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Quirks … We Got Em

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Jeez Rose! Not for nothing, I did tell you I was coming. Your guards tried to kill me, what’s that about anyway? Didn’t you send them the bi-factional memo?

I’m sorry sister, it seems everyone is not in complete agreement with your plan to be one big happy family but I’m glad you made it through and … um … I’m sure you’re happy to hear the guards will survive the little bi-factional dust-up you had.

Yeah, Cat just can’t seem to “get” that everyone’s not on the same page with her, she wanted to visit Rose and tell her about getting a wonderful message from a fellow HORDE Druid who was trying to help her out. The Druid also had the best name, Cat would steal if she could. Thank you Poshkin!

I realized that Cat’s not the only one who’s a little quirky. I have two Feral Druids, two Destruction Warlocks and two Combat Rogues. They are specced exactly the same. Same talents, same everything.

Do they play the same? Nope, with the exception of the Druids, not even close. Sasche the Forsaken Warlock is usually pulling six or seven things and at half health most of the time. Cim the Human is usually hanging back like she’s afraid to break a nail. What’s that about?

Is there a thought somewhere in the back of my head that since Sasche’s already dead she’s … hardier? Really bizarre.

I have two Rogues. The Alliance Gnome got to 100 to open lockboxes and now she sits in the Garrison.

I don’t enjoy her at all.

She’s always almost dead.


The Horde Goblin got to 100 and won’t stop killing everything.

I love her.

She’s always almost dead.

Yeah, I don’t get it either. I think it might be the fact that she’s a Goblin. She’s rude, crude and drives a horrific contraption spewing so much pollution that people must think reavers are attacking. I seem to like Goblins in spite of that.

I have never successfully leveled a Blood Elf over level thirty.

Why do we feel affinity with certain races and not others? Beats me.


Welp … just one more example. I decided to have a look at Wildstar as I hadn’t been back since they went free-to-play. I had to make my third Aurin Stalker. I keep leaving and when I come back I can’t remember how to play one.

I always think, try something else why don’t you. Lots of cool races and classes.

Yeah … nope. Aurin Stalker.

Who knows, maybe the third time really will be the charm.



A New Life …

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Yeah … where? I’ve never cancelled my subscription before. In the past when things got boring at the END of an expansion I’d keep paying while playing another game as sort of an attaboy to the art department for creating my beautiful world.

Bored in under six months into an expansion? Keeping my subscription is the wrong message no matter how much I love the world. It’s unfortunately the only way I can express myself that a business will understand.

For the next month I will continue to get filthy rich from follower missions and fly around all the places I love. I hope something changes to make me feel it’s worth coming back.

So where to go? My first impulse was SWTOR. I’m in a guild there, maybe someone’s still around.

swcompanionJeez buddy, back off would you! Oh … crap I forgot about companions, I guess he’s with me. Okay, let’s see. What? Oh, got to pick my talents, attributes, whatever they’re called here.

choicesOh crap. I  forgot. I’d have to start over. Every time I come back to SWTOR I have to start from scratch. That’s why I have all these medium level characters spread around the galaxy. I’m not sure I’m ready for this. Let’s see.

Tota_Too.150528Really? I couldn’t pick something I’ve still got installed? Typically, my choice came down to what world had I liked the most and WildStar won that one. Tota is at level 50 and I don’t remember ANYTHING about how a Stalker works so her cousin is going to start from level one to help her remember and I find I’m fine with that.

The final entrants were SWTOR, FFXIV, GW2 and WildStar and I took a day to decide but double-jumping around a beautiful world sounded like what I could use about now.


Wildstar, I Hardly Knew Ye

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totahomeYeah, I’m being dramatical. Wildstar’s not dead or anything but I felt it wouldn’t be right to just leave without saying goodbye. There’s Totatu, she just hit level cap and she’s surveying her kingdom … but apparently it’s not enough. She hit level cap and that was it.

She managed to make it to level 50 during the free month which seems kind of like shooting yourself in the foot. I’ve read accounts by others saying leveling was taking too long so it might just be me. I really like the game so I subscribed for a month. Kinda like a, way to go! Great game!

