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The Dog Ate my Homework, a Non-WoW Rant with a Scary Dog Picture

Posted in Rant with tags , , on October 26, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

atehomeworkOkay, it’s happening again … I’m bored of me. I can always tell because I write posts, read them, then trash them cause they’re boring to me. Sooooo … I’m going to rant instead! Yay! It’s totally un-WoW related so you don’t have to listen if you don’t want to. It will be my therapy so that hopefully if and when these gentleman show up again I don’t run out the front door screaming fuckityfuckfuck at them at least until after they’re done.

So a friend said YOU MUST try Angie’s List, she said she got the most wonderful contractor to redo her bathroom there. Okay, alright … I’ll give it a try since the deck is about to detach from the house. I signed up and got some estimates. I picked the contractor with a A+ best deck builder EVER rating mostly because he assured me that his workers were his employees, not subcontractors as happens with many builders.

In hindsight it’s easy to see that I was lulled into complacency by that GIANT A+ and didn’t ask the appropriate questions. I asked how many days the job would take, yes, but I didn’t ask WOULD THEY BE CONSECUTIVE DAYS. What a big dummy I am. I was repeatedly told this was a three day job. GREAT! That’s wonderful, I think I can live through three days of intense hysterical barking from our little girl as she tries to alert us to the fact that the devil is pounding on the side of the house. Our other dog isn’t really concerned but he likes to support her in everything she does so he joins in.

The deal was done, the contract brought out. Hmm … a little strange … but BIG A+ remember! If it’s a three day job why have they allowed a MONTH AND A HALF to complete it? Oh, probably for weather I’m sure … cause GIANT A+ rating so no worries. Hmm … this IS odd. My contracts require 50% deposit and the remaining 50% when the job’s completed. Theirs says 45% DEPOSIT, 45% when deck platform hung and 10% on completion. Odd … but remember, BIG FREAKING A+ so just sign the damn thing already.

So they arrive, they park a freaking big dumpster in front of our house, essentially making our street one lane now which I’m sure the neighbors enjoy and BEGIN! Yay! They work three days, hang the deck platform. Day four … nope. I finally get a call from the tricksy management guys. Oh hey, sorry. Roberto is sick. Really sorry but there’s just one day’s work left. He’ll be back when he’s well. And by the way I’ll be by later to pick up the 45% for the deck platform later today.

You know I don’t mind so much the fact that I’m probably going to walk out the door because I’ll forget the deck isn’t there and fall to my … if not death at least a full body cast. Yeah, that’s not it. It’s not the worry that the neighbor’s cat will fall into one of the GIANT holes in the yard … I mean I’m worried, but that’s not it.

COME ON! Roberto got sick just as he hung the platform getting you 90% of your money? Roberto who arrived at 8:30am every one of the three days and worked all day with about a 20 minute break for lunch and stayed until it was too dark to see including the day he was stricken with disease?

AND THE DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK? How about that next? Yes, this is what I can’t take. It’s bad enough we have to put up with politicians lying to us and in their stupid arrogance thinking they’re pulling one over on us yokels but now I have to pretend to believe contractors?

I DIDN’T JUST FALL OUT OF THE TURNIP TRUCK!  Roberto is not freakin’ sick, he’s on another job and you’ll fit us in somewhere in the next month and a half cause I gave you all the freaking MONEY … except for 10% but yeah … why hurry for that.

Thanks … I think it helped to get that off my chest. I’ve gone from Defcon FUCKITYFUCKFUCK down to Defcon FREAKING. I don’t want to blow it and start calling them rotten little stupidhead liars until the job’s completed. They might tell Roberto to bobby trap the deck or something.

So remember, don’t be like me and be glamored by BIG A+ reviews … read the bad ones too. I did. Too late.

But you know what? I can’t wait for the month and a half to go by … no not having the deck … writing MY REVIEW at Angie’s List. Ah, can’t wait.

I Know the Devil’s Name — Rant

Posted in Rant with tags , on November 4, 2011 by tomeoftheancient

I’m sorry but I need to vent. This is totally unrelated to WoW except for the fact that I can’t play right now because I’m too pissed off. You’d think wanton killing would be just what I need, but it’s not working. This is a rant about Verizon. Are they the devil? Not really, I’d say greed is, I assume that’s what’s turned them and other companies into disreputable, dishonest, thieving liars. I need to call them again but in this mood it will quickly devolve into me screaming obscenities at the top of my lungs and I doubt that would be very productive, and I would be screaming at someone who has to work for Verizon. I’m sure they aren’t treated any better than customers are.

