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The Celestial Tournament or My Garrosh Heirlooms

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Scott Andrews at WoW Insider wrote Who is The Celestial Tournament for? For me and those like me and obviously anyone who finds joy pet battling and collecting them. But first let’s talk about me, me, me.

I didn’t think I’d like pet battles at all but I’m so happy I did. I’d be living in Tatooine unsubscribed to WoW by now without battle pets.

I find myself in love with a world that was not meant for me. I am here on the sufferance of Blizzard and oh, because I pay them, but I don’t belong. Many years ago when I was an idiot kid I beat the crap out of my spine. I defy anyone to try to get across to a teenager that they are only getting this one body and they should treat it with care. The bill has come due, there are consequences.

So here I, and I’m sure others are in a world not meant for those of slow reflexes, shaky hands, poor eyesight … the list goes on. I would never inflict myself on people seriously trying to raid, it wouldn’t be fair. So no fancy gear for me. No soloing Warbringers, no Garrosh heirlooms … blah, blah blah.

I’m a grownup playing a game so for the most part I’m okay with that. I make up my own challenges, I enjoy the world. But the Celestial Tournament IS my Garrosh kill. Finally something for ME ME ME!

All it took was leveling the correct pets and … thinking. My fingers do not have to fly swiftly and accurately over the keys. So all I need is a tolerance for grinds, a tolerance of RNG, research and thinking. DAMN, here’s something I can excel at without the need to hit the correct key quickly.

And I have to disagree with Mr. Andrews as I rolled up at the tournament the first time with probably upwards of one hundred pets and got my ass handed to me. You don’t need a lot, just the right ones.

Admittedly there are those stressful moments of the pet battling life. I can’t tell you how long it sometimes takes to accurately click on those damn caffeine-addled, jumpy Marsh Fiddlers when out leveling but time is on my side. I don’t have to do it quickly.

So yeah … inadvertently or not … Blizzard has created my final boss of the expansion.  The Celestial Tournament.

Chi-Chi, Xu-Fu, Yu’la and Zao are my Garrosh heirlooms.

I’m outta here, Cat and I have important things to do like obstruct the mailbox with a giant Chi-Chi.

Hopefully they’ll keep them coming. I would so love to beat up Kargath Bladefist’s little pet Fluffy. Bring it, Kargath … bring it. I don’t need no stinking reflexes for that.




Celestial Tournament … Finally

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NiuzaoI found the secret to winning the Celestial Tournament today. If you’re married to a non-gamer they MUST vacate the premises. After my husband left my luck turned around. Today I had more trouble getting past the tamers than with the celestials.

So of course I picked Zao to come home with me after he gave me all that trouble. I took him to say goodbye to his father before leaving the Isle. He seemed a little disoriented. I guess he couldn’t figure how one minute he was kicking my butt and then suddenly it was like someone took a Whole-Body Shrinka’ to him poor guy.

halfhillFriendsI introduced him around Halfhill and now his training’s begun. I see great things in store for him!

I wanted to thank Navi, Cyrme, Tamer Liopleurodon, Turkic’s post at Blood & Sugar and Mistel for sharing a lot of helpful information that made the Tournament a lot less painful than it would have been otherwise. I know there were others too, I wish I’d bookmarked them.


Wild Jade Hatchling

Zandalari Footslasher

Clockwork Gnome


Tranquil Mechanical Yeti

Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot

Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling


Unborn Val’Kyr

Nexus Whelpling

Azure Whelpling



Soul of the Aspects

Anubisath Idol

None of these teams are sure things but if the force is with you and the stars align they’ll pull through!

Now … I don’t see me going back anytime soon for the rest of those guys … okay … maybe just Xu-Fu.

What? Oh, I know. Don’t say anything though, she’s sensitive about it. She really needs a visit to a world class transmognificationist. We’ll put that on the to-do list with the Noodle Cart.

Zao Now Brown Cow

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quitIt did occur to me that if I kept my big mouth shut you wouldn’t know about all my failures. I thought about it and you know what? There are all kinds of blogs that tell you all about how they did stuff successfully so I see it as a public service to report on my failures for those like me. If you’re out there … maybe I’m alone … yoohoo! Crap, maybe I AM the only one … anyway.

