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MMO Observer Effect

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I am having an almost uncontrollable urge to rant. I don’t think it’s WoW I think it’s from watching too much  coverage of the U.S. presidential election spectacle. I should know better.

Cat is bored, it’s not that she doesn’t have things she could do it’s just that she doesn’t want to do them. 700 odd pet battles to get her monument … nope.

Continue on with the legendary quest line she’s on … nope.

Archaeology … nope, nope, nope.

She was so bored that she went into Proving Grounds … I know this is ridiculous but it doesn’t hurt to check does it … to see if she could walk out the door and have a quick port to Warbringers. Yeah … no, of course not.

Old Rotun eyed her expectantly.

I did SO not come in here for your stupid proving grounds Rotun. It’s … well … STUPID.

I am NEVER trying for gold, it’s boring and means nothing, I mean as far as determining my skill or lack of it in groups.

There is no one else in here with me, don’t you get it? I can act like I have some sense in here because I’m alone. There’s no MMO Observer Effect in here.

In science, the term observer effect refers to changes that the act of observation will make on a phenomenon being observed.

Okay, they are talking about science there but trust me there’s an MMO Observer Effect. I can’t be the only one who suffers from MMOOE. I  don’t know if it’s a side-effect of introversion or some other ism but it’s real.

So anyone who thinks someone like me completing silver proving grounds means it’s safe to group with me is sadly mistaken, it’s a crappy yard stick of skill for those with MMOOE. You’ll die horribly because I’ll devolve into an idiot who forgets EVERYTHING she knows because she’s being observed.

Common sense tells me, FFS no one is paying you any attention would you calm down but nope. Can’t do it.

So take that Rotun! Your stupid, stupidhead proving groups are absolutely worthless in determining the skill of what could be a large portion of the MMO population.

Wow, I feel better now that I had a rant.

So what do you want to do now Cat? Warbringers?

Sure, and maybe fish for those Tiny Carp we don’t have.

Sounds like a plan, let’s do it!






Mistakes, Mothra, Asshatometers and Stuff

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primaltraderYeah, I’m not sure recruiting this Blook guy was such a good idea. Cim was trying to find her Alliance Primal Trader, Ashley Zerep as soon as she got her garrison to level 3. Couldn’t find her anywhere. It turns out that because Blook is a stalker he’d been obscuring her. He follows her everywhere, it’s kind of creepy. Need to find him something to do, he’s got too much time on his hands.

And I’m thankful JD was online to save me from myself. I had bought the plans to upgrade my stable to level 2 and it wasn’t working, dammit, what’s going on, always with the problems. It’s in my bag … what? Ooooohhhhh … no, I didn’t learn it. Thank you JD.

And then making the mistakes that I learned NOT to make ages ago. I know not to make them.  I know, KNOW not to buy stuff while leveling but Cim was getting tired of waiting for a weapon upgrade so she bought an expensive staff which was replaced within the hour by a green quest reward, sigh.

Learn from her mistakes the rest of you! Do not bring down the Wrath of the Commander! Commander being me just so we’re clear. Yeah, all that kowtowing in the garrison may have gone to my head, just a little.

moth_3Cim’s been having a fine time with her Stables, well up until now anyway. It’s really embarrassing her but she’s stuck on the stupid giant moth, The Moth of Wrath. She’s got a logjam of mounts lined up trying to bring that GIANT, EVIL, DANGEROUS … moth to it’s knees.

Considering she’s a Warlock with demon handling capabilities saying she’s embarrassed she can’t take down a moth is an understatement.

Now I have no reason to do Proving Grounds as I don’t even do regular dungeons because of my stranger danger fears. People I know are generally out making a living the time of day I’m playing so no dungeons. I don’t need a silver to get into heroics.

bitemeBut of all the things I bitch and moan about this is the only thing Blizzard has done that REALLY pisses me off. BITE ME LIEUTENANT THORN. For example I have read comments about what’s happening in Molten Core groups.

I read about people telling the group to single target those Core Hound packs in the first cave. Basically so they can laugh their ass off when it all goes horribly wrong. They may be fine players, they may have aced gold proving grounds but they’re asshats. I can’t help but think you’ll find these same players in heroics.

