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The Best-laid Plans of Mice …

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and … well … me. Yup, I’m right here with me and even I never know what I’m going to do. I start a Wildstar subscription and end up here. I’m back in a Cantina in Coruscant. Yeah I’m not sure either how a Wildstar subscription did that. I like Wildstar but I guess I needed a beer.

Someday, SOMEDAY, I’m going to get a character to level cap but in the meantime I keep having to start over as I have no idea how to play the class I let sit there for a year. So far I’ve been surprised at the amount of people running around in the low levels with me.

So then another thing happened …

ffbriahI know! WTF! How does subscribing to Wildstar, and liking it, do this? I’m out of control! And I mean that seriously, I REALLY have no idea what I’m doing in FFXIV. I couldn’t even figure out how to hide the UI.

I’ve been spending my time trying to find a mailbox. I finally gave up and resorted to Google. OH! That clears everything up! Find a Moogle. I probably didn’t need to start over here as I’m sure the character I made when I first tried FFXIV is probably still here just running around looking for a mailbox. I’ll have to check. But at least I have cool boots.

I want to be a Thaumaturge but I might have to rethink that and find a class with a starting city I can navigate. That and a description of mechanics for the Thaumaturge I read.

“… think of the Balance talent spec for Druids. The mechanics are very similar.”

Uh oh.


In Draenor Cat is amassing as much wealth as possible. A few months ago she saw a Magic Rooster Egg on the AH, but couldn’t afford it. I think she dreams of riding a giant chicken. As for the Horde side Sasche has become something of a homebody and refuses to leave Frostfire Ridge.

It will be interesting to see who wins out here but one of them has to and right now I have no clue … but then I didn’t know a Wildstar subscription resulted in playing SWTOR and FFXIV. Obviously I have a lot to learn.


A New Life …

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Yeah … where? I’ve never cancelled my subscription before. In the past when things got boring at the END of an expansion I’d keep paying while playing another game as sort of an attaboy to the art department for creating my beautiful world.

Bored in under six months into an expansion? Keeping my subscription is the wrong message no matter how much I love the world. It’s unfortunately the only way I can express myself that a business will understand.

For the next month I will continue to get filthy rich from follower missions and fly around all the places I love. I hope something changes to make me feel it’s worth coming back.

So where to go? My first impulse was SWTOR. I’m in a guild there, maybe someone’s still around.

swcompanionJeez buddy, back off would you! Oh … crap I forgot about companions, I guess he’s with me. Okay, let’s see. What? Oh, got to pick my talents, attributes, whatever they’re called here.

choicesOh crap. I  forgot. I’d have to start over. Every time I come back to SWTOR I have to start from scratch. That’s why I have all these medium level characters spread around the galaxy. I’m not sure I’m ready for this. Let’s see.

Tota_Too.150528Really? I couldn’t pick something I’ve still got installed? Typically, my choice came down to what world had I liked the most and WildStar won that one. Tota is at level 50 and I don’t remember ANYTHING about how a Stalker works so her cousin is going to start from level one to help her remember and I find I’m fine with that.

The final entrants were SWTOR, FFXIV, GW2 and WildStar and I took a day to decide but double-jumping around a beautiful world sounded like what I could use about now.


Awww … So Cute … WTF!

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cindercatFirst, I’m not comparing WoW and SWTOR. They are apples to oranges to me. This is not that. Games I play are all special snowflakes that I enjoy, not critique. I’ll leave that to others but this … just …

Okay I really like companion pets a lot. Look at that cute little Cinder Kitten. Is that not the cutest thing ever? Squeeeee! And it was kinda hard picking the absolute cutest pet … cause there are lots and lots.

Which brings me to SWTOR. Oh wait, here’s just one small complaint. I’d play SWTOR more often but I have an authenticator and some days I’m just not up to the task. My WoW authenticator displays six digits, I can handle that. Six digits are few enough that I can keep from being distracted half way through typing them in. SWTOR has eight, they defeat me almost half the time. The SWTOR authenticator boss and I are about 60/40.

