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Cat’s in Heaven and I’m Conflicted … or was

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , on June 27, 2014 by tomeoftheancient

cathumanmaleI wasn’t going to do this but Cat just won’t let it go. It’s no secret that Cat has long been an admirer of the human male even in their present form, but this! Aaaiiieee! She’s in heaven! She wanted me to post their picture so everyone could enjoy them. Um … yeah, sorry about the Cat photobomb but she just wouldn’t move.

I’m worried that when Warlords gets here she won’t leave Stormwind between mooning over Jarel Moor and the Stormwind Guards.

Now for the conflict. I got a beta invite today for Warlords. Let’s face it, I’m the last person you want in beta. Useful feedback? I don’t think so, we’d get hotness reports on the NPCs from Cat and from me? I generally just gawk around and look at the scenery. And then I don’t want to wear it out before it gets here either. So … yeah conflicted.

There, that’s settled … not going to install. End of story … okay so I was the teeny tiniest bit interested in just SEEING A LITTLE bit of the place. That’s all, just a quick look around.

Okay, yay! Let’s install that baby! Oh … although it says I can install it now it’s not there. What’s there is Warlords of Draenor which really isn’t, it’s just the normal game and then Alpha: Warlords of Draenor which is not the beta. So maybe someone forgot to change the name to beta, I’ll try installing it. Nope … get an error right away.

cantgetinI tried the “more help” and that didn’t work either. Maybe they’re just busy … maybe I should be patient.


Yeah … I know. I went from conflicted to OPEN THE DAMN DOOR pretty fast once it was denied me. I will continue to puzzle over it until someone LETS ME IN!

So now we know if you want me to do something tell me I can’t. Sheesh, I’m predictable. And another thing, I find the timing suspicious too. I had just received an email from Wildstar telling me my free ride of a month was coming to an end, set up a subscription. Now I’m totally distracted. Crafty … very, very tricksy Blizzard, and it worked!