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Patch 6.0.2, Elder Lin you Bitch!

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , , on October 15, 2014 by tomeoftheancient

elderlinSeriously Elder Lin? I’ve been waiting for this day, I planned on using the money to finance an epic battle pet buying extravaganza. I mean 11,368 lesser coins divided by 50? Big freaking winfall, right?

WHERE IS THE 45 gold and some odd silver? WHERE THE HELL IS IT? I don’t want your STUPID SEALS!!! Who cares if I can turn them all in if I don’t get any GOLD! You kept it didn’t you, you stupid BIIIITC … oh … sorry … didn’t see you there.

Wow, it seems Cat’s new face may have changed her disposition … a little. We spent a good deal of time trying on new faces. No matter what we tried she still looks like the girl in the front row in school who raises her hand at the end of class to remind teacher she forgot to give us homework.

newsasSasche’s the one who changed the most. She decided to be brave and take off the straps she’d been hiding behind but I see they left her with a skin condition. Oh, and she decided on a haircut. Her hair was a little … brittle.

newcatfaceI’m about to check in on them and see how it’s going. Cat was in such a snit when I left her yesterday. Her most important addon has not been updated. No, not a threat meter, no not DBM or GTFO.

If PetBattle Teams isn’t updated soon MY quality of life will be ruined because Cat’s just not herself since … the change.