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The Spirit of OLRG Lives!

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catshouldersCat’s been feeling a little down lately. She got these shoulders from a mission and Mr. Robot told her she had to wear them. She always obeys Mr. Robot but she’s embarrassed. What are they? Night Elf ear camouflage?

errisShe even had something she wanted to tell everyone. I kept telling her to post it but she just didn’t feel like it. She joined a custom group for Erris and since it was the only Erris listed it was a big crowd, you could barely make out Erris standing there.

Cat found out that if you except the quest from Erris you can then go back to your own Garrison and she’ll be there, minus the crowd! Yeah, it’s pretty bad when Cat doesn’t even feel like talking about pets.

hatesparkhelkeLOOK! LOOK! LOOK!

What in the world has gotten Cat out of her funk … OH! Cat! I see! Where in the world did you get Hatespark the Tiny? You lucky Cat!

Oh, I should have known! Helke the Fairy Godmother of Pets! The last time Matty got the OLRG together was for Molten Core for the pony, Cat never even dreamed she’d ever have Hatespark!

Thank you so much Helke! The spirit of OLRG lives! And Cat has come out of her stupid shoulders mood, last I saw her she was heading out to beat up poor Ashlei’s pets with Hatespark in tow.

Granter of Wishes or PONIES!!!

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mcmountSeriously, Matty is the Granter of Wishes or maybe Queen of the Ponies. She got together five Old Ladies although technically I think a few of them were neither old nor … er … ladies. Helke, Fairy Godmother of Pets or Hot Draenei Priest … I don’t know … you pick, came along and Taikuutta the Magic Mage and Kalli! Yay! I always hoped we’d have an OLRG run at a time that Kallixta could join us.

It was great, there were bad pulls and deaths to trash and those of us (not me) that know something about healing were aware that one healer was not really, well, healing. I’m oblivious to that kind of stuff. The only thing that ever harshes my mellow is nastiness. I was impressed when one of the tanks apologized for a bad pull, so for me, it was a great 40 man Molten Core!

I had such a good time that I’m contemplating sending Cat next time even though I HATE going melee. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad now that stringent positional requirements for Ferals are gone. Now she could just bite them on the shoulder or something instead of having to hunt for a butt to bite. Hopefully we’ll have another go!

And while we’re talking about Cat the Druid, she’s so kind. Always thinking of others first. She’s been saving up her leather to make the incredibly bad and under-geared Elemental Shaman some clothes. Aw … she’s such a sweet kitty, never thinking of herself. What a …

poniesCATWYNN! What have you done! That leather was for the Shaman! She dies every five minutes! What on earth were you thinking!

What! What did you say! Hey, get back here! Don’t you ride off on that Direwolf, get back here missy!

Nope, she’s gone. I can still hear her though … PONIESSSSSSSSSS …

Welp, I guess you can’t expect a Druid to be good ALL the time.

I Dropped the Winter Veil Ball

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winterveilI really did, I didn’t even take the time to dig up my happy winter veil baby picture. My husband was off all week and then we had house guests so all week I would run upstairs and send my followers out on missions between batches of cookies.

So, Happy Couple of Days After Winter Veil to You!

Since normal people don’t get up at 4:30am because their dog wants them to I was able to check on missions and do a little reconnaissance. I’m ashamed, I’m predominately Alliance. This is how they behave. Like a bunch of chump nuggets. I love that, it’s my new insult … chump nuggets. I don’t dare goggle it cause it’s probably got an entry in Urban Dictionary and then I’d have to stop using it. I got it straight from a third grader, so it’s the latest thing.

I checked Orgrimmar and you could actually see the packages but in fairness I don’t know if that’s because Horde are more polite on my server or just has a very low population.

Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about was OLRG, those old lady raiders! Matty wants to get a bunch of us together to attack Molten Core. All you need is iLevel 615 for LFR so you don’t need to worry about silver in Proving Grounds. In fact I think my tailor has the mats for a piece of clothing so if you’re really close to iLevel 615 and haven’t reached the 3 crafted limit yet Cim the tailor could maybe put you over the edge.

So if you think you want to give it a try, let Matty know. You don’t need it be well dressed, you don’t need to be a lady, you just need to be … nice. No griefers … no chump nuggets … HAHAHAHA … I love chump nuggests. Yep, just nice.

