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My Horse Will Be Amazing!

Posted in WoW Mounts with tags , , on September 4, 2011 by tomeoftheancient

I want to tell you something but you’ve got to promise not to laugh at me. I know it’s silly but this really bothered me. First, a little background. When I heard there would be playable worgen in Cataclysm I was giddy with glee. For you Twilight fans I’m solidly in Team Jacob, he’s the man. Well, actually Captain Tight Pants would be my first choice but I’m getting off topic here.

As soon as I was able I created my first worgen, she was a druid and I got her to level 20. As soon as I got Running Wild I deleted her. I made another worgen, he has survived and is sitting at level 18 not being played. The reason? Running Wild. I was excited about it when I first heard of it and I guess I imagined it would be like a shaman’s Ghost Wolf, you’d turn into a running wolf. The reality is well, undignified, you actually get down on the dirt on your hands and knees and run along with your giant weapon banging you in the butt looking like you’re giving your nephew a horsy ride, eeewww, I’m so not doing that. I mean he’s already in kind of a pissy mood because he has to wear dresses, so my worgen just sits there collecting dust.

When Blizzard announced that Gilnean Mounts would be coming in 4.3 I was once again giddy with joy, I can resume playing my worgen and still retain my dignity, yay, rejoice, you little worgen you. I’ll be dusting you off as soon as I can get you your horse. I don’t care in the slightest that it’s a bare horse, I’m fine with bareback riding, my worgen will be very happy with his bare horsy. He doesn’t need the art department to come up with some new, outlandish land mount for him, this will be just peachy.

Sheesh, all this horse talk has given me the urge to go watch Weebl’s Amazing Horse again. I mean they are kinda dressed like Gilneans aren’t they? And, yes, yes, it was a good excuse to play with the Pony Creator again, I just can’t help it.

Oh, and no, he’s not going to eat his pony, that’s just his worgen happy look, really.