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Aw … So Sweet … Pet Lovers … OW!

Posted in General Gaming with tags , , , , on June 21, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

petloversYeah, Ironsally’s just asking for trouble here. Apparently only Horde are pet lovers on Drak’Tharon. Right after I took this shot a Death Knight attacked her, it’s really embarrassing as I HAVE a Death Knight but I have no idea what they did, lol. Seemed to be some kind of damage over time, so he was dismounted but she was not and she managed to fly to safety and heal up before she died. The hunt for a Qiraji Guardling may take a while.

nobattleCat! NO! NO! Sara Finkleswitch is THE DEVIL! DO NOT take that PvP battle quest! You just got back and you know it’s what drove you away before … just NO!

skellySo over in Neverwinter I was all over the End of Neverwinter Open Beta Event. Towards the end, portals were opening every five minutes and there was a possibility of a rare skeletal dog dropping, never mind that I had the above pictured not rare one. So yesterday, I think around noon, beta was over. No more portals and a shocking thing happened … my ardor waned. I mean I still like it but I felt the pressing need to get back to Azeroth.

trickrogueIt’s a predicament for sure. By my calculations I have to play Neverwinter for seven months without spending anymore real money to break even as though it were a subscription. I even have an alt, a Trickster Rogue. I don’t know if they are OP or maybe the early quests are designed for someone without a companion but man, I would not want to be on her bad side.

And she’s pretty clever too, I had been accidentally getting somewhere where I could zoom in and out without the UI for screen shots, she’s the one who found out it’s the “B” key used to get into inspect mode.

So anyway, I think I found out that I like games with spontaneous groups banding together to fight evil, it’s what I loved about Rift. Probably why I like world bosses in WoW, if I ever find a game where the whole world is total constant chaos 24/7 I’ll probably have found another home, just haven’t yet.

Okay my fine Neverwinterians, you’ve got 7 months, show me what you got. In the meantime, Ironsally’s going to be sneaking around Drak’Tharon looking for a safe place to camp. Wish her luck!