An Old Ladies Raiding Guild Thriller

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deadmatterEvery once in a while something strikes me as incredibly, awesomely funny. I remember once when my husband and I were first married we were watching David Letterman one night and the guest asked if he had a dog.

He replied that he indeed did have a dog but it was old. So old in fact that it fell when he rode it. Yes, Letterman told it better, so much so that I could not stop laughing hysterically. I couldn’t stand up, I rolled around on the floor for a while. I’m sure my husband must have thought, shit, what have I gotten into here.

It might have been Letterman’s deadpan delivery … I don’t know. It became a part of our family dialect. I remember telling my husband that our one dog needed a “senior” checkup now and he agreed saying, I know, he falls when I ride him. I still crack up.

For whatever reason words create movies in my head.

So yeah … a little background for you. I’m apt to crack up inappropriately at times.

So last night Matty’s OLRG met once again to conquer the bad guys and strip them of their clothes and valuables. Off we went to The Throne of Four Winds. We were trying for a few achievements. When we got to Stay Chill it wasn’t working so we wiped the first attempt and there ensued a strategy meeting.

I’m usually pretty quiet so it must have been a surprise when I started laughing hysterically. Poor Breige said … I’m paraphrasing … Do the dead really matter? I just lost it.

I knew what she meant but for some reason a huge glowing book cover appeared in my mind. There was champagne, reporters, it was a book launch!

The first installment of “An Old Ladies Raiding Guild Thriller” series. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Shit I can’t stop, turn off the mic. They’ll twig to the fact that you’re a nut.

“Do the Dead Really Matter” is a book, a thriller. Somebody needs to write it.

So there’s that. I won’t even go into the time I laughed so hard I had to try to escape a Mall without anyone detecting that I had split the seam in the back of my pants out completely.

Oh and yeah, dead people do matter so the next attempt we all stayed alive and got it.




The Old Ladies Got Me a Pony!

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myponyIt cracks me up to refer to the old ladies since I’m pretty sure I’m the only bonafide old lady there. I get a giggle out of it. Anyway, last night at the OLRG run I finally got Glory of the Icecrown Raider done thanks to them and I got my new pony!

Isn’t he beautiful cute … um … awesome! Thank you so much clever Matty and ladies! It would never have happened without you because between you and me I have no idea how to do some of those achievements. I mean we did Been Waiting a Long Time for This and I’m still puzzled.

And yes, I have watched videos and yet still I’m puzzled. I could never figure who had what stacks where so thankfully others know enough to say … hey … you there … go stand here until A happens and then go stand at B. Whew, now that I can handle. I am so grateful ladies.

Last night a certain lady told us how she’d been talking in vent and we seemed to be ignoring her. It took her a while to realize her mic was off. I’ve done that. But last night while flying around on my new pony I was talking away and the ladies were ignoring me. Hey! Hey! Look at my amazing pony guys! Hey!

It’s kind of scary how long it took me to notice no one was in vent anymore … but who cares! I got a new pony!


OLRG and Blog Spammers and Scammers

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cimcelebSaturday I was so happy the stars aligned and I made it to an Old Ladies’ Raid again. I had asked Cim to get screen shots. I assumed she knew I meant of the old ladies, but no. She took the opportunity to get a picture of herself with a celebrity. She ran over to Kalecgos and just took shots of them. Jeez, just like a Warlock, me, me, me. It’s all about me.

Oh! Those are lovely gloves! I must have them! They’re perfect for Cim! Oh! I got them! Yay! Yes, you noobhead, they’re so perfect for Cim in fact that she’s WEARING THEM. Sigh … a memory would be handy at times, nevertheless I got to raid with the old ladies, so all good.

Lately I’ve been missing the old days. Not of WoW but of this blog. I used to get so much entertainment from spam. Gone are the glory days of Norwegian Carrot Cake. Spammers today are … boring.

If they’re to be believed, I do now have a handle on who visits my blog. I’m sure the spammers scientifically target just the right blogs for the market they’re trying to reach.

So welcome my friends! To all you very rich (high quality diamond ads), recovering drug addicts (ritzy addiction recovery retreats) I bid you greetings! I did not know you all were interested in WoW.

I must add that I was also shocked to find out that while you’re all quite rich you still take time to find the very best deals. Quality diamonds are one thing but getting a good deal on a car is apparently a priority.

Good for you! I’ll have to check and see if there’s a Bubba’s Used Cars in our area. If Bubba’s deals are good enough for diamond-adorned, posh wow-playing people in recovery, then they’re good enough for me.