I may frame that screen shot. It might be the closest I’ll ever get to completing the Celestial Tournament. Right now I’m too demoralized to go back. I’m beaten … dejected. I hate stupidhead Zao. Of course this isn’t fair as it wasn’t his fault, it was mine.

After FINALLY admitting to myself that no matter how many hours I stayed in there I was not going to get Zao down, I went a few places to read more on the fights and in one of Tamer Liopleurodon’s videos she mentioned something I never thought about. I had used up all my big guns early on in an attempt to GET TO the Celestials without thinking that I would be sending in the second string after the tamers were down. Poor planning on my part.

When my initial Zao team didn’t succeed I was pretty much left with … well … leftovers. I tried EVERYTHING, I think I was in there for hours. What made it even worse was on the second to the last attempt I managed to scrounge a Wild Jade Hatchling with Call Lightning and two Zandalari raptors with Hunting Party and got him down to 88. Coming so close made it worse.

To my credit (hahaha) I did stop before stooping to sending critters and level 5s out to certain death but I DID NOT WANT TO CONCEDE. I finally came to my senses and left the tournament, head hanging.

I will say, something I never thought would happen did. RNG took pity on me. I have been looking in every Crane Nest since the patch dropped. Nothing. Apparently in an attempt to cheer me up RNG put a Azure Crane Chick in the first Crane Nest I checked. Thank you RNG, I take back all those nasty things I’ve said about you. Honest.

So everyone’s down but Zao. But I’ll have to rearrange my teams before another attempt so it’s back to the drawing board for me. Don’t throw all my heavy hitters out early. And why in the name of Elune is my Darkmoon Zeppelin not level 25? Geeeeeezzz …

Strange Compulsions and Dance Butt

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dancebuttI am so busted. Yep … it’s been revealed. I’m apparently the world’s foremost authority on dance butt. Those powerful, omniscient, search engines have determined I’m the go-to guy when you need your dance butt information. Really, I’m flattered but … um … what is dance butt? Anybody? Come on, someone has to know. You either? Yes, yes, the whole Raquel Welch thing is from a past indiscretion but I’ve learned my lesson, won’t happen again.

So anyway, I was overcome by this strange compulsion, I just couldn’t fight it anymore. I got it in my head that I shouldn’t have any level 1 battle pets. How unloved and neglected they must feel, I should get ALL the pets to at least level 5. OMG! Did that take forever, I didn’t know I had that many. Whew. I seem to be back to normal sort of, but I feel it won’t be long before I think they should all be at least level 10.

So I thought I’d get back to PvP pet battles. I had tried them when they came out, with low level teams. It’s interesting how things change. Pandaren Monk was all the rage back then. I tried them again after I had some level 25s. Lil’ Ragnaros seemed to dominate during this period and I must have missed the Fluxfire Feline stage. This time EVERY team I met had an Electrified Razortooth. I hadn’t even used mine yet.

I tried to come up with a suitable team but as always got distracted by things like an all rabbit team because I like to watch them jump around, not the best strategy if I ever want to get Experienced Pet Brawler.  So I figured I needed the help of someone who THINKS about pet battles and does not base their teams on cuteness or Ion Canons just because. I remembered a Ratshag post about a team Hydra used with great success. All but one of my wins were thanks to that team. Still have a ways to go though as I can’t seem to give up on my bunny team which is slowing things down.

So with all this pet battling I have accumulated gazillions of Lesser Charms of Good Fortune. I frequently get 5 or 6 for a battle. I really wish you could spend them on something battle pet related. I don’t know, maybe be able to buy a Flawless Battle-Stones for an exorbitant price.