Anyway, so I login and I have these tokens they keep giving me to buy stuff, I think I get more each month and they burn a hole in my pocket. I have to spend them, just have to. So I think, oh yay! They have companion pets! I’ll buy a bundle with a chance at a pet! Exciting!

Oh wow! I won! I won! I got a companion pet, yippee ki-yay! A Golden Lizardbat, sounds fun, maybe it’s like …

swtorpet1WTF! FESS! FESS! What’s wrong with you, take out that freaking thing before it attacks! Crap! Help! Kill it! Kill it!

But Herald, it is your new companion pet is it not?

WHAT? That’s my … no seriously, it can’t be. Fess, is this a joke? You didn’t seem the jokey kind to me but seriously, really?

Okay, I’ll just take another look. I’m sure on closer inspection it will turn out to …

closeupOMG! JUST OMG! This is so wrong! FESS! SHOOT TO KILL! Something’s gone horribly wrong here, RUN!

Okay, I shouldn’t get all worked up. Maybe I just got the one butt-ugly pet in the whole game. I’m just unlucky, but still I don’t think I’m going to chance it again. Perhaps I’ll find something else to collect. But the thought of being locked up on my ship with that thing … shudder.


Yeah, here’s my rl companion pet taking a break on our walk. Isn’t he cute? Just like my Cinder Kitten. I guess two out of three’s not bad.

Lard’s Picnic Basket and Cheating

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picnicOver the weekend Liwu was enduring CRZ hell leveling in The Hinderlands. Jintha’Alor was crawling with characters and the respawn rate on the quest mobs could not keep up with the crowd. After getting frustrated, Liwu headed to the coast to look for ore which would at least salvage something from this mess. Off the coast was a little island, so she set off to investigate and found Lards’ Picnic Basket.

She looted it and was jumped by some ambushers, it’s apparently an item left over from an obsolete Horde quest. How had I never come across this before? Some Loremaster I am, sheesh. Liwu was pretty excited at being the first to discover the basket. I was excited to find that if you look, there are still mysteries in Azeroth to discover, I love that.

WoW Insider had a post on cheating on WoW. Yeah, looks like I’m not alone but I prefer to think of it as vacationing in a foreign land. Then I don’t have to be furtive about it, it’s all aboveboard and adult.

samefaceUm … yeah, I don’t know. It seems every time I visit my SWTOR characters they’re in some sort of sleazy dive. Here is my Jedi Counselor conversing with … ah … an interpretive dance troupe? Maybe? I’m in both WoW and SWTOR because my son-in-law is a committed Jedi Knight. He said he’s in a really great guild with nice people and I should join, so who would pass that up. I had been gone so long I just started over as I hadn’t a clue how to play my existing characters anymore.

I picked the Jedi Consular because it looked like I could spec her to come close to the play style of my Warlock. I could try to match up their keybindings and hopefully avoid the problems I have with playing multiple games at the same time. You know, the repeatedly hitting the wrong key and then the dying.

So here’s the thing. I’m playing along having a fine time when I get this feeling of deja vu. I don’t know, it seems like this Consular is familiar to me, like I’ve met her before. What’s that about? I just made her, don’t be ridiculous. I kept having this eerie feeling, so on logging off I took a look at the old characters still scattered around on different servers.

Hey there Cyborg Bounty Hunter! Wave! Wait … what? On close inspection she seems to be the clone of my Jedi Consular except for the hair and mechanical parts. Further research showed that I apparently, without knowing, had made almost the exact same character at least three times. What am I doing? Who is she? I mean the customization of characters is pretty broad in SWTOR, how did I manage that.

Thought that was pretty weird and I’m still suspicious of her and her motivation, how did she insinuate herself into my head and what does she want. I got spooked and headed back to WoW. I checked everyone out. Whew, she’s not here. I haven’t been followed. If I had found a Dwarf with her face I was going to swear off games. Honest … but no worries. The coast is clear.

A Little Romance?

