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Boost Dawdling … Guilty

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , on March 20, 2014 by tomeoftheancient

siliI pre-purchased Warlords of Draenor as soon as I heard it was available. A boost to 90 was something I have no interest in but a profession boost for my Horde was something I wanted. It kinda caught me with my pants down. I was not prepared.

The two characters who were potential boosts were level 10 and 29. A Warlock and a Druid. Once again the ugly sister gets the shaft. I had promised Grak she’d get the boost but Rose was 29 so she’s getting it. I’ll make it up to Grak somehow.

So yeah … how’s that going? I realized we’re dawdling. We aren’t making much headway, it’s like Rose isn’t in any hurry to get to 60. In some ways that’s good, I’ve been able to get to know her and I’ll admit I was somewhat surprised.

dancingI had thought she was a very serious type, I mean she is a Guardian of Cenarius. The Guardians have a lot of important work to do … and she’s what? Dancing? Oh … okay. Yeah, I see Rose. I guess you couldn’t pass up dancing with your double in Everlook. Besides being gear clones, there was even a resemblance … long lost cousins maybe?

Okay, let’s get going. Enough foolishness … you have to LEAVE Winterspring now Rose. Things to do, places to go. Let’s make it happen. Chop chop.

dancing2So she gets to Silithus finally. I figure she’ll have a lot of important work to do for the Cenarion Circle. So right away they give her an important assignment. Take out Vyral the Vile. She goes down in that scary cavern filled with dangerous Twilight nutcases and … dances? Rose!

Yup, there’s a ??? level Alliance down there. Probably finishing Loremaster or something. As soon as they see each other they break out in dance. I did not see this one coming. I did not see Rose as a party girl.

I was expecting a serious-minded, no nonsense, let’s get the work done character. Instead I seem to have a party Tauren … must be a Druid thing. If I didn’t know better I’d think Rose and Cat were related.

Anyway, Sasche? Hang on, your Enchanter/Miner is on her way. It just might take a little longer than we expected since she’s dancing her way to 60.