Oh wait! I thought this was so interesting, a class on MMOs! I’m wondering if I should take it except then it would take time away from actually playing one, hard decision.

crabsteamedAnd I did something incredibly stupid, I just wasn’t thinking.  I deleted my Goblin healer as it was evident she wasn’t going anywhere. NO! NO! I love Goblins, just not the starting area, why didn’t I just respec her! Noooooo …

beardedkidSo ever since, this big comedian Nomi gives me spirit food every day. EVERY day. And what’s up with that kid anyway. What am I supposed to be? What are YOU supposed to be, that’s what I want to know. I thought you were a girl but you keep telling me you’re going to grow a beard. Who’s weird now Nomi? Anyway, the dailies had a few minutes before they reset so I took Nomi along to gather some leather. Hoping (yeah right) an unfortunate accident wouldn’t occur, like Nomi being crushed by falling Mushan or anything. No luck, Nomi made it and then gave me MORE spirit food. I’m not kidding kid, you’re days are numbered. Just giving you fair warning, this behavior must stop. Nobody buys this crap and I don’t need it.

It might be the stupidest reason ever for rolling another Priest Goblin … because I have all this spirit food … naw … makes sense to me!

Okay, this one’s for you Redbeard!

Enabling Jogu the Drunk and Pets!

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staremoreOMG Cat! You’re going to stare a hole through Brad Rhodes! Stop it, it’s embarrassing! Yes, she’s been trying to come up with 10 days of Pet Battles but keeps getting side-tracked by well … things. She’s been having a moral dilemma over Jogu the Drunk. Buy A Fish A Drink? Buy A Fish A Keg? She really feels she should stop contributing to his problem, but darn the pays too good.

She couldn’t wait to get her Onyx Cloud Serpent to ride but now finds it makes her nauseous when she rides it, so she just mounts it and kinda stands there … looking cool. Or not. Who knows. Okay, enough. Let’s get down to business.

Oh wait, just one more thing.

morukI wonder if anyone else has had this happen. Moruk is sweet on Cat apparently. He gives her a Flawless Battle-stone of some kind VERY frequently, so frequently that I think he’s going to get in trouble with the RNG Department. Oh and that Courageous Yon NEVER gives her anything. Perhaps he’s heard what a slacker she was at helping out the Shado-Pan.

Okay now I’m REALLY ready. I’m doing it all at once to make it look like I have a lot to say.

Day 1:  Your first day pet battling.

I vaguely remember I seemed to think PvP battles were what you were supposed to do. I can’t remember all my team except for Clockwork Gnome. I proudly entered the ring with no concept of which pets worked best against other pet types with three level ones expecting to meet three other level ones.

My team was beaten to a pulp repeatedly by a variety of teams consisting of a level range between 1 to 7. My Clockwork Gnome was annihilated by a Elemental. My learning began. We were hammered by a Pandaren. Perhaps we should do some reading and come back when we have a level 25 team and that was day one.

Day 2:  What pets don’t you like and why?

Bugs and Beetles and Roaches. Ugh. I don’t even care if they kick butt I’m not using them. Ick! Ick! Ick!

Day 3:  Who is your favourite pet?  If you could bring it out into the real world, tell me what you imagine you would be doing.

I know I said if I ever got a Minfernal I would beat it to death for playing that hard to get, but I found once I HAD one it was love at first sight. I didn’t care that he was common. Then Navi made him a rare with her Battle-Stone and I loved him EVEN MORE!

In the real world? I guess I’d take him with us on our dog walks to impress the neighbors. You think he’s rare in Azeroth? That’s nothing to how he’d stand out here! We’d be the talk of the neighborhood, not sure in a good way though. I’m afraid he might do some lawn-scorching along the way.

Day 4: What was the most epic pet battle/capture you ever had?


Day 5: What pet do you want more than any other pet?  What would you do to get it?

MINFERNAL! LOL! I transferred to a magic PvP server to obtain him.

Day 6: What pets have you got in your favourite team(s)?

This one’s hard as it changes all the time and pets go in and out of favor and the teams change all the time and I have so many.

petteamsI like some of my Dragonkin with heals a lot as they’re good utility players but I STILL haven’t perfected my perfect team.

Day 7: Do you use mods?  If you could only have one pet mod, what would it be and why?