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romanceWell, I just can’t catch a break here can I? Being in a WoW funk I decided to check in on SWTOR. Maybe chat up a companion. HEY! A little romance couldn’t hurt! I didn’t start a subscription, thought I’d just go free-to-play. It wasn’t even free-to-play really, I got preferred. I guess cause I had pre-ordered the collector’s edition originally. So cool, I can run fast.

I looked at all my existing characters and realized I hadn’t a clue how to play any of them anymore. So fine, brand new character. I’ll level them up real quick and have a companion to flirt with. I picked a Jedi Consular.

Level … level … level … level … HEY! What do you mean I have to subscribe to get my reward! The hell with that … I’m not falling for that! Level … level … HEY QUIT IT! THAT’S NOT FUNNY!

Sigh … they are very crafty aren’t they. I didn’t make it half a day before I subscribed because I wanted to know what the rewards I wasn’t getting were. I WAS however circumspect I’ll have you know. Just TWO MONTHS. NOT RECURRING. See. I can be sensible.

corsoSo I get to level 9 and I get my first companion. WHAT! I’m looking for a little action and I get HIM! So much for the romance. But I was having fun trying to rediscover everything I had forgotten, but still … what happened to this guy? Have to look into this. I’m not saying I don’t like old Qyzen-Fess up there, he seems like a very nice guy … but yeah … romancing is out.

So I’m having fun and then find out there’s going to be a really big SWTOR patch today. GEEZ! COME ON! I just got here.

So no romance, no GAME even. I’ll log into WoW and check the AH. Maybe I’m rich now.

bankingSo my banker and her bodyguard go to the AH and NOTHING SOLD! I got it all back. ARRRGGGHHH! Everyone’s in a buying funk. Okay, fine. I’ll go get Cat.

gladThere are some things she does without thinking on logging in. She went and bought 20 leather so she could learn a new pattern. I don’t know why she does this. It will either be another freaking, stupid, piece of PvP gear or even worse a wonderful pattern that would require 200,000 worth of Haunting Spirits to make, which is somehow even worse. OH! THE FUTILITY! THE PAIN!

After pondering my predicament I can only come to the conclusion the Gods of Spring Cleaning are behind this and I know they think they’ve got me.

HA! HA! HA! You think this will work? It so won’t! The neighbor who has bunnies has decided to expand. I don’t have the heart to tell her this isn’t farmland. She has now purchased chickens. Hopefully no roosters, I’m going to go check those babies out.

YOU HEAR ME GODS OF SPRING CLEANING! You can screw around with my games all you want, I’m still not going to clean right now! I’m looking at chickens! So knock it off! If the server isn’t up by the time I’m finished looking at chickens … I’ll … I’ll … I’ll play Minesweeper … or SHOP FOR THE GROCERIES! So just go away and leave me alone.

Not again Druid, and a SWTOR Canine Alert

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Yesterday we had visitors, it was fun. Went out to lunch, I had Shepard’s Pie, yum. I could not wait to login this morning though, because I knew Navimie had a new Ironman on Zangarmarsh. I wanted to see if I could catch the overlap in time zones and talk to her.

What did I find on logging in? THIS!! What is it with these Druids. It’s enough that my main runs after the human guards and dark, dangerous looking types in Stormwind but now Ferricat’s doing it too. Because, and apologies male Gnomes, I know she’s not hanging around the Inn at Menethil Harbor because of the Gnome.

So from the safety of the Inn, cause she’s a scaredy cat Ironman, doesn’t want to accidentally fall off a pier and drown while talking, she finally got to talk to Navimie! I can’t wait to read the next installment of her adventures!

Later today I hope Ferricat will stop chatting up that human male and actually get back to leveling and not dying. We’ll see, it’s hard to tell with these human male crazy Druids. She’s having a rougher time of it than Ironsally the Warlock did. She can take one mob at a time, that’s it. My main, a feral Druid, has forgotten she can heal, she never heals herself. Ferricat on the other hand heals A LOT, and immediately shifts back to cat form and runs away because she has no energy to attack after shifting. Dash is becoming another rediscovered spell. It’s interesting to find out which spells are useful with an Ironman as opposed to leveling regularly, they’re seldom the same.

