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Stupidhead RNG and Conversations While Waiting for a Raid to Fall Apart

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , on March 23, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

stupidrngYeah, how stupid is that. I was doing Haywire because I wanted THE PET! THE PET I SAID! Not the damn Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion stupidhead RNG! So there she is hanging out with Jubeka and Kanrethad. Every account of a successful end boss encounter that I’ve read or seen, the person was wearing gear close to iLevel 500 and oh … they were skilled. Sasche hasn’t even broken 480 yet so that’s as far as she’s going for now. She also is quite fond of her big purple demon form and really has no desire to change but feels at some point she must try it or forever be banned from the Warlock Union. Right before 5.2 I bought a Blood-Soaked Invitation and haven’t even gotten around to that yet. Too much to do.

Sasche’s quite the social butterfly now as the guild she’s in is now peopled by … well … people. Before long Gray Dawn might have enough leveled members to fill at least a five man group. There is the problem of the cheeky Mage though. She really needs to find The Tome of Mage Insults. I wonder who has that. Maybe Amijade, Sasche should try to remember to ask.

Sasche’s spent a lot of time lately waiting while trying to form raids for Sha or Galleon. She noticed that from watching the behavior and chat you could pretty much tell, first, could the group successfully down the boss. Second, was this attempt going to fall apart before even trying. Remarks like, ” He’s really hard, I think you need like maybe 10 people.” Probability of success not high.

Oddly in her unscientific study she found that the more strange vanity items brought out and the more Mammoth trains, the odds were a great deal better that the raid would form and actually down the boss. Weird, haven’t figured that one out yet. One more that doesn’t make sense. If Sasche prepares a banquet for everyone this raid will fall apart before the fight. Every time. Without fail.

I know! I have no idea! I can only guess that she’s a really, really, bad cook. Don’t mention I said that but what else could it be?