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Leveling’s Too Easy, Oops … Dead Again

Posted in General WoW with tags , , on July 11, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

dkpainI had been playing a lot of Neverwinter and I’m still enjoying it but as soon as I had latency problems with WoW, for some reason it became IMPERATIVE that I play WoW. Go figure. So with all the posts generated by the Community Blog Topic at WoW Insider I decided to get my Death Knight to 90 and see. Is it just right? Too hard? Too Easy? Because …

quintYeah, how embarrassing. I proclaim myself an altoholic and I don’t have that. What in the world have I been doing *cough* pet battles *cough* you might ask.

Death Knight and I go forth. OW OW OW! OMG! Now I remember why she leveled to 86 just by mining. This is painful. I don’t remember having this problem with her through Cata. She was wearing rags then, she was Unholy, I haven’t changed spec. OMG! Leveling must be hard.

We are at Fire Camp Ordo and this stuff is hard, OUCH! WHAT! Crap, as if she’s not having enough trouble already, Korda Torros wanders by and kills her.

I’m just leveling here! Leave me alone! I don’t want your small bag of whatever, go AWAY!

Okay, that settles it, leveling must be hard although I don’t remember any problems with this area on anyone else. Maybe I should take a quick look at MMO Melting Pot’s Death Knight guide.

Okay, let’s see. Yep, yep, yep. Okay. Got that covered. Oh come on.

Make sure you’re in Unholy Presence.

Like who wouldn’t know that, that’s …

nopresenceYES. I have moved the indicatorer into a more visible position for you to see. Apparently it’s not visible enough. This poor, poor, Death Knight has leveled from 85 to 88 without ANY PRESENCE AT ALL. Not the wrong one but NONE.

petexpShe had been so painful to level that I had stooped to any method of experience other than fighting. Does having Unholy Presence turned on make a difference?

Oh hell yeah it does, we are smoking, we are killing EVERYTHING! There is no stopping this Death Knight now. We’ll be at 90 sometime today.

Oh Korda! Hey, Korda! Where are you man? Yeah, don’t want to show your face now, huh, I’m looking for payback!

So apparently leveling’s not hard. I’ve just APPARENTLY been playing so long I’ve moved into my second noobhood. No big surprise there.

Sigh …