I use quite a few but the one I couldn’t do without is PetBattle Teams. Best thing ever.

Day 8: What is the stupidest thing(s) you have ever done in a pet battle?

I wish I could say there was a stupid thing I did once. But I can’t. I REPEATEDLY do this. I forget to check to make sure my team is healed up from the last battle and engage to find one dead, one at half health. This used to be painful as I had to waste a bandage. Now since bandages have multiplied like rabbits it’s not such an issue, but still! Stop doing it!

Day 9: What is your favourite pet ability?  If you could have a pet with your favourite abilities, what would they be?

Right now it’s Tranquil Mechanical Yeti’s Ion Cannon!

Oh, I’d do something stupid like a great heal, stone rush without the damage to my pet and ION CANNON! Oh, and maybe make the cooldown on Ion Cannon shorter too.

Day 10: Design a pet!  What model would your pet have, where would it come from and what abilities would it have?

dog8This is my pet. He comes from the seventh level of hell and I would steal his ability from the Hozen Idol and it would work on critters AND Elementals!

Contest! Win a Nasty Little Earth Spirit Pet!

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thunderingYes, my battle team smacked down that Thundering Spirit to prise that Earth Spirit out of its hands. After all the pain that Thundering Spirit has put me through I didn’t feel the least bit guilty either. HA! In fact I did it again and again and ended up with a surplus. This morning I received my wonderful poem from Navi and I had an epiphany!

navifernalpoemI love all things (except you, Minfernal) battle pet related. Ratshag has a battle pet story that I’ve gone back and reread I don’t know how many times.

Matty told the tale of Mrs. Whitworth saving the day, I loved it. When I read Navi’s ode to Minfernal I thought selfishly, hey, maybe I can bribe people to write more for ME ME ME!

So if you have a tale to tell about your favorite battle pet, an epic tamer battle or anything related to battle pets I would so love to read it. A story, a poem, whatever you like. If you would link your post here so I can find you, or if you don’t have a blog just post your story or poem in a comment here.

Oh February 1st I will take all the names and /roll for each one. Yes, I’m taking the chicken way out. I am not going to pick because, if you know me, all you’d have to do would be write a dog story, and YAY, you won. See … I’m not that objective.

On February 2 (my dog’s birthday) I will post the winner and then endeavor to reach your server to mail your Earth Spirit to you. I am not a world traveler like Navi, so I don’t know how to get on European servers. So shipping only works to US or Oceanic, if you’re on a European server you’d have to slog your way to US Fenris.

My devious plot begins! Will I be able to get more battle pet stories and poems to read? Only time will tell, squeeeee, got my fingers crossed!

Thank you so much Navi! I love my poem, can’t say the same for Minfernal, BUT his poem I love!

Reflection at the End of the World

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worldsendSo we’re on the eve of the end of the world according to some. If it’s true, I’m going to feel really stupid that I didn’t empty our bank account and buy a top of the line, fastest, bestest, computer ever to use until the end.

Seemed appropriate to spend some time quietly reflecting … just in case. Cat set off to Shattrath to pay a visit to World’s End Tavern, I mean where else would you contemplate deeply at a time like this.

Okay … it’s the end of the line … some deep and reflective thinking is called for. Cat? Cat? Any thoughts come to mind?


I mean I’m not saying they always took her out the first go at her, it generally took one to three tries but this morning I think we had about five tries AND NOTHING!

Really Cat? The end of the world and that’s all you’ve got?

Well no, I have another.

Oh good, that’s a relief. I’d hate to think that at the end of the world all you thought about was pet battles, what else?

Well, my RNG luck has deserted me and I was trying to come to terms with it. I shouldn’t get mad when my luck’s bad, I should consider my RNG luck in other things. I mean I haven’t been struck by lightening yet, or a meteorite. That’s RNG luck isn’t it?

Well … yeah, I guess so. So that’s it? Those are all the deep thoughts you came up with? How many drinks did you have anyway?

Oh, a few. Anyway, I’ve got to get out of here. That stupid, rotten, dumbface Thundering Tamer is not getting away with this. I have to get back there and defeat her one more time … you know … just in case.

