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Reader Mail, sort of and WoW Challenges

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , , on October 5, 2011 by tomeoftheancient

A while back I read a post at Zombie Chimp about a post they’d read on another blog. I thought it was pretty interesting so I decided to check out what search terms had brought people to this blog. I was hoping for some scandalously interesting terms like Chimp had, but I seem to just get serious WoW terms from people who are endlessly stuck in Uldum, (I hope I helped) or want to know how to get the Reins of the Phosphorescent Stone Drake. Here’s a small sample.

orphaned mammoth calf
reins of the phosphorescent stone drake
no quests in uldum
uldum quests stuck
panther cub pet wow
restraint boots
aeonaxx routes
do you get achievement for getting brazie’s
fozzilized raptor
camel figurine mount
stuck in harrison jones quest
where is ricket in wow
wow ironman challenge
how do you find deathwing

For a few of these I’m pretty sure I was of some help. But wait … what? What are restraint boots? Hey, that sounds like it might be scandalously interesting doesn’t it. Okay, I just googled that and I’m not including the link. You can google it if you want. Sheesh, no wonder they were sent here, my post about The Boots of Canine Restraint was the third link. I am confident that I was of no help at all to them, lol.

Occasionally I’ll see search terms and I feel bad, I dropped the ball. I knew what they wanted to know but it wasn’t in the post. Hey, wait! Come back, I know that! I guess if I required an email address I could email them the answer. Oh well. Oh, and yes, how the heck do you find Deathwing. If you find that out I wish you’d let me know.

And I’ve been trying to come up with another WoW Challenge to do. I was checking Ironyca’s post about unconventional ways to level and Döra’s post on crazy ways to level to see if any looked like something I’d like to do. It’s interesting that I’ve exhausted Cataclysm and I’m working hard to find ways to stay interested, and in Azeroth. Blizzard must love people like us. Anyway …

Die Hard Leveling sounds like a possibility, I might try that but it would kill me (well yeah, but I mean irl) to get in the 70s or so and fall off a cliff or Life Tap myself to death, both of which I have done … times too numerous to mention.

I thought of another possible challenge, I don’t know if it’s been done or whether it would indeed be challenging but it’s interesting. My warlock WoW Ironman Challenger has done as well as she has for one reason. Her voidwalker pet, Mak. I wonder what it would be like to level a pet class like hunter or warlock without using a pet, ever.

They could spec, use performance enhancing drugs, whatever. Just no pet. I asked my Hunter what she thought and of course she was confident a Hunter could do it. She said she could do it in spirit gear, no problem. Um, what, why does she even have spirit gear, I hope she didn’t roll on … oh whatever. Don’t tell her I said this but I’d take that with a grain of salt, I mean she is a Hunter … ah … you know how they are.