dignified throughout.

Then the Shaman kept running off ahead on their own, trying to avoid everything but the objectives, which somehow always turned into a blood bath from patrols. Frequent shouts of, “WTF!” could be seen as once again the Shaman was dead. As we got to the last part it became clear the Shaman just planned on trying to down the Zandalari leader and ignore everything else, when it was a lot easier killing everything else and then kill him. The Hunter and I finished it off, Hunter said ty and I think the Shaman might have been dead again.

So, on to the Dark Heart of Pandaria. A Hunter and a Mage, sounds good, wait … what? They’re dead already … what? Okay, I think it would be better if we get the little ones first cause … dead again. The Hunter had some sort of wolf who unfortunately seemed to have a compelling desire to end it all … a death wish … which was fulfilled repeatedly.

Let’s have another go. Okay, this might take a while. Once we got to the last boss I waited to see if the Hunter would send his pet. Nope, I guess it’s once more unto the breach for me. Okay, now we’re all dead. I’d been trying to communicate with no luck, maybe they don’t speak English. It could happen I guess. When we got back I put down a Banquet. They ate and one said, ty. Okay, someone’s there.

With a rousing battle cry something like, “We’re coming for you, you big dummy! Be afraid, be very afraid!” I don’t know, I thought it might rouse them to action. We attacked! It was an ugly mess of me trying to melee the boss without stepping in the Blood of Y’Shaarj that was freaking everywhere by now. My comrades were running back and forth to stand in the orbs. Yes, it was a typical Cat experience. But done. Thank Elune.

But then I had a eureka moment! These same people are doing pet PvP battles! Right now! I just know it! Here’s my chance!

And they were.

Merciless Pet Brawler Done!

Experienced Pet Brawler Done!

My pet Reacher was right, do them on the weekends. Easy PvP Pet Battles.

And Navi was right, if I hadn’t done these quests Alliance side, I would never have done Gathering Intelligence. I would have missed it. I was changed into what looks like a little Fluxfire Feline who had to stealth around right in front of Org looking for important intelligence. When my mission was complete I changed to fight form. Imagine my delight when I became a Flying Fluxfire able to fly around over the heads of the enemy.

I spent quite a bit of time flying around, hurling insults down at them, pelting them with Deeprun Rat Kabobs so they’d know the Alliance had prevailed! So worth it.

So that’s me up there, The Dreadful Deathkitten of Doom. Garrosh?

Be afraid.