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Godmother’s Year of Faff Update

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , on January 24, 2014 by tomeoftheancient

propettiAs Godmother has declared 2014 the Year of Faff, I thought I should check in and see how we’re doing. The only stipulation I gave my characters was that while they could faff, they had to make some money too. I hope they listened.

Does anyone else make a character just because they want to use a certain name? I think that qualifies as full on faffage. Geez, I can’t BELIEVE that spellchecker keeps telling me that’s not a word.

Anyway, that’s Professor Pettifog up there. She’s a Mage so that’s a strike against her. I have yet to be able to Mage properly but on the other hand she came straight out of Gnomeregan, saw that level four rare … he went down.

I said, geez … rage much Pettifog? She shrugged and said, he had a bag on him. I needed it. What?

Maybe there’s hope for her.

gargoyleSo Cim … OMG … it’s hard to concentrate … that Voidlord is staring right at me. Okay, Cim is doing a WONDERFUL job of faffing. Okay Voidlord? U happy bro? Was I nice enough? Anyway, Cim’s down to the stretch on her transmog.

She got her Engraved Gargoyle Femur from Scourgelord Tyrannus once I learned to read and found it dropped in heroic Pit of Saron not regular. I take full responsibility. Sorry Voidlord. Next up Zul’Aman. I’d better read up on it since I’ve never been in there.

eleshamanYeah … The Elemental Shaman Project. This poor Shaman was once my main, she was an asskicking Enhancement Shaman. I remember her leveling all the weapons she could equip so she would always be prepared. Changes happened and I didn’t love playing her anymore.

Respecced to Elemental, she made herself an Inscribed Serpent Staff and I gave her a bunch of Timeless Isle clothes with no gems or enchants. Off she went to the Isle. She was immediately killed by a pink flamingo. This is so wrong.

ellalokThere she is. At great expense we bought her a Mace. Something she’s used to. I’ll get her gems, enchants and she’ll go forth once again equipped to handle whatever she may encounter with her new Mace and … what … is that a fan? Yeah, okay … with her Mace and Fan of Doom. Stupid little pink flamingos BETTER WATCH OUT!

Cat’s status: Pet Faffing.

Zorakar’s status: Farm Faffing.

Sasche’s status: Trying to make money. Well, at least SOMEBODY paid attention to me.

So see, aside from the hemorrhaging gold part I think we’re doing really well. I think Godmother would be proud.

squirrelOMG! MATTY! I was given a squirrel statue as a gift. Until I read your post I couldn’t figure out why I’d come down and find that someone … or perhaps SOMETHING had placed a KNIFE in his paws. THE TRUTH IS NOW CLEAR! He’s the Squirrel of Swift Death! Thank Elune I don’t drink beer … just wine … I wonder if that counts.