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What are the Tillers REALLY Growing and When Worlds Collide

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , on February 15, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

tillersgrowIn this shot it looks like he might be mid-jump but he floated like that all the way down the hill. You have to wonder just what kind of crops those guys are growing. Jade Squash, Striped Melon and maybe some Happy Time Weed. Well, whatever … I’m not ratting them out. I like these guys, it’s probably something medicinal.


Yeah … there he was this morning, I wanted to cry. People have said they never see him. I see him A LOT. I’ve concluded we keep the same awkward hours. 6:30am server and my time. He’s an early riser too. Sasche was first to see him but chat didn’t look promising. Horde side said it was too late to get a group together. Logged into Cat to check and an Alliance group was trying to form.

I think they had three people so far. I had fifteen minutes; my non-gaming husband is off until next Tuesday. Today is the day scheduled for car maintenance. I’m to take him to the repair shop to drop off his truck in 15 minutes … would a yell downstairs of:

“I will just be another half … or maybe whole hour while I wait for a Galleon group to form dearest,” work?

I think not. I think it might generate ire. Sigh … these mixed marriages can be difficult sometimes. He would never understand the importance of a Galleon group over a timely radiator flush.

In a RIDICULOUS show of optimism I logged in 3 hours later to see if he was still there … yeah … how stupid is that. Don’t you hate it when real non-game and real game-game worlds collide. But there it is, what are you going to do. Til we met again Galleon. Love you, man.

Since I’m here I gotta say, this is the ultimate slap in a pet battler’s face.

slapYou stand there through three dodged spells … you’re down to your last courageous pet. Your team prevails! Your last pet wins with 6 health left! Yay! What a win!  Yes … WHAT … you’re giving me a damn worn out useless stuffed toy? I just won an epic battle and that’s what I get? You’re killing me here.

battlesupAnd while on the subject of pet battles I’ve noticed Cat has developed some … I don’t know … pet battle superstitions I guess. She HAS to battle from the left. To not do so would mean certain defeat. I’ll have to check her socks. Could be she even wears lucky battle pet ones, who knows.

Anyway, I’d better go. I hear footsteps. Might mean I have to do more rl stuff. Go out for breakfast or something. These non-gamers, there are perfectly good Taverns in Azeroth if ONLY he would try it.


Galleon, Third Time’s the Charm!

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , on January 16, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

facemaskI guess that’s not strictly true, more like 3 1/2 time’s the charm cause the first time I killed him I was assisting the Horde … so yeah … no chance there. YAY! YAY! YAY! Facemask of Unrepentant Banditry! Thank you, thank you Galleon … oh sorry … guess he can’t hear me.

Let me tell you, Cat was overjoyed. I’ve never seen her so excited since she managed to best Major Payne. She called out Larry to admire her new hat. Yeah, okay so it’s not all that attractive maybe. Larry! Larry! Stop that, that’s not funny, turn around and look at me!

larrywontlookLarry replied that he wasn’t turning around until she did the decent thing and turned into cat form to protect his eyes. Or at the very least turn off display helm. Sheesh, Larry’s such a drama queen.

Anyway, this was a red-letter day for Cat. As Cat buys her gear by collecting valor 5 at a time from dailies and only groups for holiday or world bosses because of her fear of commitment to strangers, this was huge! She now doesn’t have to spend those slowly collected valor on a hat! Happy days!

I’ve never figured out the whole grouping comfort level thing. Let’s see, scenarios are okay, the possibility of enduring two jackasses for about 15-30 minutes seems acceptable, and that’s really never happened. Holiday bosses, four strangers for about (usually) under 10 minutes, fine. World bosses, 40 people, not sure how long. Guaranteed some jackasses, absolutely doesn’t bother her at all.

Waiting in a queue for upwards of an hour AND THEN getting thrown in an instance with rude miscreants for Elune only knows how long is her limit. Apparently there’s a time component involved in her ability to withstand abuse.

Cat has TinyDPS installed but never looks. She’s too scared. She was so chuffed about her new hat she even decided to take a peek. Twelfth place! Yay! Wasn’t too crappy … unless … unless … what if they were all healers?