I don’t like that Blizzard keeps content we’re all paying the same amount for from potentially nice players but yeah, asshats! Come on in! I don’t think they need a skill check, they need an asshatometer. I wish I had an idea, but like Blizzard, I’m stumped. I don’t know, some kind of gaming Myers-Briggs personality test?

breachYep, once more unto the breach. Cim’s at 100. Cat’s enjoying taking her time this expansion. She usually goes first in the mad pack where you can’t really enjoy anything, you’re just competing for quest mobs. She’s much happier taking her time. The ONLY thing she’s miffed about is Cim having a Menagerie first and doing all the pet battles, that might make her hurry just a little bit.

Right now all the pet battling Cat’s doing is using poor little Ashlei to level any level one pets she has. Instant level ten or eleven!

So number three. Not who I’d planned. I wanted a Horde character next but instead it’s a profession character. Lokkan the once Enhancement now Elemental Shaman for Inscription/Jewelcrafting.

To say I don’t know how to play her is an understatement but nevertheless she seems to get by. I thought going through the jungle again would be a pita but it wasn’t which is good news since there are many waiting in the wings.

That’s been my week. I’m enjoying WoD a great deal, more than I thought I would. I would like to fly but I see why we can’t. I guess if I need a hit of flight I’ll go back to the old country.

Hopefully I’ll come up for air before next maintenance day but Draenor calls to me …




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orcgenes2I know … and on top of that, the pretty one also got the brains so she gets to just hang out in Orgrimmar and manage the finances for everyone. No fighting bad guys … no icky deaths … takes breaks to go pick up a Caffè Marocchino to sip while she stands in the AH. So unfair.

invokefarmingCim’s not too happy. She decided to work on Collect Your Deck and was horrified on finding out that Paper-Covered Rock is a chance drop from harvesting … crops. Warlocks don’t do farming … just no. They DO NOT dig in the dirt like a common laborer. I think she’s calling down a farm minion right there. I TOLD her it won’t work, she has to plant the crops and harvest them HERSELF. I’m afraid to even tell her about the Archeology one. So unfair. She’s livid.

So yeah, the whole Proving Grounds silver brouhaha thing. I am completely unqualified to have an opinion. That’s right, I DO NOT HAVE A PERKY PUG! There, it’s out. I don’t queue for anything random unless someone is with me and wants me to. And then it’s their responsibility to entertain me while we wait the looooonnnnngggggg time a daytime queue takes. Yes, as much as I love dogs I won’t face the long wait to get into anything.

I find that after I’ve waited a half an hour or so I’m now doing something I would rather do and then drop. I’m not a very patient person. The only daytime queues that seem to be a little faster are the low level instances at around 30 minutes or so.

My entire experience with bad players would be holiday and world bosses. There have been many, I have wondered … I mean REALLY … if an actual human being were behind the computer. Maybe they stepped away and their cat jumped on the keyboard as the queue popped.

It doesn’t bother me as long as they’re nice or as in most cases say nothing negative. I think they need an asshatometer, knowing whether you’re good at playing your character doesn’t matter as much to me as knowing whether you’re going to be abusive to everyone while playing your character well.

I think it’s nice that they are attempting to make things better for those who do random heroics, although I think the asshatometer would work better, but that’s just me.

I hate to be negative but … proving grounds … just a teeny tiny bit … tedious. It was great for using to learn a new spec but they’re just … well … boring. I think if you restarted at the level where you failed I could face going back. I WANT to go back but every time I think about wading through all the levels to get where I left off … nope, rather do something else.

I guess I thought they’d be more like the Brawler’s Guild fights. I get my butt kicked all the time but keep going back because they’re fun. I’m pretty sure I read that this would not be required on the existing proving grounds but a new and hopefully improved version of proving grounds.

Who knows what shall come to pass, in the meantime I’ll have to give the proving grounds another go. You guys better watch out. As soon as my left-handed sideways mouse* gets here you’re going down … maybe … if I don’t get distracted … which … yeah, on second thought maybe you boring proving ground guys are safe.

I know! I love these people! They made a left-handed vertical mouse! Lefties rejoice!