Totatu has an Elite Mineral Deposit at home and all she did was login a few times a day and mine and then sell it … for a month … that’s all she felt compelled to do.

I tried another alt but I just wasn’t feeling the Engineer, my favorite by far was the Stalker so why didn’t she want to play.

The world is beautiful, I enjoyed seeing new zones. Music is well done, I really liked the combat although if you took ALL my alts deaths in WoW and lumped them together I don’t think they’d surpass Totatu’s deaths.

When I first heard about double-jumping I thought, big whoop. I was so wrong, it’s one of my favorite things and managed to get me to actually not hate jumping puzzles. Nothing could make me like the logic puzzles. Nothing.

There was a LOT of bugginess in the world story chain. A lot. Imagine having to do logic puzzles that you could not fudge and a jumping puzzle over and over and over because the quest bugged at the end. Frustration level off the chart. But that wasn’t it either.

Because I play when most people are at work or school I’m usually alone in the world. Early in Wildstar you could find people for group quests but later levels the population thinned out at least on my server, so I was pretty much alone which I’m used to.

And I felt alone. Here’s the weird thing, in WoW I never feel alone. I know, I know … no I’m not losing it. I know they’re NPCs but I’m all alone trying to find a rare Moccasin in Swamp of Sorrows and I stop by Bogpaddle to sell some junk to a Goblin and I get, I got what YOU NEED from him and I’m not alone.

I know! I don’t know how Blizzard imbued this sense of life I get from the NPCs but they did for me. I have yet to get that from any other game I’ve played … so yeah … I’m off to the Swamp of Sorrows again for that stupid rare snake but I won’t feel lonely. I got my buddy in Bogpaddle to check in on.

I will say if a disaster befell Blizzard and the World of Warcraft was no more, I think Wildstar would be my backup plan out of any of the games I’ve played. I could mine, decorate my house in between double-jumping around the world.

So Moccasin, you’re on notice. I’m coming for you! I will not be denied!



Persona Non Grata and a Wildstar Tip

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catbackAw … come on Cat, I said I was sorry. Really, it’s not like you to hold a grudge this long. Cat? Cat? Sigh. She’s really mad at me this time. I logged in to find Cat outfitted with an un-gemmed iLevel 496 hat on. I remembered selling a helm before I logged out. Oops.

I had sold her upgraded gemmed helm … by mistake … a thing I do frequently. But the reason she won’t speak to me is because I made her go to the Timeless Isle and start gathering coins again. For a whole day … which she didn’t like.

Yes, it took a whole day for the hamsters that power my mind to get up to speed. Eureka! I know! Item Restoration! So she’s all set again but still mad that it took me a day to get my memory powered up. It’s not like her but I guess maybe she’s feeling grumpy too about our  long wait for Warlords.

hidehelmSo far be it from me to hang around where I wasn’t welcome. I went to visit Totatu in Wildstar, I had a vitally important mission for her. She COULD NOT continue to run around wearing an ugly gas-mask. We MUST find out how to hide helm. It’s of the utmost importance, right up there with acquiring plushies for our house.

Success! We found a Protostar Appearance Modificator egghead guy in Thayd and you select Costume 1 and yes!!! You can turn off your helm! Mission accomplished!

eyeballYeah … it occurs to me that I might want to mention to Totatu that just because something dropped for you, you don’t have to necessarily use it. I mean I would but I’m already persona non grata in WoW maybe I’ll just keep this to myself. If Totatu gets mad at me the only destination left to me is real life where there’s cleaning and stuff to do. Yeah … giant eyeballs aren’t THAT bad.

True Colors Revealed

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ClariseeasleepI haven’t had a lot of time for games recently but what time I had, I spent in Wildstar. In this part of past expansions I leveled alts. I’d get them to the level cap and then they’d have to face the new world in whatever crappy clothes they got there in. This time I tried to dress them properly and I think I kinda shot myself in the foot. I needed a break. So Wildstar.

