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She Shoots … She Scores!

Posted in Battle Pets with tags , , , , on September 5, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

nishiThis whole not logging in until my right shoulder/elbow/arm recovers is getting depressing so I thought pet battling should be okay, right? I was about 12 fights away from getting Vengeful Pet Brawler, I should do What We’ve Been Training For.

What? Oh, no … Farmer Nishi has nothing to do with this post. I just took her picture as a reminder of what delusional thinking looks like. Every time I visit her with another baby to level she says, “You think you stand a chance?” Come on Nishi, everyone knows you’re an easy mark … yeah, like me. I suck at PvP pet battling. I’ve grown to hate it. I mean I read about teams, try them out with the same result. Utter failure, again and again and … yeah.

Oh … totally unrelated. This whole expansion I thought Pandaren were saying, “The world is your oyster.” I fly off so fast I never heard the last word. Now playing one-handed I’m slower and I found out they’re saying, “The world is your TEACHER.” OH! Okay, makes more sense I guess.

So anyway I had a plan. Decided to go look around for advice. I found a post about a team Ratshag was using. Sounds good. I’ll give this a try. The last time I took the weekly it reset before I could even get to ten wins. Yuck. Here goes.

First battle. They take one look at me and forfeit. Whew … how lucky is that. One down. Don’t know what that was about.

Second battle. They see me. They forfeit. What the hell? Do they think I’m Ratshag? Never mind, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

gifthorseThird, forfeit. Fourth, forfeit. Fifth, forfeit.  Yeah … I even got the achievement No time to heal. And at this point I’m laughing hysterically, about to fall out of my chair.

It’s ME! Guys, it’s me! The failiest pet battler there is! They are running in fear from the worst PvP pet battler EVER. ROTFLMAO! I have about an 8% win rate. WHY DO YOU RUN FROM ME?

Ratshag didn’t mention that the team would strike such terror in the hearts of pet battlers that I wouldn’t even have to fight. Wow, this is great.

Sixth fight, forfeit.

Seventh fight … oh, want a piece of me do you? BRING IT ON! Okay, at this point I was probably drunk with a false sense of power from all the forfeits and I accidentally won.

Eighth fight, forfeit.


Tenth fight they run.

Yay! Since I only actually fought twice my win rate was 50%, a big improvement over 8%. I am just two battles away from winning 50 battles for the achievement. Why stop now!

Forfeit … forfeit. Done! Fifty fights completed!

I couldn’t believe my luck. That is some kick ass team alright. Hard to say how it would have gone down if I had actually had to fight. I will have to give it another try but now, it’s my team of choice.

I probably shouldn’t be spreading the word cause now maybe I’ll meet that team and we won’t know who should forfeit. Worry about that I guess when the time comes.

Anyway, always remember the sage advice of the Pandaren. The world is your oyster teacher and so apparently is Ratshag.

Dealbreaker and Confession Time

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dealbreakerYeah … Neverwinter … come on, this could be a deal breaker. Where’s show/hide helm. And that hat isn’t so bad. Her first hat looked something like this.

neverhatI am not kidding, how are you supposed to strike terror in the hearts of bad guys looking like that is what I want to know, geez.

Yes, on achieving level twenty I got a horse but he’s a rental. I’m not rich enough to actually buy one … so yeah, rental. This morning I caught myself perusing this page. Founder’s Packs. I think I’ve gone completely mental. I have played many, many, games without this sudden obsession. What is up, what’s going on here.

This all started in WoW so I decided to question Cat.

fessI found her in the Chamber of Enlightenment asking Historian Winterfur for a book on PvP pet battles. Cat he doesn’t have those, he has lore books. What is the problem here?

Cat sobbed, What We’ve Been Training For is the problem. I’m awful at PvP battles, I spent the whole day in Neverwinter to get away from them.

Oh Cat, I’m sorry. Here’s the problem. You’re like me, you’re spontaneous sorta. I mean you don’t think, you just do. You have to think or at least find someone else who does and learn from them. Here, read Tamer Liopleurodon there’s lots of good information on pet battling there, you’ll learn a lot.

The very thing she loves has turned on her, pet battling. Having a win/loss ratio of the other guy 154, Cat 2 is demoralizing, I know. No wonder she ran off to a different monster-ridden world. Things are becoming clearer now.

Cat I know it’s frustrating but Pandaria needs you now. This morning while reading the Godmother she made a horrible revelation. Well, not really … she didn’t reveal it, I googled until I found what she spoke of … horrific, just horrific. You’d better get back there and enjoy the Vale of Eternal Blossoms while you can.

Cat was SO MAD. Almost mad enough to consider going into LFR to kick Garrosh’s ass when the time comes. Well … maybe not THAT mad but almost. I think she’s off to do Golden Lotus dailies and fish in the beautiful Vale. And maybe do a PvP pet battle or two.

But Cat, you’ve got to get over that hurriedly picking any spell because you think it’s rude to keep the other person waiting … you’ve got to think. I’ve got a playlist made for her for battling. I’m leading off with this. You never know. It might help.

A Tale of Two Hunters and PvP Pet Battles the Easy Way

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catfluxWell see, this is what happens when servers are down. I talk too much. Posting is ALWAYS preferable to cleaning.

Navi made a comment that made me feel sort of guilty. Sasche became a Darkspear Revolutionary almost as soon as it was available. I figured people would be doing it daytime since it was new. Navi said it would be interesting to see how Battlefield Barrens looked from the Alliance perspective … um … I wasn’t even planning on doing it with Cat, shame on me. Poor Cat.