So fellow WoWers you can move on, nothing good here unless you too have had dealings with Verizon. This story is about my elderly mother but a little background will help. We had a land line through Verizon for years, never a problem with it. When Verizon dug up the neighborhood to put in FIOS they then started hard selling it over the phone and in person. We didn’t want it. You can hang up on the overzealous people on the phone who all got straight As in assertiveness training. I finally started bringing the dogs with me to the door which worked wonders on the pushier Verizon representatives.

Then the troubles started, we began to have a loud buzzing on our land line, it was intermittent. Few days on, few days off. I called them, they said they’d check it. They told me there was nothing wrong with the line but I should upgrade to FIOS. This made little sense to me, why would I reward them by paying them more money to get rid of the buzz they’d caused. I don’t know if it was intentional. I don’t know if Verizon is that crafty, and thought, hey, we’ll screw up everyone’s land line and they’ll switch to FIOS, no brainer. They just didn’t care, one lousy customer has a buzz on the line, big whoop. We got rid of Verizon and got Comcast, we now have VOIP which I didn’t want but the only land line available is through Verizon, who I’ll never deal with again. I’ll use smoke signals if it comes to that.

So we had a history, me and Verizon. I won’t go into all the calls and hours and hours it took to extricate ourselves from them but I’m sure most people have had similar experiences, with either Verizon or another company. Imagine my horror when my mother told me a nice young man called her and she’s getting a “new TV.” I finally figured out what that meant. She switched everything to a Verizon bundle because the nice young man told her it would save her money.

The bill started out around 200.00 monthly. Within a couple months it was over 400.00. She didn’t know why. I told her to SAVE the bill so I could see it. Apparently Verizon had realized they had got lucky. We’ve got a live one here. This old person has no idea what’s going on, let’s soak her. And they did. Every month there would be a new charge for a gaming addon, online storage space, virus software, etc. It’s a game of let’s see if you’re paying attention. Then you have to call them to have it taken off. This is a continual game, you have to play every month. They put it on, she has to call to take it off. Except since she doesn’t understand the bill nothing was done until I managed to get her to save one. I’m SURE she’s a valued customer to Verizon, along with every other customer who doesn’t understand their bill.

It became apparent recently that she shouldn’t be living alone. She didn’t want to leave the area she lives in so we found a new senior apartment where all the utilities, TV, phone, are included. She called Verizon to cancel. The first woman told her no, we don’t want to lose you and never allowed her to cancel. She went to a Verizon office and a “nice young man” canceled everything. He also told her to throw out her Direct TV box as he didn’t want it. He didn’t mention that he didn’t want it because she had to cancel Direct TV herself. Yesterday I found that nothing’s been canceled. Everything’s still billing at full bore, yup, they don’t want to lose her.

I really dropped the ball on this. I know my Mom wants to be independent and do things for herself. I try very hard to let her, and I didn’t think that canceling services would be a monumentally difficult task, but I should have.

It seems each part of the bundle has to be canceled separately. I made the mistake a little while ago of being honest when I called and said I was her daughter. Big mistake, wouldn’t let me cancel. I would have asked the neighbor to “play” my mother but she wasn’t home. I’ll call again in a little while with my best blue-haired lady voice and impersonate her.

I could go on with a blow-by-blow of everything that’s happened but that’s not my point. Yes! I really do have a point. A while ago Big Bear Butt had a post about hatred in America. I loved what he had to say and the response it got.

My mother is a Veteran, she was in the Navy. She served her country, land of the free, home of the brave. Right now I feel she’s just a commodity, not a customer. She’s there to be bilked out of every penny they can get. Verizon’s unethical business practices are no secret. Just google Verizon, you’ll find websites dedicated to helping people try to deal with them. No one seems to care, just business, nothing personal. I want to know when was it decided we’d no longer be the land of the free and the home of the brave and instead be the land of the mean-spirited and greedy. I didn’t get that memo.

There is your way and there is my way. There is no wrong way.

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I have a habit that I need to break. When the blogs that I follow aren’t talking and I start browsing their blogrolls I tend to skip over names that appear to be about something I don’t do, like healing or raiding. The other day I saw this Game Priorities – Please Mind Your Business, Not Mine on a blogroll which led me to Heavy Wool Bandage.

It is such a great feeling to read a post that says what you’d like to say only better. I used to wonder why WoW players displayed such aberrant behavior but I’ve come to believe it has nothing to do with being a WoW player it’s just people without the constraints of real life. I don’t get it, but it’s the only answer I can come up with.

Back towards the end of BC I was doing Children’s Week and got on a boat at Darkshore. Boarding with me was a person in one of the top raiding guilds at the time. They began an unsolicited critique of my gear, not whispered, to the whole contingent on board. They said something like “… not a bad attempt but you’re weapon’s completely wrong and …”.  I tried to imagine a real life parallel. Would they walk up to me on the street and say “nice try, but to pull off those boots you’re wearing you need to lose ten pounds”? I mean it’s the same thing.

