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Hello Internet, I <3 You!

Posted in Silly with tags , on July 1, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

Yay! Yay! Hello internet! I love you! I love making truegold transmutes, I love archeology and fishing and … okay, I’ll stop listing everything but I am so happy to be back. And what the hell was that anyway, some kind of thunderstorm on steroids came through Friday evening raining limbs down on us and then we lost power. I really am a spoiled brat, a day and a half without power turned me into a sniveling wreck.

First was internet withdrawal, that was really bad until it got so hot in here that kind of distracted me. Power is usually restored pretty fast, so I was hopeful. After it got dark I dug out my camping head attachment. It looks like a miner’s hat, with a light on the front. I don’t camp, I use it to muck about with the back of the computer but it works really well for reading in the dark.

Morning came, still no power. Uh oh. We don’t have city water, we have well water. It’s pumped up by an electric motor. I ran around checking toilet tanks, okay we have three flushes left. Time to go water shopping. I think the really clever and less optimistic people beat us to the good water. We had to buy these cases of small bottles from an area that had power. We stopped for coffee at a donut shop that apparently straddled the “yes we have power” and the “no power” zones because the kitchen had no power to make donuts but the coffeemakers worked, whew.

Do you have any idea how many of those little bottles of water it takes to fill a tank, geez. My husband said just go in the woods, IS HE SERIOUS? Thank you very much but I’ll continue to pour little bottles of water in the tank. You want to go out there and get stung on sensitive parts by a hornet or something, go ahead. Guys … sheesh.

Anyway the storm also ruined my diet, I was doing so good for two weeks but once the power came on, to celebrate I rushed out to get a celebratory pizza and for dessert chocolate cheesecake seemed suitably festive so now I just feel kind of sick … but happy.

Now I have to catch up on what’s going on in WoW and elsewhere. Oh. More heat, storms loom for battered East, I’m just going to go fill up the bath tubs first, then I can catch up on my reading.