Anyway, I wanted to get out this warning to all you SWTORers. I read this post at Psynister’s Notebook but I obviously didn’t pay enough attention so I don’t want this to happen to you. DOGS DON’T LIKE SWTOR!

Sorry about the picture quality but I think you can get the idea. If you bought a boxed collector’s edition of SWTOR then you know about the lovely Journal of Master Gnost-Dural that’s included. The one I hadn’t finished reading. The one up there. Ripped apart. In pieces. Gone.

While I don’t know what’s causing this phenomenon I do now know it’s real. Dogs are not SWTOR fans, in fact it seems they’re bitter enemies. Hide your authenticators from them, hide your journals, maps, and any other SWTOR paraphernalia you might have if you value it. I’m just saying, even a Darth is no match for a strong-toothed dog.

WAIT! WAIT A SEC! Whew, thought you’d left. Ironsally is so excited. Frikky over at Drunkards Regalia made a forum post and said he was taking requests for character drawings. That Frikky isn’t all looks and no brain, that boy’s smart. He knows how to get the girls! Ironsally quickly requested a portrait, and in no time it was complete and she loves it.

Isn’t it great! If I were you I’d lose no time contacting Frikky. That boy’s going to be famous and then who knows how much gold he’ll want for a portrait! Ironsally’s just glad she got in on the ground floor. And oh, she thinks he’s dreamy, great, Druids and Humans, now Humans and Undead, what next. I don’t even want to know.

Stormwind News Team 9 Meets SWTOR

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Ironsally has been insufferable lately. If she isn’t pestering me to check the leaderboard at the new Ironman Challenge, she’s driving me nuts about interviewing my SWTOR characters. I told her I didn’t really think she’d like it in SWTOR.

Finally, I lost my patience and said, fine, I’ll see what I can do about arranging passage for the News Team. I feel sort of guilty because I just knew she’d get frazzled by the whole SWTOR thing but she wouldn’t leave it alone. Kind of mean of me.

Anyway, here’s Ironsally’s take on SWTOR … she didn’t stay long, didn’t even hang around long enough to meet my crew. I don’t think she’ll be begging to go back anytime soon.

Website Protection by Tiny, Angry, Holiday Baby

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I’m not sure this is necessary, but after the recent attack by a troll I’ve retained the services of a website protection company. They seem to be rather new but really, really, scary … I mean scarier than a troll in my opinion. And they are angry, really, really, angry. I wouldn’t mess with them.

Yesterday I had to clear the use of their imagery with the top guy and I got the go ahead so I’ll share it with you in case you want to contact them about a troll problem. I’ll put their logo up too, so trolls will know I have 24 hour protection here.

Sorry, after being semi-quiet yesterday I find I can’t stop talking. Maybe two posts today to get it out of my system.

I have to say I was astounded by the support of WoW bloggers when I had my little hissy fit the other day. I knew WoW bloggers were nice but I still got all teary-eyed from the show of support. Thank you all. You managed to shake me out of my pity party and I’m pretty sure I don’t need angry baby to protect me anymore … but they work real cheap so it can’t hurt.

In retrospect, I think Ironyca put her finger on the problem. What could I have expected? All that nude, naked teasing I did. It was bound to really enrage someone who came here looking for nudes … AND FOUND NOTHING!! Can you blame them for wanting to lash out? Thank you Ironyca, after your comment sunk in I laughed so hard imagining that scenario!

Since I wanted to be far away from the computer yesterday to avoid the temptation to post, my daughter and I went to have lunch with my Mom. It went okay … the player piano in the lobby must be broken, no show tunes. Thank all that’s holy … so I managed to survive. I really wonder if I get to the age that I’m living in a senior community will the player pianos be playing “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” or will they still be rocking show tunes?

Okay, I should stop. I’m being told it’s time to patrol the neighborhood with my neighborhood protection dogs. I’m all about protection today. And oh, angry baby, this one’s for you.

Note: No tiny, angry baby fingers were pried into that configuration … it just comes natural to some. Hang in there Mommy.