Flawless Battle-Stones, Livid Warlock and Starting Fresh

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cimYeah really. How bad is that. That’s Ironsally’s twin sister, she’s got talents but that’s about all she’s got. She certainly has no sense of style … what … oh, she says I HAVE NO SENSE OF STYLE. She’s really mad, I don’t know why it’s so fun to do this to a Warlock, I mean I love Warlocks but something twisted in me always gets a thrill out of making her wear outlandish outfits. But come on, you’re leveling, it happens. BUT AN UMBRELLA! By all that’s unholy would you for pete’s sake get me a staff or something! RIGHT NOW! She didn’t really say for pete’s sake but I’m trying to edit for PG13.

Okay, enough with the harassment of Warlocks, I really should stop as it’s dangerous.

The other day I put some of the hundreds of stupid glyphs my Scribe made leveling up on the AH. Just for something to do because they are pretty much worthless on my server, I have NEVER been able to make any money on these things yet I’m hanging on to them because it just seems wrong to vendor all her hard work.

I can’t remember which glyph it was but it was posted at 20 gold with a buyout of 25 gold. When I next checked there was a bid on it. HOLY FLIPPING ELUNE! I was stunned, there are people to who the difference of 5 gold is an issue? It’s been so long that I had forgotten. So I canceled the auction and sent them one for free and got to feel all holiday-spirited, so now I think I’ll list those worthless things at really low prices because there are people starting fresh, yay, a use for those bag wasters! It brought back the memories of my Hunter at about level 24 with 4s. Really. She spent all her money buying her pets food to make them really, really, like her.

Yep. Wait for it … here it comes! Pet Battles. I’ve read about people complaining about the dearth of Flawless Battle-Stones. I felt kind of guilty because I’ve received so many I even upgraded some pets just because I liked their looks rather than stats. I wish I could say I was paying attention and could see a pattern as to why so many dropped.

Of course I pet battle a lot, but the only other thing I can think of that may have something to do with it are the teams I use. My leveling teams have a coach, Emperor Crab. A level 25 crab takes two rookies starting at level 6 or 7 who can withstand one round to the Heartland. The pets around there are pretty safe. You can usually count on a Marsh Fiddler in a group who is safe for a low level. I just make sure the lowbies don’t go against a pet with a poison attack or a turtle with grasp.

Admittedly it’s pretty boring slogging through three pets with my tanky crab but it’s my unscientific conclusion as to why so many Flawless Battle-Stones have dropped. I have many crabs, so many teams with low levels so I can go through them and before you know it the eight minute cooldown is done. Don’t have to waste bandages.

So there you go. My totally unscientific theory on my high drop rate, it’s probably complete bunk but hey, you never know!

Pet Battles … The Shocking Truth

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dmfairetamer… is that I really have an addiction. This from someone who thought … yeah big whoop … about pet battles. I can’t wait to visit the Darkmoon Faire and thrill in the power that is my Lil’ Ragnaros every day. BY FIRE BE BURNED!!! I yell it along with him, works out fine when I’m alone but it’s becoming so ingrained that I hope I don’t start yelling it out on the phone with a client.

Which is another thing I love about pet battles, I can stop in the middle and take a call. No one dies, everything stops just where it was and they all wait for me! Perfect! I have frequently died in the past from phone calls which is fine by me but one reason I didn’t like to group, as I can’t let other people’s characters die for my job, that’s just wrong. So pet battles! Perfect for people who are supposed to be working but aren’t!

I even have a little black book. In it I keep notes on what pets could use an upgrade, who works well against who and a list of my teams because I got a little pet battle dyslexic there for a while. I am very fond of Axel my Clockwork Gnome. I love his ow! ow! ow! and ouch, I became so enamored of Axel that I kept mistaking him for humanoid because come on, he’s Axel my bud! And then he was Axel the dead bud. So now I keep detailed notes in my closely-guarded little black book.crowEvery Battle-Stone I receive is a thrill. It involves hours of study at and PetBattleArena making sure I upgrade a worthy pet. Do they have the stats I want? Could I use a better flying pet? Or would magic be better? So much to consider. Catwynn’s choice was made easy as the Battle-Stone was for flying. No contest, it’s the Crow. That Cat has no patience, so she figured that the odds of her camping a rare were about zero, so easy Rare Crow!

