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Scenarios and Surprises!

Posted in General WoW with tags , , on September 20, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

OMG! OMG! Theramore’s burning, quick get … what? What do you mean that’s so five minutes ago? Yeah, so I’m a little late to the party. And that I managed to survive the party at all was thanks to JD at Amateur Azerothian. He has the patience of a saint, being Saintvache on occasion that’s no surprise. Yesterday we got in the scenario and then the server restart message appeared. I think we got to the end of phase three and poof.

This morning we queued once again. Success! Okay, you 400+ iLevel wearing people won’t get this but crap, what would happen if three iLevel 353 dps showed up for one of those? I don’t think it’d be pretty. No seriously you guys, take a bunch of your clothes off, about 45 iLevels, you’ll see what I mean. What? No, it’s not a devious Catwynn plot to get you all naked! Of course not!

Anyway, thank you Tum! I wouldn’t have made it without you! I think part of my problem is that Cat is my favorite character by far but I hate melee dps. Quite a conflict, I guess I just like her personality. Maybe I should try it with my Warlock who squeaks by with an iLevel 358 and see how it feels.

So while waiting in the queue I got a whisper! It was from Kallixta of Kallixta’s Notes! She he was here! I never know the proper etiquette, should you use the character’s gender or the handler’s? Anyway, this was so exciting, I was Kallispammed! It’s like it’s spreading! Yay! I didn’t get to chat long but I was thrilled to learn of Kalligrafi, Horde side. So hopefully Sasche and Kalli will be able to get together later. All this excitement before the dog walk even! So a red letter day! I’m going to go check the mail, maybe I won a sweepstakes or something too … hey … it could happen!

Remembering Theramore Isle

Posted in General WoW with tags , , on January 9, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

No matter how much fun I was having, it was time to jump off the SWTOR speeder train and get down to serious business. I keep thinking I have plenty of time to document Theramore Isle but I don’t want to get complacent and be taken by surprise. If your first trip to Theramore is by ship from Menethil Harbor, the docks will be your first stop.

On arrival, one of the quests will send you to the Lighthouse to talk to Babs Fizzletorque. Although Wowhead has this quest chain marked as deprecated, I was able to accept and complete the chain much to my delight. I wanted to bid farewell to Tethyr.

I was feeling thirsty so I stopped by the Inn to have a few pints and rest up for my showdown with Tethyr. There’s always someone around to enjoy a few with you.

Found some trainers relaxing in front of the fire, telling tall tales of adventurers who had never returned from a search for forked turtle tongues. An unlikely story, but enjoyable. Forked turtle tongues indeed.

I headed to the kitchen to see if I might convince the cook to … Eeeuuuwww! Eeeuuuwww! Oh no, I did not just see that. Forget the kitchen, we’ll forget we ever saw that. Apparently the Kalimdor Health Department doesn’t make regular stops here in Theramore.

Outside the Inn sits Smiling Jim. I always stop to talk to him, poor Jim. If you do the quest chain to find out who burned the Inn between Dustwallow Marsh and the Barrens you’ll learn his sad story. Will he survive the attack on Theramore … would he care.

Across the way are the endlessly training troops. They must be in complete readiness by now, I’ve never seen such dedication. Will they get a chance to defend Theramore bravely, or will it be a surprise attack. Only time will tell but I hope they get a chance.

And oh, here’s that sadistic bastar … um … the good Doctor Gustaf Van Howzen who gives you the quest Triage. I remember back in the day, doing that over and over. Then a line would form and I’d have to quit and come back later and try again, so the traffic wouldn’t back out the door. Hey Doc, hope you make it out okay.

Dustwallow Marsh and Theramore Isle were revamped by Blizzard in Patch 2.3.0, for me it went from a zone to bypass to one I really enjoyed. I will miss it. One of my characters spent a lot of time there leveling fishing by the lighthouse.

I worry about all the vendors that make their living on Theramore Isle. Will we be saddened by the deaths of NPCs we came to know like we were by the destruction of Auberdine. Will they have warning?

What about Timothy Worthington, the tailoring trainer. I hope I find him well, with a new shop in Stormwind come The Mists of Pandaria.

Just about everything can be had in Theramore if you have the gold. A full-service stable with mounts and trainer right there in Dustwallow Marsh. A portal trainer in the tower, a vendor with special patterns, anything an adventurer could possibly need.

Beautiful mornings, the sea birds flying. You could take a short swim to Tidefury Cove and visit Nat Pagle and possibly earn yourself Nat’s Lucky Fishing Pole.

And Lady Jaina Proudmoore. I don’t know about you, but to me it looks like she might have a feeling that trouble is on the way. What will her part in it be? Jaina has been through so much already I think she’ll be prepared for whatever the coming attack brings.

Only one thing left to do. Bring down the dreaded sea monster Tethyr. With the help of the cannons and twelve brave soldiers we defeated Tethyr with ease … and um … the character I used was level 85 which might have helped a little.

I couldn’t help myself, I tried a few times to warn them. Get out while you still can, there’s to be an attack! Theramore will be destroyed! But duty holds them there, they would not be swayed.

I’ll probably visit again before Theramore is history—give one last warning. But I can now rest easy that I will have a visual record to come back to. To remember Theramore the way that it was.