SWTOR: Bounty Hunter Music and the Womp Rat Blues

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Bounty Hunter Music

Okay just humor me for a minute. There’s not much to watch in the video and it’s short, it’s all about the sound. I have at least one of each SWTOR class, although I think I might have three Smugglers, not sure how that happened. But my Bounty Hunter undoubtedly is my favorite and I’m pretty sure the sound of her missiles is why.

Poor girl is trying to save money. Her gear is whatever she finds for the most part, but she doesn’t care how long it takes to kill something, she is just getting down with that Bounty Hunter music. There is such a visceral feeling of power with that sound, I’m a literal killing machine, aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhh … oh God, somebody stop me before I kill again. What? I’m a Bounty Hunter, I don’t have to stop? Yesssss!

Yeah, I know I shouldn’t be using skills based on the sound they make but I just can’t help it!

The sound of a Bounty Hunter echoes for a fair distance. When I hear it echo through the hills, I think … Oh, my homies are near … I’m rolling with my homies … my brethren in arms, killing things with giant missiles, flamethrowers, two blasters … sigh, life is good.

I think the last sound that affected me to this extend was the THX Sound Effect. I love that thing, but this is better.

Womp Rat Blues

So last time I talked about SWTOR I think I promised I’d go out and find some information that was at least as exciting as speeders for you swtorers … swtorians? Do we have a name yet? This is proving harder than I thought. I have some info but it’s no where near as exciting as speeders are, but I’m trying okay.

I was speeding around Tatooine questing and killing things to level my bioanalysis when I noticed I had an extra … what … buff? On further investigation I found that I had contracted Womp Rat Fever and I mean it’s serious, you can die from that stuff. I was understandably nervous. Since I’m a big tough Bounty Hunter I refrained from running around screaming, “Help me! OH NO, somebody help me!”

I thought I’d better hurry and seek medical attention and found every Medical Droid I checked had the cure for sale, the Czerka VX-736 Injector. Buy that baby and you’re good to go, right as rain again.

Security Chests

Yeah I know, not as good as speeder info but in case you haven’t seen these yet, there are Security Chests that can be found almost anywhere. I’ve started checking any empty building I come across because I’ve made a few thousand credits from Security Chests in vacant buildings. I’m not going to farm for them but I do keep an eye out, free credits are a good thing.

I’m afraid that’s all I’ve got right now. Since the thrill is not gone from WoW for me, be patient, I’m working double shifts here. I need to get out there with my missiles, and AAARGH, burn baby burn … oh, sorry. I meant I need to get back to my class quest and hopefully find more new and interesting news. Yeah, that’s what I meant to say. You might want to check out Psynister’s Notebook, long a source for solid WoW information, he’s now sharing SWTOR tips with leveling guides soon to follow!

I think Joan Jett is a perfect accompaniment to the sound of missiles and blasters, don’t you?

Nonsensical Post, Feel Free to Disregard

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Oh my … well I guess there’s no helping it now … I guess the cats out of the bag. I don’t write these posts, the Night Elf handles that. She enjoys visiting here so much I thought she might as well make herself useful. I just tell her a little about what I wanted to say and she does the rest. It leaves me free to check the cabinets downstairs to make sure that there really isn’t half a bag of potato chips left.

Today I’m all about blogs … and well, Twitter. I find them both endlessly fascinating. For example, when I was riding high on the “swtor speeder” train why did all the spammers disappear? I have fallen off the speeder train now; I guess everyone’s bought them. Will the spammers be back now? I don’t really miss the Sexy Big Booty Girls Here one, or the Mother of the Groom Wedding Speech one but there was one that I quite enjoyed.

Norwegian Carrot Cake

They took me to task for being an inferior writer, well duh, and then promised my writing would be improved if I obtained and ate some Norwegian Carrot Cake.  Googling, I found other bloggers had been chided in a similar fashion. That spammer I miss. Feel free to return with offers of cake.


