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They’re Out of Control

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , on March 29, 2014 by tomeoftheancient

serpentflyWell, out of MY control anyway. Logically I should be in control but it never seems to work out that way. The deal with booster Rose was she’d gain revered with the Shado-Pan and The August Celestials for the enchanting recipes and then do low level mining to help out the young jeweler. I THOUGHT this was understood.

Yes Rose, it’s wonderful that you got the recipes, well done … um … what are you doing there? Cloud Serpent Riding? You don’t need … okay … alright, but then it’s back to the old world and mining. Are we clear?

Geez … she kinda guilt tripped me there. She said since she has to do the grunt work at the very LEAST she should be able to have a fancy ride. I guess that’s fair. It won’t take that long, the jeweler can wait a bit. No harm done.

roseisleShe’ll be done in no time and then … ROSE! What are you doing on the Timeless Isle! You don’t need top of the line Timeless Superstore clothes to mine copper! iLevel 490ish is more than adequate … damn, she stealthed on me. This type of behavior reminds me an awful lot of someone else. Kind of cheerful passive aggression or something. Is this a Druid thing?

catlaughI’ll ask Cat. What are you smirking about? I wanted to ask about Rose … what about the Celestial Tournament? What do you mean, how’d that go? Well we won. It doesn’t matter how many tries … we won.

I can’t believe this. Cat’s giving me a lot of grief over the fact that I scoffed about thinking she was the best pet battler. This week I let Lokkan the Shaman do the tournament as she could use the valor. She hit a few bumps. Cat always leaves Yu’la last as she’s the easiest, so did Lokkan. And she failed miserably. Luckily she had enough pets to make another team and squeaked by.

Alright, I’ll admit it! You’re the best pet battler … there … you happy Cat?

I don’t think I need to ask Cat about Rose, I think she just proved my point. Smarty pants, cheeky behavior? Definitely a kitty Druid thing.

This is demoralizing. I don’t seem to have any control over my characters. It’s almost like real life. I’m going to go hang with the dogs for a while, at least THEY do what I want … mostly … nearly always … ALRIGHT … sometimes.