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SWTOR/WoW — Credits, Gold, Coinage, Dinero

Posted in SWTOR with tags , , , , , on December 30, 2011 by tomeoftheancient

AAARRRGGGHHH! We can’t afford the gorram gas to get this heap to … oh, didn’t see you there. Yeah, my bounty hunter is starting to feel like Captain Mal trying to keep Serenity flying. She’s having a money flow problem. It’s flowing out but not in. I am not getting a handle on the Galactic Trade Network at all. I haven’t found anything that sells. She’s Biochem but no matter how low I price things, no one’s buying.

She’s a little concerned since she’s almost level 22 and speeder training is looming just over the horizon at level 25. 40k credits for the training and another 8k for the speeder. I remember my first WoW character grinding mobs at about level 42 or 43 still trying to get enough money for her mount but I thought it would be different in SWTOR, I mean this time I actually knew there was a GTN but so far it’s been no help.

My last brilliant plan to become a SWTOR mogul failed horribly. I placed my sith warrior who has slicing on the Imperial Fleet and had her run slicing missions thinking I could succeed that way. Now this was before the nerf to slicing and it didn’t make me money, it cost me about 1k. Thankfully I saw a tweet by Vrykerion of The Land of Odd mentioning that to save money leveling slicing you should not do the missions, do the nodes. Nodes? What nodes! Didn’t know slicing had nodes, embarrassing. Hmmm. Maybe instead of leveling crew skills I should be out gathering the mats to sell to others who are leveling crew skills. Worth a try.

So yeah … feeling depressed I headed to the Shattrath City bank to cheer myself up. My druid rolled around in her piles of gold for a while and then tried once again to obtain Lumpy, no, no luck. She didn’t feel all that bad about it though cause in Azeroth we’re filthy rich.

A few posts back I was enthusing about everything being shiny and new in SWTOR, how did I forget about the pain of being poor. Ah well, time to leave the bank and suck it up and learn how to make credits. If I find out I’ll be sure to let you know.

In other SWTOR news, I have FINALLY got a character with a bad attitude. This girl really hates everyone. As soon as she got to the Sith Academy on Korriban everyone was, well, talking shit to her. Pathetic slave this and pathetic slave that. It was too much for her. She just snapped. It possibly could also have something to do with her incredible ineptitude with her class, I mean that’s got to make her mad. At one point I though she wouldn’t even be able to complete her companion quest at level 10 when the smarty pants bounty hunter got her companion at level 6. I seem to be a complete fail as an Inquisitor. But on the bright side her companion seems to be on the same page with her, Khem Val would just as soon kill everything, which is fine with her as soon as she learns how to inquisite properly. She even fed that one-eyed monster thingy on Korriban so it could eat everyone at the Sith Academy after she shipped out.

Frankly I’m not sure how any of my characters are surviving. Playing four different classes in SWTOR and WoW simultaneously is probably not the way to become skilled at any of them, but alas that’s the life of an altoholic. It seems more like a superb plan for guaranteed mediocrity. I need to focus, pick a character, go with it. But who? Okay, that’s it, it’s the bounty hunter … really … just an soon as I get the Imperial Agent to level 10. Then I’ll stop. Or not. Or I’ll send her back to Balmorra to pick flowers and make some credits. Oh, the life of a bounty hunter/sith warrior/imperial agent/sith inquisitor. So much to do, so little time. And yes, those are only my Empire characters. What! I said I was an altoholic!