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Nonsensical Post, Feel Free to Disregard

Posted in Pocket Lint Post with tags , , , on January 11, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

Oh my … well I guess there’s no helping it now … I guess the cats out of the bag. I don’t write these posts, the Night Elf handles that. She enjoys visiting here so much I thought she might as well make herself useful. I just tell her a little about what I wanted to say and she does the rest. It leaves me free to check the cabinets downstairs to make sure that there really isn’t half a bag of potato chips left.

Today I’m all about blogs … and well, Twitter. I find them both endlessly fascinating. For example, when I was riding high on the “swtor speeder” train why did all the spammers disappear? I have fallen off the speeder train now; I guess everyone’s bought them. Will the spammers be back now? I don’t really miss the Sexy Big Booty Girls Here one, or the Mother of the Groom Wedding Speech one but there was one that I quite enjoyed.

Norwegian Carrot Cake

They took me to task for being an inferior writer, well duh, and then promised my writing would be improved if I obtained and ate some Norwegian Carrot Cake.  Googling, I found other bloggers had been chided in a similar fashion. That spammer I miss. Feel free to return with offers of cake.


At present, I’m fascinated by dated and old fashioned words and expressions. I’m trying to find a way to include scofflaw in this post. And you don’t really hear anyone chide anymore. I’m thrilled that I could work that one in. Must be a reaction to trying to read a history book my husband was sure I’d enjoy. Yeah, about as much as he’d enjoy WoW, but I’m trying.

I wish I’d had the presence of mind to take a screen shot of the next one. I finally decided to buy the domain name, tomeoftheancient in case I ever got ambitious and decided to self-host this blog. I went to GoDaddy to get my cheap domain name and I was offered a selection of similar names that they were sure I’d want to snap up.



Seriously, GoDaddy? Seriously? You’re really pushing it here, I know you’re cheap but you’re not the only domain name registrar out there you know. And you missed one, I didn’t see tomeofthedecrepit in there. I’d watch your tongue if I were you.


I’ve also been storing captchas for later use. I’ve been thinking of trying my hand at some fiction. I’m not a writer, so I’d have to have some kind distraction to keep that from being evident, right off. So what do you think? Here’s just a little bit of the beginning.

And forgive me in advance; I’ve never really gotten a handle on the whole quotes thingy. Which of course will make my job more difficult, but nevermind.

Whaza up, Busba?”

“I’m rantr because I was ampunber by a conake!”

“Well, don’t be such a sisiorri, everyone gets tripsy once in a while.”

I know, thrilling isn’t it? I’ve got you hooked now, don’t I?

Okay, now there’s Twitter. I wish someone had warned me how incredibly addictive it was. Oh wait, and note to self. Stop commenting on the iPad in the morning without your contacts in. I see I told Amerpriest that I’ve broken a lifelong addiction to coke. That’s not so bad, I mean it gives a certain risqué pizzazz to old tomeoftheelderly but I misspelled addiction making it look like I’m still strung out or something, geez. I meant Coca Cola.

Back to Twitter.

I thank you Blog Azeroth for introducing me to Twitter. I love that through you I made the leap and signed up, but don’t you think you should give a Surgeon General’s Warning or something? Now I really do have what might be a lifelong addiction. I could easily spend hours scrolling through tweets, wondering what the other half of the conversation is; making one up.

Like Buttons

I really love blogs that have “Like” buttons. They come in really handy. If I’m reading a post and want to come back and comment, there’s always a chance I’ll forget. So I “like” the post real quick in case my memory fails me. Hi! I was here! Kisses!

Like buttons are also really great for blogs that intimidate me. These are blogs that are usually very well written, popular and have been around for a long time, with a large following. I just can’t comment. It’s too scary. My first character was a Hunter, she followed Big Red Kitty religiously. The important stuff didn’t sink in I guess because the first thing that comes to mind when I remember Big Red Kitty is this:

Since we’re all friends here I have to ask, is she really singing, “pissing the night away?”

I loved that blog. Another one I’ve been reading forever is Big Bear Butt. Back in BC I was trying to become bear tank extraordinaire, so I read BBB to make sure I was doing all the things right. I still read BBB because he’s funny and funny is high on my list of good things. But I would never comment there. Too scary, but a “Like” button I could do. I’m kind of just whispering. Hi. I like you but I’m too scared to actually come right out and say it, so “Like.” Yes, I know I’m neurotic, but don’t you think that’s what makes us all interesting, huh, don’t you?

Well I think I’ve just illustrated why they have that expression, “you have to watch out for the quiet ones.” It’s not because we’re planning on climbing into a tower and opening up with an AK-47, it’s because if we ever do stop being quiet, a cacophony of ridiculous stuff circling around in our brains will spill out. Like this.

Thanks for letting me vent all this crap. I now feel ready to search for the new “swtor speeder.” There must be something else all us swtorers want to find really badly. The cantina with the best drinks? Possible. I’m on it, even if it means Norwegian Carrot Cake will never return.

Oh, wait a minute. In honor of GoDaddy deciding I should buy tomeoftheelderly, I’ll include this soundtrack for this post. (sorry Matty, stealing your really good ideas again but you know what they say, flattery and all) I give you In the Mood. A song that was popular back when I was about 44, I still like it.