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Feral Cat’s 2013 Time Capsule

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , on January 14, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

reacherYeah, I’m feeling really lazy today so screen shots! I just wanted to say I’ve been a fan of Jack Reacher for years so I was thrilled to learn a movie was finally being made. WAIT … WHAT? Tome Cruise is SO NOT Jack Reacher. This is Jack Reacher.

Oh and before I forget. Cain commented on the I’m In Your Base, Killing Your Dudes post.Thank you! Thank you, Cain!

I don’t use a lot of addons … what? Well yes I do have about eleventy billion pet addons but addons to improve your play, not so much. So part of what Cain said was … but other than that use your instant heals you get with Predatory Swiftness to keep yourself healed up enough to overcome his damage.

So I thought about it. I think I’m catching Predatory Swiftness. I think. Doesn’t seem to proc very often though. I reread the description and … hmmm, maybe I should try an addon that will make it EXCEEDINGLY obvious just to make sure. So I downloaded EventAlert and now I get a giant freaking visual cue and a sound to boot.

That damn Predatory Swiftness is going off ALL THE TIME, I barely have time to hit anyone I’m healing so much, lol. I HAD NOT been catching it. So thanks to Cain I finally found Ubunti one of the Horde rare elites and got him in no small part to all the healing Predatory Swiftness does. Still haven’t seen Kar Warmaker again though, must be hiding from me.

What else has Cat been doing? A picture is worth a thousand words.

infernalminThat Minfernal makes Cat’s blood boil. And you want to know what’s almost as bad?

babydragonWhat the hell? I don’t see any damn baby dragon. I came here to level pets specifically because I knew a vet was on duty 24/7. What kind of con are you running here? Want me to up the price? Would 1 gold do? I mean it’s not like you’re doing anything else. What is this about?

studentYeah … got my cooking student. Creepy. I wasn’t a fan of Li Li Stormstout either. I thought she was disrespectful and needed a good talking to. I guess I shouldn’t question Pandaren child-rearing methods because on a whole, the grownups seem to have turned out quite well. Especially considering the shitstorm problems our arrival on their fair shores has caused.

incredulorSometimes you just want to be a level 1 again. I can’t help it. Meet Incredulor. He is my homage to that fabulous Fabulor and Reputation Grind’s Vanicus. These are characters he admires. Their perfect hair, their unrivaled manly, manliness. He will strive to … WTF! Incredulor, what’s with the Lucky Quilen Cub? Put that thing away. Geez, I mean your hair’s perfect (it’s there because I just wanted to listen to it) but you’re going to have a hard time with the manly thing with that pup by your side. Really, come on. Get with the program.

lbrFor a perfect end to her week, Catwynn attended a Laid Back Raid. If you look closely you will see why she soooo enjoyed it. All those good looking human males, mmm … she had a good time as always. And no she didn’t eat a one of them, she admired them.

That’s it! In a year I can come back to see what I was up to in early 2013. A little WoW time capsule. Now I’m going to Trader Vic’s to drink a Pina Colada.

She likes to lay naked and be gazed upon

Posted in General WoW with tags , , on January 15, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

This post is for my husband. My husband doesn’t play WoW, much to my regret. He doesn’t read this blog either. But sometimes he’s on the Mac doing his thing, so he’s often aware of what I’m doing over here on this computer. He heard me picking music on YouTube for a post. Asked what I was doing. I told him I sometimes add a link to a music video in a post.

Now my husband listens to a lot of music, I do too, but I’m always listening while doing something. He’s the kind of listener who puts on music, turns off the lights, places himself in the room at the exact position for optimal audio mojo or whatever, and listens while doing nothing but listening.

So anyway, he asks what music I was linking. I told him, and he said why not Hayes Carll? He’s a big Hayes Carll fan, among others. I said it just doesn’t fit with the post. He didn’t seem very happy about it. I want to make him happy so here’s Drunken Poet’s Dream with a suitable screen shot. My favorite part of the song is the “she likes to lay naked and be gazed upon” part which my Druid indeed does like to do. In cat form of course.

But now that you’re here and I’m talking about my husband, I want your opinion. When we met, my husband was very much a white, beige, black, brown, kind of guy. After we got married I know he was horrified when I painted every room with vivid colors and started hanging all the things on the walls.

He is really very tolerant. He’s grown used to all the color. But he still thinks some of the stuff I hang on walls is just wrong. I just wanted your opinion. I hung this piece of clothing in the red room because I think it’s beautiful. He thinks it borders on lunacy. Is he right?

I was going to hang slippers up too but I didn’t want to push him over the edge so it was a compromise. In the room I work in there is a dead cow head on the wall wearing a Micky Mouse hat. I mean … you know … just the skeleton, not a stuffed cow head. I mean yeah, that would be creepy. I found the skeleton at an antique store in Pennsylvania and I was afraid that people looking for antiques wouldn’t buy the poor cow skeleton head so I bought him. You can imagine how pleased my husband was when I gleefully showed him my find. Now he’s used to me.

Another bone of contention, sleigh bells. I love them. No I didn’t get them when I got my skull. These were a gift from someone who knew about my wall hanging fetish. Okay, I’ve gone pretty far afield. I’ll stop now. But what do you think. Should I not being hanging this stuff on the walls? Is it really that weird?

What? Well, he IS my KING after all. Oh come oh, like you don’t have a portrait of Thrall over the TV?

P.S. Hope Navimie doesn’t catch me using the naked trick again 😉