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True Colors Revealed

Posted in Wildstar with tags , , on June 12, 2014 by tomeoftheancient

ClariseeasleepI haven’t had a lot of time for games recently but what time I had, I spent in Wildstar. In this part of past expansions I leveled alts. I’d get them to the level cap and then they’d have to face the new world in whatever crappy clothes they got there in. This time I tried to dress them properly and I think I kinda shot myself in the foot. I needed a break. So Wildstar.

Here’s Clarisee … taking a nap with her plushie on her badly placed bed. So what did I do? What did I do while she took her nap? Created two more characters for a total of four. The truth will always out. Once an altoholic, always an altoholic. There is however a frontrunner for my affections. I wanted another Aurin since I had to leave Tota on that popular server so Totatu was born. A Stalker. She’s by far my favorite class so far.

This is where I shoot myself in the other foot, a Stalker is not really the best class for me, I do not have hair-trigger reflexes. My reflexes are on like a 5 second cooldown. I should be going for something like a tanky Granok Engineer. I do have one but noooooo, I have to play the Stalker.

Combat in Wildstar

I had some trouble with buggy quests early on and thought, no big deal, I’ll just move on to the next area. So they’re one or two levels above me. No biggie … yes, really, REALLY BIG BIGGIE. When you get a quest to kill quest mobs at your own level fine. In Wildstar mobs even one level above you … challenging. Why? Telegraphs. Those red shapes on the ground that tell you where the bad guy is going to hit.

It isn’t a suggestion, it’s a freaking NECESSITY that you move … immediately … or you’ll die to a quest mob. This poses a problem for me as I manage maybe 50% of the time, or I get stupid and dodge right INTO where he’s about to hit. I grouped with a person to do a two-person quest and we repeatedly failed. Part of the problem was I was one level below the suggested level and they were three below.

After many failed attempts we called it a day and the other person said, he just hits too hard. Exactly the problem. He was hitting us cause we couldn’t get our lazy asses out of the telegraph.

I actually like the combat system but I really suck at it, by the time I register which way I should dodge I’m usually dead. I did a five-man quest and it was lovely, there was an actual tank and I could beat away at the bad guy’s back and stay out of bad. Refreshed by that I got down to the important stuff.

totamountTotatu had to abandon her crafting and start selling everything that dropped because I’m so spoiled I MUST have a mount … right away. While you’re able to buy one at level 15 it took a few more levels to get the astounding amount of, I think it was 10 gold 67 silver. Highway robbery!

The little house luckily came with the pre-order. She took the Scientist path and has been pretty good at leveling it so she got some nice additions to her house as rewards which is nice as I’m too poor to buy them.

plushieI don’t know what the fascination with my house is about. I’m not even going to tell you how long we spent getting the position of her plushie carrot just right. It’s insane, someone should smack me upside the head. I mean houses weren’t even a thing for me I just wanted to see a new world.

Friendly People

So far people have been pretty nice in chat and in groups, so much so that I got carried away. I saw I had a friend request and thought, oh, must be someone I grouped with. I accepted. And then my new friend immediately sent me a gold seller email. WTF! So yeah, even the gold sellers are friendly so now I make sure I remember the name.

totagardenI think this will be a great place to have a summer vacation. I’ll be doing more dying than usual but hey, it is what it is. I don’t think I can improve my reflexes and that’s not what would drive me away anyway. What is? Apparently I’m a spoiled brat. All the reminiscing about the “good old days” in Wow? Now I remember, being poor is not fun. All the shinies I can’t have is soul crushing.

I am soooo glad Cat, Cim and the rest will have the money to meet the Warlords in style, Totatu will just have to be happy with what drops. Yay for my Empty Toilet Paper Roll! Yay! Yay!