In other blog news I’ve been contacted by an Advertising Manager in a Anonymous Gaming Company! How do I know? Cause he said so in his anonymous gmail … not from a gaming company.

He wants to give me money for advertising! Yay! Yay! I find it a little odd that an ADVERTISING manager isn’t familiar with the fact that a free WordPress hosted website can’t advertise but no matter. I’m SURE he’s on the up and up … really.

How I long for those halcyon days of carrot cake … sniff … and I do feel kind of sorry for Bubba, somebody is really taking him for a … well … ride.

When the Stars Align and Making Amends

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ulduarcimFinally got to go on an OLRG run again. With Matty, Breige and Hekle in her stabby Rogue persona, we visited Ulduar which as always was beautiful. I was glad the stars aligned and Cim got a chance to go. She cleans up nice and LOOKS civilized but at the end of the day she is a Warlock, she isn’t happy unless she’s killing something or someone.

Doesn’t have to be a reason … doesn’t have to drop anything … she just wants them dead, so thankfully she got a chance to get that out of her system. I was afraid she’d start chaos bolting people’s Perky Pugs in frustration. So whew, thank you ladies!


Now Cat’s a whole different story, she generally only kills things that try to kill her first. I wanted to cheer her up so I knew just the thing. Billy Goat Blasting! So off we went to Fuselight and Cat had a really great time. Yeah, she’s pretty low maintenance.

We have slacked off in our mission to build an overwhelming large stable of rare pets lately. Cat thought it would be great to head to the Swamp of Sorrows and try our luck finding the elusive rare Moccasin or the Swamp Moth. We had no luck but a Flawless Battle-Stone dropped, so instant rare Swamp Moth! We’re now BFFs again … all is forgiven.

seekerkBut … Cat has plans and I’m not really on board. I mean I didn’t tell her no but I can’t see me going the distance on this one. The acquisition of the Crawling Claw nearly broke my spirit … and this thing? I’m not liking our chances. We’ll see how it goes, she’s easily distracted so I’m hoping something comes along and she forgets about this. Got my fingers crossed, wish me luck!

OLRG, Chatting with Lo’Gosh and Tomes!

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So Saturday the OLRG met to deal with Arthas and … CIM! What the hell is that! You’re supposed to take screen shots of the Old Ladies’ Raiding Guild, NOT YOURSELF. What is wrong with you. You didn’t get any pictures of Arthas’ cold, dead body? Maybe a nice shot of the ladies? I’m serious, I know you want to go with them but I’m putting Cat back in if you can’t be a responsible reporter.

Excuse her, I’m really sorry but all she’s interested in is … yeah … herself. She got a new, lovely gown that evening and now she’s obsessed with making a “Horns” outfit, I’ll leave her to it and see if Cat’s got anything interesting going on.

Oh Cat! I mean it was bad enough annoying random NPCs but do you think it’s wise to alienate your leaders? Apparently after that she set off to question Tyrande and Malfurion but she said they have no sense of humor and wouldn’t play along and were boring. Sasche paid a visit to Sylvanas and she was all business, refused to go off script. Oh well, at least Varian was a good sport.

So I was moaning recently that there’s not much to do and I have to thank whoever used the search term “tome of the dinosaur” to arrive here. I’m not sure how that got them here because I completely forgot about the Ancient Tome of Dinomancy.

bluebookerI mean you’d think it’d be a no-brainer for me to remember something with a name like that but nope, forgot it. My only excuse is that my Hunter was the sixth character to make the climb to ninety so I had kinda forgotten about it by then.

So in case anyone else missed it, first go to the Isle of Giants. Kill Zandalari Dinomancers until one drops an Ancient Tome of Dinomancy which will teach you how to tame your own Direhorn. Zor picked a blue one to match her hair. She’s quite pleased.

So yeah, there’s still stuff to do … I just need to like … REMEMBER it. Better late than never I guess.

OLRG to the Rescue

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chaosboltTypical. So typical Cim. I wanted screen shots of EVERYONE and all you took is one of yourself. Really, if you can’t think of others I might have to send Cat next time. You got to go to test my theory. I was giving that stupidhead Staghelm the benefit of the doubt. I thought maybe because Cat was there with her Fandral’s Flamescythe in her pack he mistakenly thought he didn’t have to hand one out. It didn’t work.