There is a reason, the few scenarios Cat’s done have all turned into a nightmare. There has been a lot of willy-nilly running around aggroing everything. I don’t know what that’s about. One time I was sure the person had stepped away for a moment and their cat might have jumped on the keyboard. It was the only explanation that made sense. I’m not sure if it’s the time of day or Cat is just unlucky, unlike Sasche. But Navi is right, Cat should get to see her side of the story. It’s the weekend, surely people are queuing. Yep, they were and off we went.

Oh yay! A Hunter, with a bear! Blood in the Snow should go fine! And a Shaman, let’s get this done! The Hunter was fine and I’m glad they were there. The Shaman commenced with telling the Hunter to take out a tanking pet. Hunter responded that the bear was their tanking pet. Shaman told them they needed to take out their Turtle, Hunter said, don’t have one. Shaman responded with a rude little acronym that implied extreme stupidity on the Hunter’s part. The Hunter remained calm and dignified throughout.

Then the Shaman kept running off ahead on their own, trying to avoid everything but the objectives, which somehow always turned into a blood bath from patrols. Frequent shouts of, “WTF!” could be seen as once again the Shaman was dead. As we got to the last part it became clear the Shaman just planned on trying to down the Zandalari leader and ignore everything else, when it was a lot easier killing everything else and then kill him. The Hunter and I finished it off, Hunter said ty and I think the Shaman might have been dead again.

So, on to the Dark Heart of Pandaria. A Hunter and a Mage, sounds good, wait … what? They’re dead already … what? Okay, I think it would be better if we get the little ones first cause … dead again. The Hunter had some sort of wolf who unfortunately seemed to have a compelling desire to end it all … a death wish … which was fulfilled repeatedly.

Let’s have another go. Okay, this might take a while. Once we got to the last boss I waited to see if the Hunter would send his pet. Nope, I guess it’s once more unto the breach for me. Okay, now we’re all dead. I’d been trying to communicate with no luck, maybe they don’t speak English. It could happen I guess. When we got back I put down a Banquet. They ate and one said, ty. Okay, someone’s there.

With a rousing battle cry something like, “We’re coming for you, you big dummy! Be afraid, be very afraid!” I don’t know, I thought it might rouse them to action. We attacked! It was an ugly mess of me trying to melee the boss without stepping in the Blood of Y’Shaarj that was freaking everywhere by now. My comrades were running back and forth to stand in the orbs. Yes, it was a typical Cat experience. But done. Thank Elune.

But then I had a eureka moment! These same people are doing pet PvP battles! Right now! I just know it! Here’s my chance!

And they were.

Merciless Pet Brawler Done!

Experienced Pet Brawler Done!

My pet Reacher was right, do them on the weekends. Easy PvP Pet Battles.

And Navi was right, if I hadn’t done these quests Alliance side, I would never have done Gathering Intelligence. I would have missed it. I was changed into what looks like a little Fluxfire Feline who had to stealth around right in front of Org looking for important intelligence. When my mission was complete I changed to fight form. Imagine my delight when I became a Flying Fluxfire able to fly around over the heads of the enemy.

I spent quite a bit of time flying around, hurling insults down at them, pelting them with Deeprun Rat Kabobs so they’d know the Alliance had prevailed! So worth it.

So that’s me up there, The Dreadful Deathkitten of Doom. Garrosh?

Be afraid.

Surprises, Revolutionaries and Suckage

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sasandvolI’m going to try to write a post but my husband has pulled one of his sneak day offs. He puts in for a day off and doesn’t tell me and then he’s just here, what’s that about. I think he’s trying to see if I phone my boyfriend to cancel our tryst … yeah … that’s what hes’ doing. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Fooled him! Surprise! My assignation was with my dog walking friend so he had to listen to her talk about her sister-in-law’s husband’s near fatal eczema for the whole walk, that will teach him!

Anyway, there’s Sasche conferring with Vol’jin, oh yeah they’re tight now that she’s a Darkspear Revolutionary, oh yeah she’s totally behind the cause she … what? Oh it’s nothing, really she’s been fighting for … WHAT! Oh, it’s just Gahz’rooki. No REALLY! She killed a bazillion of Garrosh’s lackeys for THE CAUSE … honest, she’s 100% behind Vol’jin on this, the fact that she got a battle pet out of it had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with it. She was kind of happy though, because of the pet Cat kind of forgave her for harshing her mellow the other day. Now everyone’s friends again, glad that’s over but now Cat’s got other problems.

catreacherThat’s Reacher, he’s kind of the team leader of her battle pets. I think he got the job because their outfits kind of match, she likes that. They are discussing tactics … or the apparent lack of them. She accepted the challenge What We’ve Been Training For a few days ago. What has now become obvious is OMG WE SUCK AT PET PVP BIG TIME! I think in about 20 matches she’s only managed to win 3 and they all could have gone either way, she just squeaked by.

After brainstorming with Reacher on where they were going so wrong, they decided it was their lack of knowledge about the abilities of battle pets. I agree, I’m just not familiar enough with all the possible damage and special attacks they all have, and with my memory the future doesn’t look bright either. I think I got comfortable with certain pets and didn’t use some of my others to get to know them and NOW THEIR COUSINS ARE KICKING MY BUTT. Sigh …

Reacher’s idea was to hang around on street corners on the weekends hoping to take advantage of people with limited play time. Maybe it would even the playing field, maybe they wouldn’t be up on all the abilities either. That Reacher sometimes worries me. I think I’d better start battling with more of my pets, stop playing favorites and learn about them.

This all sneaked up on me. It started with, “Oh! Yay! I caught a Fawn! It’s so cute and it’s even a common, I’m so lucky!”

And now we’re having emergency staff meetings trying to decide if our existing rares are good enough or need replacing.

Pet battles … some seriously, serious business.