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Matty’s End of the World Mogging Contest

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saschesoutfitSo I asked my characters who would be interested in competing in Matty’s End of the World Contest. Cat’s found a renewed interest in getting her pets leveled before Warlords so she’s out. Cim showed interest but Sasche yelled, pick me, pick me! I’ve already done it before!

Done what Sas? Survived the end of the world … as I knew it anyway. Who better than an Undead to fight a possible Zombie Apocalypse!

Wow, I don’t think I’ve heard her talk that much in the whole time I’ve known her. Okay Sasche! Show us what you’ve got!

Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator

Vital in keeping in touch with other survivors, I’ll be able to pick up radio wave transmissions with my helm.

Spaulders of Primordial Growth

The crackling electricity generated by these babies will keep my helm powered, won’t be one dropped call … guaranteed.

Enchanted Thorium Breastplate

Really Sasche? How come? Well, keeping spirits high in times of crisis is very important. I … well … I think it’s pretty.

Makes sense to me Sasche.

Buckskin Cape

I don’t know, it seems to just set the mood. I feel very survivory in it.

Bindings of Multiplicative Strikes

These were a no-brainer, anything that’s going to increase my strikes has got to be good for mowing through whatever dire foes abound in this apocalypse.

Bloody Surgeon’s Mitts

Injuries at the end of the world are a given, I’ll be ready at all times with my Bloody Surgeon’s Mitts equipped!

Aboriginal Loincloth

These can double as a swimsuit so on land or sea I’ll be able to swiftly escape without having to worry about a skirt getting tangled in my knee bones.

Boots of the Blowing Wind

The Goblin who sold these to me assured me that they’d increase my speed by 20%. Perfect for those times when staying and fighting is not the best option.

Scimitar of the Sirocco

I really will need a slashy, slashy sword to well … slash my way through hordes of, I don’t know, whatever. And a glowy one? That just makes it so much better.

Bureaucrat’s Handbook

Lastly, but probably the most important. When we prevail and start rebuilding what are we going to need? Yep, bureaucrats.

As for my pet, what’s most likely to survive the end of the world but roaches! What? Yeah … okay … and the bureaucrats but I don’t have a pet one. I’m bringing along my Resilient Roach to the end of the world.

So there you have Sasche’s End of the World outfit. There’s still time to compete! Check out Matty’s post for rules and information.

Zul ‘Am … OW!

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janalaiCim did some reading and then set off for Zul’Aman where the shoulders for her trangmog reportedly dropped from Jan’alai. I’d also read that the bosses could be done in any order so yay, let’s go straight to him! After some difficulty banging the gong she finally entered. That’s when we realized our reading hadn’t covered the trash … just the bosses. OW! OW! OW!

The boss was trivial, easy, not a problem but OMG I don’t know if I did something wrong but I kept encountering roving bunches of homicidal trolls seemingly EVERYWHERE. It might have been that while trying to find my way we inadvertently aggroed more than we should have but DAMN, that hurt. Cim switched to Destruction as Sasche has done nothing but talk about how fun it is. We managed to finally fight our way to Jan’alai, thankfully get the correct drop … then left.

I really wanted to continue but it was evident that further reading was required. Maybe we need to kill certain trash first. I don’t know … you other guys … just so you know … we’ll be back!

Which brings me to the ridiculous part. Kamalia had kindly offered to help on my transmog journeys, I hadn’t forgotten but …

introvertI found a humorous chart comparing extroverts/introverts once that I borrowed a part of because they really knew me. The problem with battletags is that people might think that I’d actually initiate a conversation.

You have to speak to me first cause then I know you’re not busy. I’ve often wondered if a crazed EXTROVERT serial killer broke into the house and was threatening to chop me and the dogs up would I at least THEN quickly message one of my friends to CALL THE POLICE!

I’d like to think I would but honestly I’m not sure. Navi once posted saying that she had to make room on her battletag list as she’d hit the limit of 99 I think it was. So in my little introverted mind I envision everyone of my battletag friends having 99 people simultaneously talking to them. They certainly don’t need me bothering them.

So yeah … there’s that.

janoutfitAnyway, Cim got her shoulders and decided to wear her new outfit even though we haven’t found a suitable cloak yet. The trip to Zul’Aman was costly though. She had so much fun as Destro she made me re-gem, re-enchant and reforge her. What happened to DEMO FOR LIFE Cim? Sheesh, these guys will break me.

So to any introverts on my list, if you ever want to beat up trolls or ANYONE else, let me know. You’re not bothering me. I just can’t … you know … bother you.

