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Catch-22, Identity Crises and It’s Good to be Dead Again

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , , on September 10, 2015 by tomeoftheancient

catch1Cat saw a plea for help with Mudlump in Tanaan. She helped and left the Booterang on the body. Unfortunately the helpful postman sent it on to her.

Yes, I know I can’t have more than one, that’s why I left it on his cold, dead body Mr. Postman, jeez.

catch2Oh great! Sure I’ll accept. I don’t even really need one booterang since I don’t PvP but still, it is a BOOTERANG so I’m keeping the one.

catch3WHAT! Well hey! You need to revise your postal regulations! Damn officious little postman, where’s the regular guy?

glukCim? CIM? What are you doing? Cheater! Cheater! Were you trying to avoid the two guards at the entrance and drop in on old Guk? HAHAHAHAHA! Shame on you. They installed glass ceilings in there.

Cim’s been hitting Smashum Grabb every morning to get the Crashin’ Thrashin’ Mortar Controller. He’s too much for Cat to bring down alone. What’s weird to me is he’s always up and if she says anything in general no one ever comes. I guess there are not a lot of toy enthusiasts.

The same holds true for the three rares in Nagrand, Cim’s only encountered one other person trying for the pets. These guys might have pets! I thought they’d be mobbed! Hopefully I’ll get them before it’s CRZ like the Zandalari Warbringer.

cimsetSo anyway, talking about weird behavior. Cim kept saying she wanted a transmog and I told her fine, do whatever you want as long as it’s from stuff in your wardrobe. I’m helping Hachette right now. I don’t have time to go with you to old raids right now.

Um … Cim? You know you’re a Warlock, right?

What? No, it’s lovely … I just … well where is all the green, purpley scary stuff. You look more like a Mage.

Oh, you were. Yes, I know it’s your favorite mount. I see, so you wanted to match your new look with your mount, gotcha.

Between you and me I think she’s having some sort of an identity crisis.

newcatSpeaking of an identity crisis I saw Cat slinking furtively through Stormwind in cat form.

Cat? Cat? What’s up? Ah … nothing … nothing.

Turns out Cat finally got tired of her face. She had tried and tried to come to terms with her new improved face but finally went to the Gnome plastic surgeon in Stormwind for a change.

She’s more solemn now but at least that smug smirk is gone.

deadflightHow wonderful is that! I have missed flying while dead for so long, almost makes me want to die on purpose. Hachette didn’t want to die, she’s not even sure how she got involved in PvP while fighting Terrorfist but being able to fly back took the sting out if it! It’s almost as good as bandages stacking to 250! Deadflight!

I sooo love that deadflight.