That Would be Stealing …

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , on August 4, 2015 by tomeoftheancient

notstealingNOT! I’m the only  one here, I opened up the little chest he crams himself in, IT WOULD NOT BE STEALING! Glub’glok did this to Cim the Warlock once and I thought it might be an addon problem or something.

But this is different, it takes my Hunter about 16 tries before she ever makes it up there. I can’t figure it out. Cat can jump up, the Warlock can jump up, why can’t the Hunter. I even dismiss her pet so she won’t get in the way.

Okay so he’s buggy and she can’t loot him, that’s not the weird part. The really creepy part is when your digital life mirrors your real life. I have been falsely accused of stealing in both places. It was bad enough, I mean REALLY bad in real life and now it follows me here? The place I go to get away from real life? This sucks!

One word … mobile banking … okay two words … just say no! I mean if you’re like me, never paying attention to what you’re doing, always thinking about something else.

First, I admit I do have a cavalier attitude towards checks. I get them and put them in a basket and SOMETIMES remember to deposit them. So mobile banking sounded like the cure! Hurray! I had to get one for two banks, ours and then my mother’s that I manage for her.

To make a long story short I apparently deposited a check into my mother’s account in May and left the check in the basket. I have no memory of this but then I don’t know what I ate for lunch yesterday. My mind’s on other things like … I don’t know, acquisition of Felblight maybe.

Last week I found the check in the basket and … yeah … deposited it AGAIN. I did not know this until the woman who’d written the check called and said her bank said that’s fraud, call the police.

WTF! WTF! WTF! I believe you when you say I did it but it was not intentional, it was a freaking senior moment apparently! Don’t you have a PayPal account? I will get it to you right now!

She said, no, just put a check in the mail. Now I know she didn’t think I did it intentionally but for four days I had visions of a swat team breaking into our house and shooting the dogs because her bank went over her head and ratted me out. I didn’t even have any interest in playing.

Instead I would clean (YES ME … CLEANING) in the vicinity of the front door so I could fling myself in front of the guns to shield my dogs when the swat team entered.

It’s over now … but I’m pretty damn touchy about things like THAT WOULD BE STEALING. Get your act together Glub’glok.