Here’s Clarisee … taking a nap with her plushie on her badly placed bed. So what did I do? What did I do while she took her nap? Created two more characters for a total of four. The truth will always out. Once an altoholic, always an altoholic. There is however a frontrunner for my affections. I wanted another Aurin since I had to leave Tota on that popular server so Totatu was born. A Stalker. She’s by far my favorite class so far.

This is where I shoot myself in the other foot, a Stalker is not really the best class for me, I do not have hair-trigger reflexes. My reflexes are on like a 5 second cooldown. I should be going for something like a tanky Granok Engineer. I do have one but noooooo, I have to play the Stalker.

Combat in Wildstar

I had some trouble with buggy quests early on and thought, no big deal, I’ll just move on to the next area. So they’re one or two levels above me. No biggie … yes, really, REALLY BIG BIGGIE. When you get a quest to kill quest mobs at your own level fine. In Wildstar mobs even one level above you … challenging. Why? Telegraphs. Those red shapes on the ground that tell you where the bad guy is going to hit.

It isn’t a suggestion, it’s a freaking NECESSITY that you move … immediately … or you’ll die to a quest mob. This poses a problem for me as I manage maybe 50% of the time, or I get stupid and dodge right INTO where he’s about to hit. I grouped with a person to do a two-person quest and we repeatedly failed. Part of the problem was I was one level below the suggested level and they were three below.

After many failed attempts we called it a day and the other person said, he just hits too hard. Exactly the problem. He was hitting us cause we couldn’t get our lazy asses out of the telegraph.

I actually like the combat system but I really suck at it, by the time I register which way I should dodge I’m usually dead. I did a five-man quest and it was lovely, there was an actual tank and I could beat away at the bad guy’s back and stay out of bad. Refreshed by that I got down to the important stuff.

totamountTotatu had to abandon her crafting and start selling everything that dropped because I’m so spoiled I MUST have a mount … right away. While you’re able to buy one at level 15 it took a few more levels to get the astounding amount of, I think it was 10 gold 67 silver. Highway robbery!

The little house luckily came with the pre-order. She took the Scientist path and has been pretty good at leveling it so she got some nice additions to her house as rewards which is nice as I’m too poor to buy them.

plushieI don’t know what the fascination with my house is about. I’m not even going to tell you how long we spent getting the position of her plushie carrot just right. It’s insane, someone should smack me upside the head. I mean houses weren’t even a thing for me I just wanted to see a new world.

Friendly People

So far people have been pretty nice in chat and in groups, so much so that I got carried away. I saw I had a friend request and thought, oh, must be someone I grouped with. I accepted. And then my new friend immediately sent me a gold seller email. WTF! So yeah, even the gold sellers are friendly so now I make sure I remember the name.

totagardenI think this will be a great place to have a summer vacation. I’ll be doing more dying than usual but hey, it is what it is. I don’t think I can improve my reflexes and that’s not what would drive me away anyway. What is? Apparently I’m a spoiled brat. All the reminiscing about the “good old days” in Wow? Now I remember, being poor is not fun. All the shinies I can’t have is soul crushing.

I am soooo glad Cat, Cim and the rest will have the money to meet the Warlords in style, Totatu will just have to be happy with what drops. Yay for my Empty Toilet Paper Roll! Yay! Yay!


WoW and Wildstar Woes

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cymannoyYeah, Cim’s a little annoyed with me right now. We seem to be having a string of bad luck. Okay, okay! But I’ve TRIED fixing the sticky key Cym, I’ve tried. My w key was sticking so I used air to blow any gunk out of my keyboard. I got an AMAZING amount of black dog hair out, wads of that stuff. Nope, didn’t help. Now once it sticks, it stays down and you have to pry up it. So, kind of a permanent down.

What this means is that Cym might be casting and halfway through she lurches forward stopping the cast. I mean I KNEW that was a problem but the … ah … accident she had? I did not see that one coming … at all.

She was getting her valor this morning and someone was at the door. I was considerate and left her safely on the path where nothing would bother her in my absence. And yeah … the key was stuck down. I didn’t take time to pry it up.

Imagine my surprise on my return to find her over by the beach being killed by a snake. I guess that key decided it was time to move on. Head ’em up, move ’em out! Land ho!

