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Greatfather Arvash

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , , on December 22, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

ShadowglenThis morning Cat went to harvest her crops and saw that those pesky Red Crane Champions were up to their old tricks. More taunting email, they really need to grow up, sheesh. What’s this! It’s not from those sore losers it’s from Arvash!

Arvash of The Crimson Hammer is the Master of Azerothian Magic, if there’s a wondrous toy, pet or mount Arv most likely has it and he had sent one to me! Cat was squeeing, “It’s a Nightsaber Cub! It’s a Nightsaber Cub! It’s wonderful!”

She wanted to make it feel at home and settle in before it started the journey that is a Battle Pet’s lot, endless killing sprees and bloody battles. That will come later, for now she wanted to make Arv feel welcome.

They headed to Shadowglen where many of Arv’s relatives were waiting to greet him. He started stretching and yawning so I think he felt at home.

arvCat reminisced with Arv about her wonderful early years as a Druid just starting out. She remembered not getting Cat Form until about freaking level 30 and being beaten … she remembered swimming out to the back of beyond to gain Aquatic Form … okay Arv never mind, maybe the old days weren’t all as great as I remembered but this is where it all started, so it’s a special place.

Arv was getting along and making friends with the other pets, he seemed anxious to start his career. Cat wanted to thank Arvash, so she left to find him. She thought Greatfather Winter would be the one to ask, surely he’d know Arv’s whereabouts.

greatfatherNow Cat does knows about the faction thing, she just really doesn’t get it … well, except for Garrosh, so she headed out to Orgrimmar although I told her I thought that a bad idea and the reception she’d get wouldn’t be what she expected. Of course she didn’t listen, she insisted on talking to Arv’s Greatfather.

Greatfather was very surprised to say the least, when he saw her. “What the … do you have a death wish Druid? What are you doing here?

“I want to know where Arv lives to thank him. He’s a handsome Paladin, a great hero of the Horde, I’m sure you must know him.”

“For someone with such BIG EARS you don’t listen well, I’m trying to help you out, someone’s going to notice you soon, scat cat, move along. Your rl human has a blog, thank him there where it’s safe. Now scoot, out of here!”

I reminded Cat of her total lack of prowess at PvP and that Greatfather had a point, so she agreed to thank Arv in a post.

Arv, thanks SO MUCH! I really love my little Arv. My Crunchy Scorpion has taken over his training, he thinks he’ll go far.

And another big thanks to everyone for the wonderful presents and for your company and comments, Winter Veil hugs to all!

Oh no … I’m getting all weepy and sappy. Okay … what to do. I got it!

The Season’s Upon Us

No, that’s not MY family … but there’s a dog.

It’s Greench Time!

Posted in WoW Holiday Events with tags , , , on December 17, 2011 by tomeoftheancient

Ah, she’s so cute. She wants to tell Greatfather Winter that she killed that old greench but she’s a little shy. Thanks to The Harpy’s Nest I knew that it didn’t matter who killed the greench, the sacks would become clickable once the greench was dead to complete the daily, You’re a Mean One… and she would finally get the achievement, Simply Abominable.

I wasn’t too hopeful. It was just before 7:00AM but I thought I’d go check. He was there with a group of people standing around. I thought I’d help when I realized they were standing around because they were all either hunters or mages. I thought about offering to tank (thoughts of total carnage running through my head, no contacts in yet) when a horde warrior showed up and we all got our Stolen Treats.

She has other holiday business to take care of; she just needs the hat to complete her Winter Garb Set. According to comments on Wowhead it looks like the hat still drops from Grand Magus Telestra as long as you do it on heroic so she’ll be spending some time in the Nexus trying for that hat. If it drops she can finally get ‘Tis the Season done!

So much to do, so little time … what? Real life? Oh go ahead, throw cold water on my Winter Veil excitement. Yeah, I have even more stuff to do irl, but priorities, we all have our priorities and right now mine is running the Nexus for that hat. I’ll finish wrapping later, really.