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Real ID Chat Etiquette

Posted in General WoW with tags , , on May 29, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

What does that have to do with Real ID? Nothing, I just thought I’d show you how ridiculous a computer addiction can get, I’ll get to Real ID in a minute. The heat pump repairman has come and gone. I was hoping that he could just top off the refrigerant or something, no but, the compressor’s gone so he’ll have to come back … sometime.

So short of dragging this computer and all it’s accompanying parts and bits downstairs, this is what I’ve come up with. Kind of a swamp cooler. Homemade. I feel a lovely cool breeze, really. It’s all in belief, you have to believe.

Anyway, most people may not have this Real ID problem, but if you’re shy or an introvert you may have it too. Having not been in a guild most of my WoW career I’m not used to having people there to talk to and I always get in predicaments because I’m really not sure of the etiquette, there must be some.

Shy people can be difficult to deal with, I’m one and so is my husband. For example, you login and see I’m on. I don’t say anything, not a word. What the hell is up with that? You thought we were buddies, what’s up? What’s up is a shy person thinks, oh, I don’t want to bother them. They are probably talking to other people, I don’t want to interrupt. Sigh.

The only way my husband and I got together was we worked in the same cubicle for three years and I was devious and told him I was moving to Florida. Yes, I had to resort to trickery to get a proposal. So yeah, I’m not proud of it but these shy people can be difficult to deal with sometimes, they need a little push.

My real problem is I worry about not answering. I mean if you’re in an instance, old DBM handles all that, but if your level 67 No Death Ironman gets jumped by three mobs, what’s the correct etiquette there. Common sense says just respond after it’s safe but I have a hard time doing that, it seems so rude. The other day my Hunter was picking flowers, and then I had to watch her almost get beaten to death by a waspy thing and two crocolisks as I couldn’t bear not answering right away. Her pet had done one of those appear with almost no health thingys and didn’t survive long enough to help her.

And I really get all flustered when I’m having two or three conversations simultaneously. It’s so bad I sometimes tell one friend, OMG, I’m trying to talk to two people at once, OMG! He’s very nice and stops chatting to relieve the stress, what a nut. Me, not him. The worse time was when there were about five people on and I was afraid to go downstairs to get a drink because they might say something and I’d be ignoring them. It seemed like overkill to type brb to five people I wasn’t talking to at that moment just in case … but I thought about it.

I sort of do the same thing irl as I madly flail my arms about at every passing car, dump truck, whatever, on the dog walk. Don’t want anyone to feel ignored.

Geez, and now I just realized I do the same thing here. I am incapable of not responding to every comment individually and immediately, wow, this problem runs deeper than even I had suspected.

I guess I’ll get the hang of it. Or maybe not, I still seem to play with the assumption that the harder I hit the keys the more it hurts the mob. I know, logic just doesn’t seem to come into it. It’s feeling like Heat Stroke Level Four in here so I’m off to get some more ice for my homemade air conditioning unit.