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Posted in General WoW with tags , , , on February 23, 2014 by tomeoftheancient

orcgenes2I know … and on top of that, the pretty one also got the brains so she gets to just hang out in Orgrimmar and manage the finances for everyone. No fighting bad guys … no icky deaths … takes breaks to go pick up a Caffè Marocchino to sip while she stands in the AH. So unfair.

invokefarmingCim’s not too happy. She decided to work on Collect Your Deck and was horrified on finding out that Paper-Covered Rock is a chance drop from harvesting … crops. Warlocks don’t do farming … just no. They DO NOT dig in the dirt like a common laborer. I think she’s calling down a farm minion right there. I TOLD her it won’t work, she has to plant the crops and harvest them HERSELF. I’m afraid to even tell her about the Archeology one. So unfair. She’s livid.

So yeah, the whole Proving Grounds silver brouhaha thing. I am completely unqualified to have an opinion. That’s right, I DO NOT HAVE A PERKY PUG! There, it’s out. I don’t queue for anything random unless someone is with me and wants me to. And then it’s their responsibility to entertain me while we wait the looooonnnnngggggg time a daytime queue takes. Yes, as much as I love dogs I won’t face the long wait to get into anything.

I find that after I’ve waited a half an hour or so I’m now doing something I would rather do and then drop. I’m not a very patient person. The only daytime queues that seem to be a little faster are the low level instances at around 30 minutes or so.

My entire experience with bad players would be holiday and world bosses. There have been many, I have wondered … I mean REALLY … if an actual human being were behind the computer. Maybe they stepped away and their cat jumped on the keyboard as the queue popped.

It doesn’t bother me as long as they’re nice or as in most cases say nothing negative. I think they need an asshatometer, knowing whether you’re good at playing your character doesn’t matter as much to me as knowing whether you’re going to be abusive to everyone while playing your character well.

I think it’s nice that they are attempting to make things better for those who do random heroics, although I think the asshatometer would work better, but that’s just me.

I hate to be negative but … proving grounds … just a teeny tiny bit … tedious. It was great for using to learn a new spec but they’re just … well … boring. I think if you restarted at the level where you failed I could face going back. I WANT to go back but every time I think about wading through all the levels to get where I left off … nope, rather do something else.

I guess I thought they’d be more like the Brawler’s Guild fights. I get my butt kicked all the time but keep going back because they’re fun. I’m pretty sure I read that this would not be required on the existing proving grounds but a new and hopefully improved version of proving grounds.

Who knows what shall come to pass, in the meantime I’ll have to give the proving grounds another go. You guys better watch out. As soon as my left-handed sideways mouse* gets here you’re going down … maybe … if I don’t get distracted … which … yeah, on second thought maybe you boring proving ground guys are safe.

I know! I love these people! They made a left-handed vertical mouse! Lefties rejoice!