I know Cym, I said I was sorry! I don’t want to replace it, they don’t make that keyboard anymore! Geez, I’ll make it up to you somehow. Really, stop whining. So I decided to visit Wildstar.

ClariseestuckAnd then this. No, she’s not saying pull my finger. She’s stuck that way. It’s so embarrassing, people are beginning to stare. The last time poor Clarisee holstered her pistols her arms shot up and she’s been pointing fingers at everyone ever since.

I’m sure people wonder why she’s menacing them with her fingers. I tried toggling weapon on and off to no avail. I don’t know if I can go on like this. Clarisee, if this is a joke it is SO NOT FUNNY ANYMORE!

If anyone has advice for sticky keys or stuck arms it would sure be appreciated. I think I’ll equip her weapons in the meantime. Maybe she’ll look like a badass that way instead of just … an ass.

I have two Free 7-Day Trial Passes for Wildstar, anyone interested in taking a look email me at tomeoftheancient at gmail dot com. I believe Wildstar is PC only.


Thoughts on Cheating …

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totaI know it’s crazy but before I log into Wildstar I make sure the app is closed. I just … I just don’t want anyone to know. Not Cat or Cim or any of my characters. Cat’s still looking for mounts in old dungeons, Cim’s still looking for clothes. The Death Knight is looking to break the iLevel 500 mark. I don’t want them to know. I feel like I’m cheating on them so I make sure the app is not watching, could be a snitch.

zoftigAnyway, first thing I did was recreate the Aurin Esper I’d made in the beta just a little less … zoftig … so instead of looking like this she now looks a little underfed, I can’t seem to get the right balance in character creation.

I was anxious to get past the place I’d left off and start exploring. And yeah, what the hell is up with that? I am terrible at jumping and yet I can’t resist taking the Explorer path. I really must have masochistic tendencies.

Her name is Tota and she’s on Stormtalon and that’s the problem.


I went to login later in the day and this. As much as I liked her a six hour wait? Sorry Tota, I’m cutting you loose. I need to find a less popular server. I’d say NCSOFT should be pretty pleased with the response so far as it’s not launched yet.

ClariseeSo Clarisee the Mordesh Spellslinger was born on Mikros, hopefully Mikros doesn’t go the way of Stormtalon. I have no idea why, maybe because Matty had mentioned her in a post but I wanted to name her Clarice in honor of Clarice Starling. Someone already had that one so she ended up with a bizarre mish-mash of Clarice and Khaleesi because Game of Thrones was on my mind because there was going to be a new one. Yes not very scientific, my naming process.

I didn’t want to be a Spellslinger because I didn’t really want to use guns. I was wrong, I really like her a lot. She has anger issues over the whole degenerative disease thing and her looks … yeah, not the pick of the litter but she’s really growing on me. I did think it a little inconsiderate that she also chose the Explorer path but maybe she didn’t know how I felt about jumping.

THE WATER HAS CURRENTS! Sorry, had to yell that as I was so excited about it I spent maybe half an hour being carried hither and yon. After that we got busy getting to level ten because she was anxious to start crafting and that’s where I left her. Wildstar’s got one month to hook me, let’s see how it goes.

So if you’re on Mikros too, be sure to tell everyone it’s a horrible server. We don’t want to be popular, don’t let on how nice it is. Keep that under your hat. And oh … if Cat asks if you’ve seen me could you keep that under your hat too? Pretty please?

My Wildstar … um … Day

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wildstarfirstlookDue to an attack on me from real life my Wildstar Weekend turned into more of a Wildstar day. We had a rocky beginning but I figured trying to get in five minutes after the beta weekend started was the problem. I waited a bit and connection woes settled down and I could get on with getting off the ship and down to Nexus.

nightriverOh wait … I should introduce you first. Okay … aside from the hair, that is pretty much NOT a representation of the rl me. In my defense I was in a hurry to get into the game and when I picked “body type” I was zoomed into her face … no really. The next character I made, I made sure to zoom out. If I hadn’t been in such a hurry I could have spent hours in there, lots of customization available for your character.

