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Through Your Interface — A Fairy Tale Image

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Day Fifteen of World of Saz 15 Days of Screen Shots challenge, A Fairy Tale Image. Sniff, this is the last day.

Saz’s challenge was a dream come true for someone like me. Screen shots, my favorite thing. I’ve been sitting on this screen shot for a while. I didn’t want to post it as it meant the challenge had come to an end but I have to stop stalling sometime.

Yay! Lion King meets The Littlest Mermaid! Er, Merman! I knew those Bones of Transformation would come in handy for something!

Thank you Saz, it’s been a lot of fun!

Through Your Interface — Place Swap

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Day Fourteen of World of Saz 15 Days of Screen Shots challenge, Place Swap. Didn’t even have to think about this one, definitely I’d want to swap with my Druid.

The dogs and I could play in the snow in bear form. I could switch to cat form and be chased around by them and get some exercise. Those quick runs to the store for something I forgot would be a breeze in flight form as long as I didn’t need to carry much.

I’m not sure what I could do with aquatic form. The dogs wouldn’t be interested as although they’re labs they hate water. I know, what’s up with that. I’ll have to think on that one. Halloween maybe? Scare the bejeesus out of the neighborhood kids with my scary, walrusy, sea lion form?

Maybe I’d better hold off on using aquatic form. They’ve just had a chupacabra sighting in the area and I don’t want to end up in a cage. 🙂

Through Your Interface — A Fond Memory

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Day Thirteen of World of Saz 15 Days of Screen Shots challenge, A Fond Memory. This one was easy since I have managed to salvage so few older screen shots.

Even if I had all my old screen shots I still might have picked this one. My Druid when she was much younger in levels taking in the fireworks at Booty Bay. The whole world was still ahead of her, places to explore, mysteries to uncover, wrongs to right.

She even wore her hair differently back then. I think she was born in 2007 and became my third main. It was touch and go until she got cat form, my first attempt at Druid got deleted at about level 17. Someone told me you have to stick it out until you get cat form so I tried again and she’s been my number one ever since.

She’s not feeling the love for me right now though. I’ve been spending way too much time with a certain Ironman on another server. I’m kinda worried we’re going to have words when I log back into Fenris, ugh, awkward.

Through Your Interface — Inspiring Imagery

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Finally, Day Twelve of World of Saz 15 Days of Screen Shots challenge. I think I’m unstuck now.

I was never a fan of Stormwind. I was always getting lost in that town. I was a Darnassus girl, next best would have been Ironforge, never Stormwind. So I was less than enthused when I heard that hanging out in Stormwind would be almost a requirement come Cataclysm.

I had stationed myself in Stormwind so my first login after the Cataclysm would be there. This is what I saw. Of course Defenders of Azeroth also helped. I was inspired, Deathwing had attacked and the Alliance was still here. A little crispy round the edges, but still here. I grew a little fonder of Stormwind, okay, alright, the color-coded roofs helped a lot too!

Through Your Interface — Best Screen Shot of the Year

Posted in Saz's Screen Shot Challenge with tags , , on July 26, 2011 by tomeoftheancient

You can sure tell it’s Tuesday. I was whiling away the time putting creepy doll faces in my header. I can’t tell if I like that creepy doll starring at me but I’ll let her stay a while and see. So I decided to do something more productive. Something I’ve been agonizing over for way too long.

SuperCat! Not only can Druids shift into flight form, kitty form, travel form, scary walrussy thing form, bear form, they don’t even need to, SuperCat can fly. I should have tried this in scary walrus form, now that would have been a true best screen shot ever!

I was stumped by Day Seven of World of Saz 15 Days of Screen Shots challenge, your best screen shot of the Year. After reading what Saz said about her difficulty in choosing one I decided to suck it up and be decisive, make a decision good or bad.

So I give you SuperCat, not a great screen shot but one that makes me smile every time I see it. This started happening on and off right after patch 4.2. I kind of wish it would be permanent, I enjoy taking my kitty on a swim though the air!

Through Your Interface — Profession of Choice

Posted in Saz's Screen Shot Challenge with tags , on July 14, 2011 by tomeoftheancient

This is Day Eleven of World of Saz 15 Days of Screen Shots challenge, your favorite profession. Have you ever had one of those days. Yesterday was one of those days. It started when I was doing The Protectors of Hyjal. I didn’t notice that Searris was wandering by when I swiped at a Seething Pyrelord’s spawns. I was soon dead and when flying back to reclaim my body must have lost my sense of direction because I thunked down to the ground, I’d strayed into Ashenvale. I gave up and let the Spirit Healer rez me and logged out for a phone call from real life.

A client had poked around changing things in his website and completely fubared it. It was now just throwing errors instead of selling things, not good. After a quick look I decided to call support at his host and beg them for a rollback to better days. I’m still talking to support 24 hours later and each time it’s a different person so I have to start ALL over. Then the cable went out. No TV no problem. No phone not a big deal. No internet connection, aaarrrrgggghhh!!!

So at 9:09 Eastern Time this morning when cable came back what did I do? Fish. I went to one of my favorite fishing spots and fished. I find it helps with issues in rl and Azerothian ones. I fish here for Deepsea Sagefish which I make into Delicious Sagefish Tail in my quest to single-handedly make 5,0000 Cataclysm recipes for the Broiled Dragon Feast Recipe.  I’m at 1,837 cooked, go team go!

I put on the Otis Taylor-Recapturing The Banjo CD and fished. You know what? I got so relaxed I didn’t even care anymore that my client’s website isn’t selling anything right now. I’m not sure he feels the same. Maybe I should suggest he take up fishing rather than mucking about in his website.

Through Your Interface — Your WoW Crew

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This is Day Ten of World of Saz 15 Days of Screen Shots challenge, Saz asks:

Who are the people you hang out with day in and day out? Do you only hang out with your raid mates? Do you have a small, tight knit group of friends that you hang out with? Or are you a strange loner who just hangs out with your pets?

Wait! What! That’s you? You mean you’re the strange lon … er … um.

Well yes, that would be me, oh go ahead and yell it, loser, loser loser!!!

I had considered using the screen shot below instead and trying to fake you out and pass them off as my friends but figured you’d catch on to the fact that they are mere peasants. They have no say in the matter, if called to do so they HAVE to stand around and pretend to be my friends whether they want to or not because they are required to come when I summon them.

After looking up the Peasant Caller I feel somewhat better, although I no longer have friends on this server I do, it appears have an item that is no longer available in the game.

Over the years the attrition from server changes, quitting WoW altogether, faction changes and other circumstances has whittled away my friends list to nothing. I made those friends for the most part back in BC doing the group quests. Considering the state of Cataclysm I’m not going to be getting any new ones that way.

Real life friends you ask? HaHaHaHaHa! I once mentioned to a rl friend that I spent a lot of time playing a game online. She replied, “Oh, yes, I can’t get enough of Solitaire.” If I tried to explain an mmo I know I would have received a polite blank stare. If I tried to explain WoW and any of them actually, finally got it they would schedule an intervention because they’d be sure I had finally gone completely starkers so that plan is not an option.

So as you travel the world and you get a glimpse of some weirdo in the middle of nowhere surrounded by her pets — /wave cause it’s me!

P.S. No, that’s not all of my pets but I just got tired of cutting out those tiny, wee, beasties to stick them in the screen shot!

Even as we speak or read rather, Patch 4.2 is probably being poured or getting close to be poured into our servers.  If you’re looking for serious information about it, well, you’d better just move along. On second thought, I’m feeling civic minded so as a good citizen of Azeroth here’s Wowheads guide on the quests.