Again back in BC I wanted an enchant for my wrong weapon, my “correct weapon” dropped in a raid where I couldn’t get it so I thought I’d make my wrong weapon as good as it could be. This was back in the old days before enchants could be purchased on the AH and you had to deal with an actual person. Now I’m free to just enchant my weapons in whatever willy-nilly fashion I desire but it wasn’t true back then. I was so happy one Saturday I logged in and there was an enchanter in Shatt so I whispered to see if he had the enchant, he did and the price was set but when he saw the weapon he said it’s the wrong weapon. I said I know, I don’t raid, it’s the best I’m probably going to get. It’s the wrong weapon. Yes, I know but … after much back and forthing he decided he just couldn’t enchant that weapon, just couldn’t do it.

The end of BC is when I started going truly feral. As in strange loner solo player. It became more and more evident that the thing that was ruining my enjoyment of the game was, well, people, the wrong kind of people.

When I started playing WoW I joined a guild, ran instances with them, I wasn’t the life of the party but I conducted my WoW life in a fairly normal fashion. I didn’t worry about my dps, I just played to have fun. The more people told me what was wrong with everything I did the less fun it became and I finally did the equivalent of sticking my fingers in my ears and yelling, nah, nah, nah, I can’t hear you. I created a guild of one. It’s very peaceful here, all the characters are free to pursue whatever ridiculous missions they care to. Whatever floats your boat, have at it. If the most important thing to you is catching the The Tauren Chieftains perform no one will say a thing.

Stupid Human Error

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This post for the most part is rant, just warning you. I have put up my rant face. The rant face was inspired by a particularly bad day at work. It’s part of a series I did where I would take a part of my body and combine it with all manner of things, squirrel skulls, scans of crumpled aluminum foil, you name it. If memory serves, in this one the teeth are really mine with Photoshop’s “Release the Kraken” filter applied. I had to go out in the backyard and find wildlife to eat to get the appropriate blood-stained look.

So why am I so upset? Human error, mine. I was so going to go straight from day one all the way through on  World of Saz 15 Days of Screen Shots challenge. I knew what I wanted for about the first 11 days, then it gets a little tougher but I thought it would come to me.

So what happens? Typical disorganized me happens. I get to day 7, Best Screen Shot of the Year and go to my folder where I had saved all the screen shots I took before Cataclysm of places that I knew wouldn’t survive Deathwing. And it’s empty. Because I don’t learn lessons. I had two folders named “Screenshots” one on the desktop and the one in the World of Warcraft folder. The desktop one is where I keep a copy of a screen shot I’m fiddling with to post, periodically I empty it after I post things. This is a dangerous thing to do, I knew that, but did it stop me, oh hell no.

So I’ve apparently emptied the wrong folder, they are all gone. No more shots of Auberdine, Tanaris, and all those shots you take when you get your first flying mount, holidays, you know. I’ve been searching everywhere in the hope that maybe at some point I backed them up at a now undisclosed location. The past me sometimes did things that the present me knows nothing about so I haven’t lost hope yet. But geez, how stupid can you be. I shouldn’t ask that as I’m sure I’ll do something to show myself up.

Ahhhhh, well, moving on. Anyway, what I was going to say before the rant was how great this challenge has been because beside the fact that it’s fun I have found many new blogs to read, both the participants and from their blog rolls. It was like Christmas. I’ve noticed that there seem to be three different types of blogs I read.

First type are the ones you go to so that you won’t spec like a total idiot and your clothes won’t draw comments like “LOLNOOB”. The ones with the math wizards toiling away behind the curtain, working with, Oh God, numbers!! I don’t do numbers at all well. Thank you math wizards for sparing me the typed laughter of the crowds in town.

Second type is harder to define. I just really like that person. The way they write, what they choose to write about, it’s hard to put a finger on it but it’s the kind of thing that makes you think, aw, I wish they were on my server.  The second type can sometimes also be a first or third type too.

The third is easy, they make me laugh. A thing that I hold in high regard. Sometimes they can change types. I used to read Big Bear Butt because he told me what to do when a bear but now I read him because he frequently makes me laugh. Mortigan The Warlock and OddCraft are also in the laughing category.

After reading these blogs I wish I could be more like them. I should do something about my epic run-on sentences, I should really consider using punctuation occasionally. I wish I could promise to do that but I think It’d be like promising never to name two folders in different locations the same, I know I’m going to do it.

And one last thing, I feel kind of guilty, I read lots of WoW blogs and almost never comment, for the most part I just read voraciously, laugh, or learn and I don’t comment. I just lurk. This has got to stop, I’m going to try to be better … except … the math wizards … can’t go there, they are just too scary.