Best Laid Plans

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cimsetI had big plans for the week that was. I decided it was time everyone went into moneymaking mode to get ready for Warlords. Unfortunately no one paid the least bit of attention to my plans, I think we’re in the red on money for the week.

I don’t know how those world class transmoggers do it. Cim went through, I don’t know how many iterations on that outfit up there. She’d pick something … nope … dropped by someone in Siege of Orgrimmar … forget that Cim, pick something else.

Nope … that’s a piece of Horrendously Vile Lord of PvP gear … pick something else … and on … and on. And then sometimes you get the piece and it just doesn’t look as good as you hoped … pick another Cim.

liwuflyLIWU! I thought we agreed that you’d go do the Isle of Thunder Scenario chain. You have elevenly billion Greater Kirin Tor Offensive Insignia that everyone sent you, let’s get on this. Liwu? LIWU! Oh … she’s gone.

saschedeadagainWell at least Sasche is … Sasche? Seriously? Again? Really? Sigh …

hearthstonemeYeah … it’s not just them. I knew … KNEW that I wouldn’t be interested in Hearthstone. I knew I’d be awful at it but had to check it out when I got my invite in the last wave. I don’t know … I must be a masochist.

I so suck at this … it involves strategy, which I eschew at all costs. I start out telling myself, THIS TIME I will have a plan and then at some point I start just throwing down cards willy-nilly in excitement. Yes, then my hero dies horribly.

And yet still, at the moment, I am addicted. I even played a REAL PERSON. They THRASHED my Paladin with their Hunter. I mean really badly … embarrassingly badly. And then I found out the game has emotes. They emoted me …

Well Played! OMG! I got a pity emote! That was so nice of them! I later found this, Well Played = The Emote of Jerks. Perception is a strange thing, I’m sticking with “that was a nice person who thought they were saving the feelings of a strategically challenged ten year old … otherwise known as … well … me.”

The Moan about The Robe of Doan

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robedoanI’d forgotten how high maintenance this Warlock is. Always wants something. Almost the instant she hit 90 she started lobbying for 14 Haunting Spirits. My bank alt gave in finally and spent an astronomical amount just to shut her up. Warlock had to make her helm and boots, she couldn’t wait.

It should have been no surprise when she pulled her Robe of Doan out of the bank and said, “Here, let’s do something with this!” I told her I thought it made her look kinda like the headmistress at a posh boarding school, not a Warlock. I told her to look around, get some ideas and get back to me. She came back with an outfit she really liked that she saw at Altoholic Anonymous.

Cim soon came back to preview her version.

cimsetOMG! Cim, you ruined it with that top! You don’t look like a Warlock you look like a lion tamer. Just as well because the boots weren’t attainable, she must have already completed that quest. Okay, okay, back to Robe of Doan then.

I salute all those hardcore moggers out there. There are many I admire, they assemble countless outfits with seeming ease. This is hard work.

Weapon, easy. Slavedriver’s Cane. Cim just Hellfired through Stratholme three times.

High Councillor’s Sash, on the AH! This will take no time at all! Runecloth Shoulders and Cloak. Simple, just make them.

Now the going got tougher. She’d selected boots and gloves that were quest rewards in Outland. She hoped she hadn’t done the quests. Ashwalker’s Footwraps and Gloves of the High Magus were rewards from quests in Shadowmoon Valley. She had apparently started quests in SMV so we had to stumble around trying to pick up the chains where she’d left off.

doandoneFinally done, whew. The Tourmaline Crown she got when trying find where to pick up the quest for the Ashwalker’s Footwraps lookalike boots which we never found. She’s wearing it but I think I might turn off helm because all that twirling around is starting to work on my last nerve. Maybe it will grow on me.

Hopefully that will keep her quiet for a while. I only thank Elune she’s not into battle pets, she’d bankrupt me in no time at all.

I Excel at …

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Procrastination! It’s my best thing! I wanted to do Matty’s Movie Mog Contest and I picked the classic, Blade Runner because I wanted to do Pris up there. I really didn’t think this through though. First, Sasche insisted she wanted to be the model … um … that’s not really what I had in mind but to keep the peace I relented. sasche_prisThere’s Sasche as Pris, the “basic pleasure model” replicant. Yeah Sasche, I’m just not feeling it. Oh well, as long as you’re happy. Someone would have had to have been on one LONGASS space trip or something to consider Sasche “basic pleasure model” material. WHAT? I’m sorry, I’m sure you were quite the beauty before the whole undead thing happened. Really.

So my problem is I just can’t get a handle on how to dress any of the other characters. I guess I could kinda cheat and do Roy from a scene where he’s only wearing pants. And I wanted to do Deckard but I can’t seem to come up with anything.

