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Jazz Hands, Ow! Ow! Ow! Flying First Class

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , , on February 20, 2014 by tomeoftheancient

jazzhandsWhat? You didn’t believe me when I said I was going to teach my dog jazz hands during maintenance? He’s a real quick study but he kept getting interfered with so it ended coming out more like the Vulcan Salute. Which is great … don’t get me wrong but we’re going to have to keep working on those jazz hands.

dogmoveOn the other … hand, this move he’s totally got down. What should be obvious from the rather haphazard title is … I’ve got time on my hands and in an effort to fill it I’m just rambling away because …

THIRD DAY IN A ROW OF MAINTENANCE! OW! OW! OW! Okay, yesterday it was only two hours but today it’s a whole maintenance! So yeah … rambling.

Let’s see … I know! Most people have probably already experienced this but for me it was a first! Cim the Warlock was standing there trying to decide if she was up to, once again, failing to get …

You know I’m trying to type and that guy there is really distracting, I may need to put a post-it over him until I scroll past him.

Anyway, Cat wants a Big Love Rocket but wants Cim to get it for her. I guess she’s busy doing something. So Cim’s considering queuing for The Crown Chemical Co. when she hears from Neo of OLRG fame. He’s famous with the old ladies because I swear he could calmly talk us through downing Garrosh with like 8 under-geared people and their battle pets. He’s that good.

So yeah, we grouped and then OMG! We’re in Shadowfang Keep! I got my first EVER insta-queue! I felt like I’d just been bumped to first class! Thank you Neo Tank! She didn’t even mind not getting a rocket. Best queue ever.

So hmm … yes, just checked realm status again … they really are maintaining … they weren’t kidding. Okay then, what else.

Blogging, I’ve become lazy again. What happens is I get up, feed the dogs, make coffee, turn on the news. Then the dogs get on the couch and sleep and I start reading blogs on my iPad. I kinda listen to the news expecting the cocktail party effect to alert me if anything in the news is remotely important to me.

The problem is I’ve stopped commenting on the iPad because of the ridiculous things it would say, it was always correcting me. So now when I come up here I’m under the impression that I DID comment because I remember thinking what I would say … when I got up here … so in my mind I have already said it … but didn’t. Yeah. Must stop that.

vaincimAnd while on the topic of blogs you should always trust ANYTHING Euphyley says about rare or sought after beasties. I was bemoaning the fact on Twitter that I would probably never see the Reins of the Onyxian Drake and Euphyley told me the technique was to seriously threaten Onyxia before engaging. Yeah, it works …

The REASON Cim HAD to have this Drake was it matched her new outfit. Geez. Yeah, Cim’s a little vain. I’m not sure how that’s possible but so far it’s only Cim who truly cares what she looks like. Cat and Sasche will fiddle around and throw on something from their bank but Cim even needs her mount to match. I don’t know what that’s about.

She could even get a better weapon according to Mr. Robot but she won’t do it because it’s not a staff and it would ruin her look.

realm status …

Oh come on, it could too end two hours early. Nope, not today.

drowningOh, so that’s where Cat was! She read about the Censer of Eternal Agony at Bubbles of Mischief and wanted the achievement but HATES PvP. She tends to stand there while she’s being killed thinking OMG OMG A REAL PERSON IS TRYING TO KILL … and then she’s dead.

So she used the censer and then immediately jumped off the cliff in fear for her life and then died a dignified death by drowning. Much better.

Two more hours. Okay, it’s almost lunch time. Maybe I can prepare some complicated two hours in the preparation dining experience for me and the dogs. Maybe I should make some ginger snaps cookies … maybe … no … NEVER DUST BUNNIES! THE DUST BUNNIES WILL LIVE ANOTHER DAY!