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My Wildstar … um … Day

Posted in General Gaming with tags , on April 28, 2014 by tomeoftheancient

wildstarfirstlookDue to an attack on me from real life my Wildstar Weekend turned into more of a Wildstar day. We had a rocky beginning but I figured trying to get in five minutes after the beta weekend started was the problem. I waited a bit and connection woes settled down and I could get on with getting off the ship and down to Nexus.

nightriverOh wait … I should introduce you first. Okay … aside from the hair, that is pretty much NOT a representation of the rl me. In my defense I was in a hurry to get into the game and when I picked “body type” I was zoomed into her face … no really. The next character I made, I made sure to zoom out. If I hadn’t been in such a hurry I could have spent hours in there, lots of customization available for your character.

chuameYeah see? Next character I got pretty much spot on … that’s me, the short one. Although I’d decided I would play an Exile I thought I should give the Dominion a shot at winning me over. They didn’t. I abandoned him before I even got off their ship. Their choice of music was driving me insane while I looked for stuff I couldn’t find, so I bailed.

openquestIn my previous post Sprowt commented that she encountered some trouble with finding where to reread quest objectives, FIND quest objectives and other issues. I had the same problems until I found a little teeny, tiny button that opened your quest log. I later found a big button in the lower left corner that gave access to pretty much everything. So now I knew what I was supposed to do … sort of.

I had a hell of a time getting off that damn ship. I couldn’t figure out where to go, what to do. I think I’ve been spoiled by pointy arrows and really sparkly quest objectives and tabbing out to look up quests on Wowhead. I made a second Exile later in the day and zipped right through the relic room. This time it wasn’t crowded with people so that may have been the problem.

wsprettyFINALLY! Planetfall! And it’s really beautiful. Questing woes settled down once I hit Nexus. I still fumbled about until I learned to use the map but things were going much more smoothly. I think part of my problem might have been playing a game for so long where I know all the quests. I had to backtrack repeatedly because I did not FULLY read the quest text. My fault.

I didn’t get into my path, Scientist much. Too busy killing all the things. Wildstar has an interesting combat system that I really liked. I have a button that implies I can double-tap to dodge but have yet to manage to make it work. I might actually have to resort to research on this but I wanted to try the game with pretty much no knowledge and see how it went … see if Wildstar can be derp approved. I have to like a game first, then I do research.

The world so far is beautiful, high on my list of must haves. I liked the combat system and had no trouble getting used to it. Important, as I don’t like spending all my time dead. I did die for science once. I wanted to see how annoying it was. I got the option to pay to rez where I died or rez at the nearest holo-crypt. Minimally annoying although that might change at higher levels.

While I did not get as much time as I would have liked, I did get enough time to know that yes, I would buy Wildstar. I had fun.