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Posted in General WoW with tags , , on August 22, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

catvisitOn maintenance day this week, Cat came to real life to visit. I’m not sure why she did, she spent most of her time playing in the yard with the dogs. When she was leaving she said it was good to see me. Really? We hardly spoke, what’s up?

Um … er … it’s ah … geez, alright, the thing is you’re boring. I mean I like you and all but … yeah, boring. Sheesh Cat, that’s awful harsh. We’ve been doing lots of exciting things. Like … like … Oh I know!

bmahstuffWe’ve been closely monitoring all the exciting things for sale on the BMAH, all the wonderful, highly sought things of … oh … well, forget that. Never mind that. Let’s see. OH! OH! I’ve got one!

bestfriendJust this morning Cim did A Second Hand. While I know she just did the quest to get rid of the annoying question mark over the shrine thingy. See, that’s exciting! She has a best friend, only one but it’s a start. She’s not very well socialized so I’m thrilled about the one, it’s progress.


Now you’re really starting to tick me off Cat. Well what can YOU tell us, how about you come up with tales of heady feats for a change?

Um, let’s see. I know the Warlocks have been doing Onyxia and the whole time they run around yelling, “MORE DOTS!” More weird I guess than exciting, I have no idea why they’re yelling that.

Well what have you been doing Cat? What astonishing adventures have you been on lately?

redcarpAnd you’re calling me boring?

Yeah, but I want the Red Carp and the stupid Crawling Claw. I’ve dug up the Sketch of a Desert Palace something like sixty consecutive times. My luck’s gotta be breaking any time now.

One can only hope. Okay, let’s go back to Townlong Steppes and try for your Tiny Carp while we wait for the patch.

uldumnnAfter that, I’ve notified the Azeroth Postal Services that we will be in residence here for the next two weeks or until that damn elusive Crawling Claw is ours.

We’ll be boring together.