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Connecting …

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , on October 7, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

Since I can’t login I thought I’d let you know I have been reading. Just on the iPad though, if I’m near the computer I’m playing, can’t stop myself. So when I visit on the iPad the most I can manage is a “Like” if you have one. I just don’t want to fight with auto-correct.

So I did read JD’s post about pinking it up and I DID mention it to Cat. It’s very hard to get ahold of her right now. After some discussion she told me she just can’t take a break from pet battling right now to look for clothes so instead she said she would battle with a pink pet instead in support. Yeah, me either. I don’t think that counts Cat.

TROUBLE, trouble, trouble. Worry, worry, worry. After 158 attempts I do not want to have a monotone bird. I don’t think that’s fair. What is happening? Have the servers become Sha-Infested? When I returned to Stormwind, that was hinky too so I finally remembered to check for a driver update for my graphics card.

Okay, still can’t login. So let’s see … what else.

Oh wow, this is embarrassing. Just how derpy can one be. Well, it was Cat not me really. She’s been on the hunt for a Sand Kitten. She has three battle pet teams for low, middle and high level battles. She saw a Sand Kitten and excitedly landed and clicked the kitten and without checking which team was up, sent a level 25 at that poor kitten. Really wish there was an “oops” pause attack button. Dead kitten.

On her next check for the kitten, she saw one! Landing and … yeah … excitedly began battle without … you know … checking. It was her low level team, kitten killed them all. So all I can say is I really need to get a battle kitten. They apparently do some kind of mind control from a distance. A derp gun perhaps. Those suckers are dangerous!