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Echoes of Expansions Past

Posted in WoW Reminiscing with tags , , , on February 12, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

My first character grew up on Teldrassil, that’s where it all started, beautiful Shadowglen. Yesterday my husband brought work home and was on the computer next to me all day. To keep him “company” I toured Azeroth, yeah what a peach I am, such hard work!

I don’t know what caused the nostalgia trip but yesterday I had such a heavy dose of it. I had read Big Bear Butt’s post about his son’s adventures before logging in and my Druid visited her home town of Darnassus. The music in Teldrassil always evokes memories of ago.

It was like there was some strange harmonic yesterday. Almost everything that happened brought memories of my WoW beginnings. I was buffed by a passing stranger, this brought back memories of running around questing when you couldn’t move two feet without receiving a buff. Everyone was so proud of their newfound skills. I remembered that excitement when I saw my first race other than a Night Elf. I think it was in Darkshore, I was in awe of this intrepid adventurer who had made it to our shores. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what dangers they’d braved to get there.

I remember my Hunter traveling through Ashenvale, probably for a holiday event. She was a fresh level 60 and received a salute from a fellow traveler. I remember the awe she felt back when she was my only character and she encountered her first Warlock on their fiery steed. And I mean the Xorothian Dreadsteed, to say I was impressed is an understatement.

My Forsaken Warlock was questing in Sholazar Basin yesterday. These zones are usually pretty dead on my server.  She was doing the quest Post-partum Aggression, and doing rather poorly at that, ‘bout to die because I stupidly thought that I could handle typing in chat and running around on Stompy at the same time … which I SO CAN’T.

As she’s about to draw her dying or undying breath in this case, down swoops a Hunter to the rescue who saves her bacon. It brought back so many memories of Azeroth past. The bad part was I was so shocked by the intervention, by the time I fumbled my thanks I’m sure they were two zones away.

Yesterday I actually had someone to chat with. There is another blogger about on Fenris! It reminded me of my brief but lovely time in a guild back in vanilla, when the guild I was in was not just peopled by me.

So my Hunter took the screen shot above. She is so cute, she’s such an optimist. She insists on using The Last Relic of Argus because she’s sure one day it will pay off and send her where she wants to go. Not this time. This time she ended up in a tree in Stranglethorn Vale. Looking like some sort of transporter accident had welded her pet to her. Ah well, worth a try.

After my Hunter took her nostalgia shots my Druid tried once again to obtain a wondrous prize from the Crown Chemical Company. She was horrified to receive a second Vile Fumigator’s Mask. She said she’d used up valuable luck on it. I told her a true gambler would be encouraged by it; they’d just see it as a sign of a run of good luck. I gave her permission to go to just one blog and read about Cymre the Camel-Hoarding rider of Poseidus. That cheered her up so I think she’ll queue for it again today. Me? I’m going back to Azeroth; my husband’s still working over there so I must show my support. A dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.