And that’s another thing, I wonder if anyone else does this. Cat is the pet battler. For some reason I must think that her months of experience at pet battling make her preferable to another character. I noticed the other day I had a character at the correct location but logged out and flew there so Cat could battle the tamer. You never know, best to play it safe.

When I first started pet battles I did it like everything else in-game, quickly. I must hurry to get him before he gets me, aaaahhhhhh! They died a lot. It was a eureka moment when I realized that I could take all the time in the world. I could calmly consider my next move. No one was going to jump me. I’ve done a lot better since. It’s like chess, no really.

I find it interesting that among so many fans of battle pets there are so many different interests. Some love hunting and capturing the rare ones. Some love PvP battles, some battling the tamers, others leveling all the pets.

waterspiritLook at that! She gave me bandages AND a Pandaren Water Spirit! And here I though she really didn’t like me that much! Who knew! We’re BFFs now!

I told Navi I had an addiction. She asked if I wanted an intervention and I yelled, okay typed, NO NO NO! NEVER!  There is a lot that I love about this expansion. I like the farmers at Halfhill, in fact I like them so much I pay all their debts because I can’t beat them up. I was so touched by Farmer Yoon’s excitement when I bought an “Earth-Slasher” Master Plow for the farm. That Pandaren was giddy with joy over the addition to the farm. I like the beauty of the zones, even the creepy ones are gorgeous.

But I LOVE pet battles. My goal is to level EVERYTHING! I will then have a stable of choices, I can pick and choose. I can try different combinations. Cata lasted Cat about two months and then she had to get creative. Old content, Ironman challenges, making money. This time is different. I HAVE THE PET BATTLES! SQUEEEEEEE! Sorry … and yes, I do actually SQUEE aloud every time I get a Battle-Stone. My husband even now knows to turn to me and inquire, “Battle-Stone squee?” Ah … life is good.

Derp Queen’s Red Letter Day

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A kind of funny story, it’s at someone’s expense but since it’s me that’s okay. One day Navi was telling me about a pet battle she had. It was looking really bleak until she called on her Gregarious Grell, who came in and saved the day. And against a team with a crab, I’m very fond of crab battle pets so I was very impressed.

I looked up my Gregarious Grell and told Navi, “Oh, mine’s poor quality.” She of course said, “But they’re rare.” I said I know, geez, why is this happening to me. Navi was wonderful, instead of telling me, “Ancient, you dope, it can’t be poor quality.” She sympathized with me.

So around about this time, yes, my mind takes a while to kick in, I thought, but hey … I don’t remember buying a Grell. Why do I even have one. Yes … well, I don’t. It came up as gray because I don’t have one. I told Navi and we ROTFLMAO for a while.

So today Navi said I should check my email. There in my inbox was the code for a Gregarious Grell!!! SQUEEEE! Of my very own, and RARE QUALITY not poor like my last one.

In six years of playing WoW do you know how many times I’ve walked past Landro Longshot in Booty Bay wishing for a word or a glance. I mean he’s The Black Flame! Nothing, he never knew I existed. UNTIL NOW! We’re like BFFs now! So not only did I get a wonderful pet, I was acknowledged by none other than Landro, finally! I mean is that a red letter day or what!

So today, the Navinator was born. In time, all will fear the Navinator. They will tremble at the sound of the name. They will forfeit at the sight of the Navinator! YES! THERE WILL BE LAMENTATIONS OF THE WOMEN TOO!

So no kissing up to the Shado-Pan or The Klaxxi today, no sir. Navinator’s training will begin. I will use my best coach to guild them. My Emperor Crab. I will have to pick a worthy leveling mate for him. I must speed level him to level 25! Leaving death and destruction in our wake! Beware! We’re coming for you!

Thank you again Navi!