At present, I’m fascinated by dated and old fashioned words and expressions. I’m trying to find a way to include scofflaw in this post. And you don’t really hear anyone chide anymore. I’m thrilled that I could work that one in. Must be a reaction to trying to read a history book my husband was sure I’d enjoy. Yeah, about as much as he’d enjoy WoW, but I’m trying.

I wish I’d had the presence of mind to take a screen shot of the next one. I finally decided to buy the domain name, tomeoftheancient in case I ever got ambitious and decided to self-host this blog. I went to GoDaddy to get my cheap domain name and I was offered a selection of similar names that they were sure I’d want to snap up.



Seriously, GoDaddy? Seriously? You’re really pushing it here, I know you’re cheap but you’re not the only domain name registrar out there you know. And you missed one, I didn’t see tomeofthedecrepit in there. I’d watch your tongue if I were you.


I’ve also been storing captchas for later use. I’ve been thinking of trying my hand at some fiction. I’m not a writer, so I’d have to have some kind distraction to keep that from being evident, right off. So what do you think? Here’s just a little bit of the beginning.

And forgive me in advance; I’ve never really gotten a handle on the whole quotes thingy. Which of course will make my job more difficult, but nevermind.

Whaza up, Busba?”

“I’m rantr because I was ampunber by a conake!”

“Well, don’t be such a sisiorri, everyone gets tripsy once in a while.”

I know, thrilling isn’t it? I’ve got you hooked now, don’t I?

Okay, now there’s Twitter. I wish someone had warned me how incredibly addictive it was. Oh wait, and note to self. Stop commenting on the iPad in the morning without your contacts in. I see I told Amerpriest that I’ve broken a lifelong addiction to coke. That’s not so bad, I mean it gives a certain risqué pizzazz to old tomeoftheelderly but I misspelled addiction making it look like I’m still strung out or something, geez. I meant Coca Cola.

Back to Twitter.

I thank you Blog Azeroth for introducing me to Twitter. I love that through you I made the leap and signed up, but don’t you think you should give a Surgeon General’s Warning or something? Now I really do have what might be a lifelong addiction. I could easily spend hours scrolling through tweets, wondering what the other half of the conversation is; making one up.

Like Buttons

I really love blogs that have “Like” buttons. They come in really handy. If I’m reading a post and want to come back and comment, there’s always a chance I’ll forget. So I “like” the post real quick in case my memory fails me. Hi! I was here! Kisses!

Like buttons are also really great for blogs that intimidate me. These are blogs that are usually very well written, popular and have been around for a long time, with a large following. I just can’t comment. It’s too scary. My first character was a Hunter, she followed Big Red Kitty religiously. The important stuff didn’t sink in I guess because the first thing that comes to mind when I remember Big Red Kitty is this:

Since we’re all friends here I have to ask, is she really singing, “pissing the night away?”

I loved that blog. Another one I’ve been reading forever is Big Bear Butt. Back in BC I was trying to become bear tank extraordinaire, so I read BBB to make sure I was doing all the things right. I still read BBB because he’s funny and funny is high on my list of good things. But I would never comment there. Too scary, but a “Like” button I could do. I’m kind of just whispering. Hi. I like you but I’m too scared to actually come right out and say it, so “Like.” Yes, I know I’m neurotic, but don’t you think that’s what makes us all interesting, huh, don’t you?

Well I think I’ve just illustrated why they have that expression, “you have to watch out for the quiet ones.” It’s not because we’re planning on climbing into a tower and opening up with an AK-47, it’s because if we ever do stop being quiet, a cacophony of ridiculous stuff circling around in our brains will spill out. Like this.

Thanks for letting me vent all this crap. I now feel ready to search for the new “swtor speeder.” There must be something else all us swtorers want to find really badly. The cantina with the best drinks? Possible. I’m on it, even if it means Norwegian Carrot Cake will never return.

Oh, wait a minute. In honor of GoDaddy deciding I should buy tomeoftheelderly, I’ll include this soundtrack for this post. (sorry Matty, stealing your really good ideas again but you know what they say, flattery and all) I give you In the Mood. A song that was popular back when I was about 44, I still like it.