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The Moan about The Robe of Doan

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , on August 9, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

robedoanI’d forgotten how high maintenance this Warlock is. Always wants something. Almost the instant she hit 90 she started lobbying for 14 Haunting Spirits. My bank alt gave in finally and spent an astronomical amount just to shut her up. Warlock had to make her helm and boots, she couldn’t wait.

It should have been no surprise when she pulled her Robe of Doan out of the bank and said, “Here, let’s do something with this!” I told her I thought it made her look kinda like the headmistress at a posh boarding school, not a Warlock. I told her to look around, get some ideas and get back to me. She came back with an outfit she really liked that she saw at Altoholic Anonymous.

Cim soon came back to preview her version.

cimsetOMG! Cim, you ruined it with that top! You don’t look like a Warlock you look like a lion tamer. Just as well because the boots weren’t attainable, she must have already completed that quest. Okay, okay, back to Robe of Doan then.

I salute all those hardcore moggers out there. There are many I admire, they assemble countless outfits with seeming ease. This is hard work.

Weapon, easy. Slavedriver’s Cane. Cim just Hellfired through Stratholme three times.

High Councillor’s Sash, on the AH! This will take no time at all! Runecloth Shoulders and Cloak. Simple, just make them.

Now the going got tougher. She’d selected boots and gloves that were quest rewards in Outland. She hoped she hadn’t done the quests. Ashwalker’s Footwraps and Gloves of the High Magus were rewards from quests in Shadowmoon Valley. She had apparently started quests in SMV so we had to stumble around trying to pick up the chains where she’d left off.

doandoneFinally done, whew. The Tourmaline Crown she got when trying find where to pick up the quest for the Ashwalker’s Footwraps lookalike boots which we never found. She’s wearing it but I think I might turn off helm because all that twirling around is starting to work on my last nerve. Maybe it will grow on me.

Hopefully that will keep her quiet for a while. I only thank Elune she’s not into battle pets, she’d bankrupt me in no time at all.