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My Warlock the Ingrate

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , , , on May 17, 2014 by tomeoftheancient

greenglowCim really is the most high maintenance character I’ve ever had. She wanted this outfit and wasn’t willing to wait. Unfortunately for me, two of the items could be made if I bought her expensive patterns. While the pattern was expensive, Cloak of Eternity was at least cheap to make. The pattern for Cord of the White Dawn wasn’t cheap and then the only Runed Orbs I could find were not either.

Spire of Scarlet Pain? Wait for it to drop in Firelands? Not a chance, she told my bank alt to snap it up at any price if it appeared on the AH. Which it did.

And there she is … whinging and moaning. Yes, even her Voidlord threw up his hands in disgust with her. She immediately complained about her enchant’s green glow on the staff. She felt she should be able to turn it on or off. She was NOT happy.

warlockonfireShe then complained that the cloak only worked the way she hoped while she’s on fire and said she’d just not display cloak until she finds one that works. WHAT! YOU WHAT? Did I get a thank you? NO! I get complaints.

I’m reduced to complaining to you because too much arguing with a Warlock can have … consequences … is all I’ll say. Nobody else is this demanding. Let’s take a look.

catreplicaCat goes around in replica gear and a belt she bought for 50s because it was green. No high maintenance fussy dresser there. Okay she’s hardly ever in Night Elf form but still. Cat I appreciate it, I really do.

rosecloakHere’s Rose in her Timeless Isle gear. The ONLY thing she requested was a less busy cloak, she’s happy with the rest. Must be a Druid thing, they both are low maintenance. Never any trouble … okay … yeah … Cat does have a thing for pets but at least she’s grateful.


Okay, here’s my Shaman the comedian. She’s wearing a mish-mash of stuff and doesn’t care. All she wanted was an Anvilmar Hammer cause she thinks it funny. See what I mean? ONLY Cim causes trouble.

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. As a favor to me if you see Cim could you tell her she looks great just as she is? Maybe it will stop all this nonsense, it’s worth a try.

Unlikely Warlock Transmog, Battlenet Guilt and Aaaiiieee!

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cimsnewsetYeah Cim … no … I DO like it but it’s never going to happen. WHY? Oh come on, where’s that weapon from? Huh? Firelands! You can forget about that until Cat’s reached exalted with them. She’s never going to let you take her turn at Firelands … not happening.

I mean she let everyone use her pets to do the Celestial Tournament when they needed the valor and coins but this? I’m just saying, not going to happen. And I’m not convinced the shoulders will really work when you see them in person … if you ever do. I AM NOT a wet blanket, just being realistic.

I’m going to whine now so I’ll understand if you leave. It has been a bad week … or two or … yeah. I had to make an emergency drive in the torrential rain yesterday. I thought for safety’s sake I’d use my glasses instead of my bifocal contacts because they’ve been acting up lately when I drive. The eye that sees OUTSIDE of the car keeps going on the fritz which means I can clearly see the speed at which I’m barreling down the road, just not the … you know … the actual road.

Apparently the Gods of Life Challenges thought that was cheating, so they made one of my eyeglass lens fall out halfway there and then the “check engine” light came on, then they shot down a bolt of lightening near me just to make their point.

So this morning, a server maintenance … well shit … okay … 8 minutes left … we can do Skunky, no problem. WTF! Blizzard! You promised us 8 minutes! What … oh … no internet! I will die! No internet will kill me! Aaaiiieee!

Yeah, I should stop whining and be thankful our house didn’t fall into a sinkhole. So I like the new battlenet app thingy but it’s been generating a lot of guilt. When I’m in game half the time I’m actually down the hall or on the phone so I miss whispers sometimes but since I don’t know I missed them I don’t feel bad.

Now with the app there’s a little button with the missed whisper … help! help! I must … wait, it was four hours ago you derp. They’re in bed now. You can’t contact them to say you’re sorry you missed them … crap. Guilt.

Yes, I worry about stuff like that, hell I worry about everything. When I was working myself into a state on my deluge of the century, one-eyed, check engine drive I thought, geez would you freakin’ calm down already. You need to be more stoic. Think of a stoic role model and channel them.

So I came up with one, Pete the dog. Pete was the epitome of stoicism. Not the philosophy kind but the dictionary kind.

the quality or behavior of a person who accepts what happens without complaining or showing emotion

Late in his life he had a few bouts with cancer. They would chop a part off and send him home. Toe gone, no problem. He’d jump out of the truck and run off. Another toe, piece of cake. He defeated cancer with his stoicism, he ignored it. Old age did finally get him but no one can defeat old age.

This will be me! You will not rattle me check engine light! Glasses with one lens! I laugh in your face! I am Pete! Battlenet app, I refuse your guilt!

No internet … no internet … I will channel Pete … I will … HALP! HALP! I CAN’T LIVE LIKE THIS, HALP!

Um … so yeah … AAAIIIEEE!