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Let’s Get to the Bottom of This or Near Naked in Nagrand

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , , on December 2, 2014 by tomeoftheancient

levelinglookOkay, this picture has nothing to do with the whole bottom thing. It’s a “leveling” screen shot I took of Cat. It’s kind of like those naked baby pictures you take and hold on to so you can use them to threaten your teenager. Hey, mom’s got to have fun too and in all fairness I think I only actually showed it once.

Anyway, what is up with the Orcs in Nagrand … perverts. Is it just me? Is it my addons? Cim is out there taking names and kicking ass and then BAM … she’s standing there in her underwear, what kind of cheap tactics are those.

I’ve tried to get a screen shot but I’m usually too shocked as I stare at her butt. I’ve only noticed it fighting Orcs. They’re using some kind of Death by Embarrassment spell. That’s low, Iron Horde, really.

I realized something today. I’ve become a casual, a casual blogger. Gone are the days of posting daily. What was that about anyway, I wonder what I was saying. Since WoD launched I see I only post when the servers are down for maintenance. I guess that’s a win for WoD, that I’d rather play it then talk about it.

And oh, what is up with that Kaylie Macdonald? So okay, maybe I do obsessively check to see if I can make more cloth but dammit, I’m the Commander. If I want to check I should be able to, she’s never there. I’m going to hide and watch her. Where’s she going? She have some kind of black market thing going with my cloth? I’ll get to the BOTTOM of this!

She really ought to watch her step, Cim’s already in a snit about the three crafted items limit so her mood is … volatile … between that and the whole underwear thing.

cymrebCat FINALLY managed to get to a Cymre visiting level. It was lovely, Cym’s so polite too, she offered Cat bandages if she needed them. Aw … she’s not at all like some of those arrogant Pandaren tamers.

I know I wanted everything to be a surprise but I’m thinking that may have been a mistake. Cim is trying desperately to get to iLevel 615. Imraith told her about mission gear rewards. Oh! Maybe Cim will get one and she did!

Those shoulders might do it! It’s not a 100% mission though, she decided to first level up some of her followers thinking the mission would be there until she got around to it … not. Next day it was gone. Next time one of those suckers comes along Cim’s sending them out even if it’s a 35% death march, at least it’s a chance.

upantsSo that’s been our week, just thought I should warn you that if you plan on killing Orcs in Nagrand you should make sure you’re wearing suitable underwear. Something that will strike fear in their hearts, something  that will make those Orcs rue the day they decided to use the Death by EmBARRASSment spell!

Okay … I’ll stop … sorry. I don’t want to be the BUTT of any jokes … I don’t

Servers, come on. Save me from myself.