In the name of all that is holy Staghelm you DUMBHEAD, GIVE MATTY THAT STAFF! Enough already! We’ll come back if you do, we promise.

After that the Old Ladies were kind enough to revisit Naxxramas because I had missed last week’s Shocking achievement. Led by the stalwart lass Breige, we got it and that completed Glory of the Raider for me. Thank you kind ladies and men!

We were joined by a dashing Worgen Death Knight, Fenry. I hope he’s alright. He’d eaten some tainted dog food and was a lovely shade of green for a while.

And I have to say, sometimes I really wonder about me. I talked … AT LENGTH … really, must have been half an hour or so without getting a response from anyone. Did I check the mic? Nope. I kept fiddling with vent settings, must be something wrong.

I’ll have to write a note to myself. After fiddling with the bendy microphone thingy, check to make sure you haven’t TURNED IT OFF. And no, I didn’t have any wine. Not for the whole evening because I forgot to … so it’s not that.

But the very best thing … in Cim’s eyes at least, because let’s face it … with that Warlock it’s ALL about her … were the drops. She’d been so disgruntled that the outfit she’d planned fizzled. Just didn’t work like she’d hoped.

firewarlockThis morning she equipped what she got last night and even without changing the belt and the boots it looks pretty darn good (and didn’t cost ME anything) and she’s pretty pleased. And you have NO idea how hard it is to please her. There’s just one little thing. She’s now unhappy with the color of her blob, Gork.

The last I saw her she was headed to Stormwind, somewhere near the Slaughtered Lamb she says there’s a new salon where they’ll dye your minion to match your outfit. I was skeptical at first but then why not, there be these.

Thanks for a wonderful evening Matty and Old Ladies’ Raiding Guild!


OLRG Gives the Warlock New Purpose … Thankfully

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ulduarstarsOLRG went to Ulduar again. It’s hard to pick a favorite part but Algalon the Observer has to be right up there. Cim even lucked out and won a greed role for the quest to turn in to Rhonin in Dalaran, so now she finally knows what causes him to do that monologue about “… our lives are worth living.” Well yeah … duh. Cim! Don’t talk that way to Rhonin! Really, your attitude could stand some adjustment.

Yeah … she’s become something of a smart mouth problem. A Warlock with no purpose is not a pretty thing. My other characters have hobbies for down time. Archeology, fishing, pet battling … not Cim. It’s a little creepy, she just flies around looking for things to kill. I can hear Du hast coming out of the earbuds of her iAzeroth nano as she does slow, low passes looking for rares or a foolish, lone Zandalari Warscout.

cymmogThanks to OLRG my problem is solved. Not only are the ladies and gentlemen of OLRG a pleasure to spend an evening with, OLRG has given Cim a sense of purpose again! She saw a robe that interested her and won it! Thank you Matty! Thank you ladies! She’s now MUCH less of an embarrassment. She’s been spending her time at the shrine planing her outfit in Mogit. She’s found a hobby.

My hobby is reading blogs. I was looking around at WorldofHarley and saw a post about music. Oh great! I’ll impress my husband! My husband is an audiophile. When he first visited my apartment and saw my “all-in-one sound system” our budding relationship almost came to a premature end … right there. We almost … sorry, got off track. Anyway I found the best song EVER in that post!

Green and Yeller by Seasick Steve! I spent … I don’t know … a few hours listening to his music, bought some and then armed with my new musical knowledge, set off to impress my husband!

I’ve found someone you’ll really like! His name is Seasick Steve! You’ll love … you do? You have it? WELL WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME ABOUT SEASICK STEVE! Why am I the last to know everything! What is this, some kind of a snobby audiophile exclusion thing you’ve got going? Someone who once, ONCE bought an all-in-one sound system from K Mart can’t APPRECIATE Seasick Steve?

My husband’s first loan was not for a car … or a house. It was for speakers that COST the price of a car. Such a sound snob.

Anyway … you probably know about Seasick Steve too already.

After my musical interlude I’m back to reading blogs. Oh! Here’s a new one! First post I read is about Paladin tier which I know nothing about. It’s hard to get me to read stuff I know nothing about … like healing. I just kind of zone out but this post was well written and made me smile so I continued reading. I like this blog, I’ll add it to my blogroll!

So I thought I should read the “About” page and imagine my surprise when I find the author is fifteen! The Tusked Squires are bringing it!

You know what? I’ll bet he already knew about Seasick Steve too.