chuameYeah see? Next character I got pretty much spot on … that’s me, the short one. Although I’d decided I would play an Exile I thought I should give the Dominion a shot at winning me over. They didn’t. I abandoned him before I even got off their ship. Their choice of music was driving me insane while I looked for stuff I couldn’t find, so I bailed.

openquestIn my previous post Sprowt commented that she encountered some trouble with finding where to reread quest objectives, FIND quest objectives and other issues. I had the same problems until I found a little teeny, tiny button that opened your quest log. I later found a big button in the lower left corner that gave access to pretty much everything. So now I knew what I was supposed to do … sort of.

I had a hell of a time getting off that damn ship. I couldn’t figure out where to go, what to do. I think I’ve been spoiled by pointy arrows and really sparkly quest objectives and tabbing out to look up quests on Wowhead. I made a second Exile later in the day and zipped right through the relic room. This time it wasn’t crowded with people so that may have been the problem.

wsprettyFINALLY! Planetfall! And it’s really beautiful. Questing woes settled down once I hit Nexus. I still fumbled about until I learned to use the map but things were going much more smoothly. I think part of my problem might have been playing a game for so long where I know all the quests. I had to backtrack repeatedly because I did not FULLY read the quest text. My fault.

I didn’t get into my path, Scientist much. Too busy killing all the things. Wildstar has an interesting combat system that I really liked. I have a button that implies I can double-tap to dodge but have yet to manage to make it work. I might actually have to resort to research on this but I wanted to try the game with pretty much no knowledge and see how it went … see if Wildstar can be derp approved. I have to like a game first, then I do research.

The world so far is beautiful, high on my list of must haves. I liked the combat system and had no trouble getting used to it. Important, as I don’t like spending all my time dead. I did die for science once. I wanted to see how annoying it was. I got the option to pay to rez where I died or rez at the nearest holo-crypt. Minimally annoying although that might change at higher levels.

While I did not get as much time as I would have liked, I did get enough time to know that yes, I would buy Wildstar. I had fun.

If Looks Could Kill and Wildstar Weekend

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catandroseApparently looks do make a difference to me in deciding what to kill. I hadn’t really noticed before but Rose goes around smacking the crap out of everything and Cat doesn’t. While Cat was on the Timeless Isle I don’t think she was up at the top except to open the chests.

Rose “looks” more intimidating to me and Cat looks … like a kitty … and it appears subconsciously it affects the way that I play them. I should have been rolling Tauren Male Warriors all along. Doesn’t seem to be in play with casters, just melee. I seem to decide what they can do by my visual perception of their strength.

They are EXACTLY the same except that Rose hasn’t caught up to Cat’s iLevel and yet Rose tackles things Cat wouldn’t. Weird. Oh wait, I lied. Rose has her Tauren racial Endurance I guess that 5% is what’s doing it.

So I’m at the point that I have all the alts on the Isle getting them dressed in preparation for Warlords. I’ve found that the cap for my non-LFRing crew is iLevel 538 so I’m trying to get them all there … oh yeah … except for Death Knight. Gear makes no difference, there’s no point. She’s awful, so at least with crappy gear she’ll have an excuse. Yes, really. I’m doing it for you Death Knight. You’re welcome.

AurinSo it’s slow around here. Almost a year ago I signed up to be in the Wildstar beta. Nothing happened. Pffft … whatever … be that way then. And this week I got the code for this weekend! Yay!

I used to pre-order everything, but my track record of losing interest RAPIDLY has made me less inclined to order something I haven’t experienced. I’ve been studying up too. I don’t know if it was their intention but one video I watched, I swear the character was channeling Kaylee from Firefly. Okay, then I’ll be an Exile.

I let Cat pick the race. She picked Aurin. Yes, I will have furry ears and a tail. I should have seen that coming. Class is going to be Esper. Conjure deadly apparitions! Mass butchery! That’s so me!

So we’ll see how this goes tomorrow, if I find I have trouble looking around because I “perceive” she’s too weak I’ll make a Granok rock-man Warrior. Like Rose.