So I decided to show Matty that I AM trying and post what I have so far. I know it’s not much but hopefully if I procrastinate a little longer I just might be inspired. Or not. Who can say.

So that’s where I stand, how are you doing?

EDIT: Yay! I’m done! And under the deadline! Okay, here goes.

realroyHere is Roy delivering his famous monologue.


Okay, this is what had been stumping me. Deckard HAS to wear a duster. HAS TO, and it was really hard finding one. FINALLY I found the Duster of Replication. WHAT? It is too real; you just have to look really hard to find it.





the action or process of reproducing or duplicating

I’m sure Matty will allow it … maybe?

Survivor Round Two — Mortal Who?

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kabalSo I really didn’t think I’d survive the first round as my history with Mr. RNG is not very good so I wasn’t prepared when I made it to round two of Amateur Azerothian’s Amazing Transmog Survivor Contest. I know nothing about Mortal Kombat but JD supplied a link to characters so I just thought I’d go for it.

I decided on Kabal pictured above who’s wearing a respirator. All righty then. A little research later, the only transmoggable somewhat respiratorish helm is mail, Boundless Gaze. Here’s my effort at Kabal.

mykabalI was not very happy with him, I think leather may have been a better fit for him but alas, no leather respirators, so back to the drawing board.

After looking through Mortal Kombat characters I found Kira. Now that girl has attitude, I like that.

kiraI thought about all the races of Azeroth and one always comes to mind when I think attitude, Goblins. They got it. They flaunt it. They are all about attitude to me. So the entry I sent JD is Kira portrayed by a Goblin.

kirasmThe lovely and deadly Kira is wearing:

Primal Batskin Jerkin

Marauding Belt

Wolf Rider’s Leggings

Shadefiend Boots

Dire Wolf Handler Gloves

Silvermoon Royal Cloak

Razor Blade

Survivor Round One — Chibi Style

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catchibiThis is great! Something other than pet battling caught Cat’s fancy! Thanks to all the bloggers who brought Chibi Maker to her attention. Here’s her entry in Amateur Azerothian’s Survivor Contest! Yay! I think it’s healthy for her to do something different for a change don’t you? What? Oh, okay. Be that way.

Here’s her actual entry. Oh no. She did take time out to transmog, but look what she says! OMG! The outfit’s all about pet battling! Sheesh, there’s no hope for that Druid.

I am a Disciple of Har’koa, that Har’koa is still one very large dangerous Beast. So if anything were to go wrong and Har’koa decided to go all medieval on my ass butt Beasts have very weak defense against Flying, so I figured better to be safe than sorry just in case Har’koa decides what’s one less disciple give or take.

Cat’s Ensemble:
Helm of the Blind Seer
Passive Resistor Spaulders
Tunic of the Nightwatcher
Hydrolance Gloves
Tomb Raider’s Girdle
Vengeful Gladiator’s Dragonhide Legguards
Boots of Fungoid Growth
Greatstaff of the Nexus

I give up. Cat’s dressed herself up as Big Bird. She managed to make a transmog outfit all about pet battles. Sigh … what can I do. I’m not even going to fight it anymore. Good luck all you Disciples! I wonder if JD had a sleepless night!

Take Me to Your Leader or Survivor!

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worgennutCat’s been sitting outside the Shrine of Seven Stars playing  with MogIt. She wants to enter Amateur Azerothian’s Amazing Transmog Survivor Contest. This is one of her rejected outfits. If I know Cat she won’t be happy until she comes up with an outfit she can wear, so poor Worgen got cut.

The first round is to design a Disciple of Har’koa.  Not the funky folk that have her chained, but use her as inspiration for your toon were that it were a follower of said Spirit.

The deadline for the first round is January 8th so there’s still plenty of time! The more scary Disciple’s of Har’koa the better!

Mogolympics Closing Ceremonies

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The Mogolympics Closing Ceremony is up at Amateur Azerothian. JD, the brain behind the idea, the man who dreamed great mog dreams and made them a reality, the man who … oh, okay I’ll stop. But he has put up an official home of the Transmogolympics where we’ll be able to go and steal admire the outfits!

Congratulations to all the entrants, I know I enjoyed seeing all of them. With every round, the folder of screen shots was like a wonderful surprise package I got to open! Thanks to all of you, and JD and Matty and Khizz who all helped to make the work part, much less noticeable than the fun part!

Mogolympics Equestrian Results!

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Oh look! There are two competitors chatting with a judge right now! This is so exciting! To see the results and all the outfits visit Blog of the Treant for a full report!