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What to tell your [Insert] when they say you play too much [Insert]

Posted in WoW/SWTOR with tags , , on January 6, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

Went to see what Matty of Sugar & Blood had to say this morning and found this post. She has a link to an article that has some interesting justifications for spending so much time in-game, any game. I knew it! I knew it! I’ve bookmarked the article, I don’t need it for my husband who is incredibly tolerant of the time I spend playing games. I’m not sure if it’s tolerance though, or if he’s just happy to be able to watch sports, the military channel and the history channel in peace.

My daughter is a different story, she thinks her husband and mother are two giant dorks who spend way too much time gaming. Now I can refer her to this article, pointing out all the benefits of gaming. I think it’s worth it alone for the hand-eye coordination cause coordination irl is not my strong suit. I am not a beautiful, graceful butterfly irl.

I found this interesting because I have my own anecdotal evidence to add. I noticed this a few years back and I’m sure it’s the result of gaming. Do you see my little smuggler up there? She’s assessing the situation, in this case they’re just a bunch of wimps but nevertheless she’s always aware.

When my Druid visits an area for the first time, she stealths in and checks out the lay of the land. How are the NPCs grouped, who’s the most dangerous, can she take out one at a time or will they all aggro.


I’m a jokey kind of ancient, a lot of what I say is not strictly true but this I’m serious about. My awareness of real life situations has increased and I know it has to be the result of gaming. I once had a client who had a personal security firm. He provided all sorts of training. Combatives Training, Tactical Knife, Baton and one called Awareness. Awareness was one of his pet peeves, he complained that his wife didn’t take her surrounding into consideration enough and if attacked would be taken completely by surprise. I know what he meant, most of us are raised in an environment that thankfully does not necessitate being on alert at all times. We have to be trained.

We have two dogs with some issues. I used to walk them without paying a whole lot of attention to what was going on around me. I no longer do that. Small children who like animals, have a tendency to run up to strange dogs squealing in delight … behaving pretty much like prey, not good. Our one dog is not aggressive but he is easily startled and he doesn’t kiss on the first date, he has to get to know you. Now that I’m aware of what’s going on around me I can take measures ahead of time to avert a situation that would frighten a child or an adult or result in a dog smackdown.

When I have one of those annoying times that I can’t order something from Amazon and I have to venture out irl to acquire it, I’ve noticed that when I park, before I get out I check to see if the surrounding cars are empty or have occupants. Do the occupants look suspicious? I did not take his class; I did not used to do this. I find everywhere I go I am scoping out the area exactly the same way I do in-game.

If you’re sitting in a Starbuck’s and a mommy type walks in and looks around, she may be assessing your position in the kill-order if things in there go south. She could be sizing you up like a pack of Murlocs, I’m not kidding. Kind of spooky isn’t it?

I know for a fact this heightened awareness has been beneficial in dealing with the dogs and I can only assume it’s the result of gaming, I don’t know where else it suddenly came from. So there, they can add awareness to that article.

In honor of Matty, who frequently is kind enough to provide a soundtrack for her posts I give you this, it started playing in my head about halfway through writing this post and I can’t get it out. I mean I like it and all but here, you take it. I have a mind like a diamond now.