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A Tale of Two Mains

Posted in General WoW with tags , , on March 5, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

darkeyeSince I’m just sitting here waiting for Blizzard to get 5.2 applied and working and I have nothing to do … well … I do need groceries. We are out of milk and the media is full of dire predictions about the impending snow storm, so I should probably go get milk. Not that worried. What worries me is that we might lose power right after the patch is up. How mean would that be?

Anyway, I was thinking about how different my two mains are. Cat up there is all about the battle pets. Cat and Jeremy Feasel are now BFFs. Repeatedly slapping him didn’t seem to work so she flipped a table on him and YAY! Darkmoon Eye! She apologized and now they’re buddies. I tried to align the eyes but couldn’t get it and they look cross-eyed but doesn’t matter, she’s happy.

belovedAnother thing Cat cares about is who loves her. She’s always trying to gain rep with all the factions. Cat seems to play a game within the game. The Beloved title was painful to get as she doesn’t do groups. I’m beginning to think she has masochistic tendencies since she’s also the one who did the Insane back when those Shen’dralar were still hiding out in Dire Maul.

yorikShe’s not that interested in killing rares. I mean she has but if she’s flying to a pet tamer, you’re safe. She’s not going to stop to kill you. Must battle pets, no distractions allowed!  She would be horrified by Sasche’s behavior. She feels if you can’t kill the rare yourself it doesn’t count.

I realized she thought this way when Sasche and two friends went and dispatched the three Alliance Champions together for I’m In Your Base, Killing Your Dudes. She was appalled! Cheaters! The Brawler’s Guild seems made just for her if it didn’t have the whole “bunch of strangers watching you” thing. She doesn’t like that.

And then there’s Sasche.

sasshaAll she wants to do is kill stuff. She doesn’t care about rep for rep’s sake. Doesn’t care who loves her. Doesn’t care about pet battles. She is so far ahead of Cat on the Glorious list because she flies around scouting for rares like a maniac. She’ll do them alone if no one’s around or beat them up with a group. Doesn’t matter. Kill. Kill. KILL! She’s also tried PvP briefly while Cat’s only done it by accident while completing The Love Fool.

They are as different as night and day. Cat’s the friendlier one but doesn’t group. Sasche’s less friendly and does. I find this interesting because they’re me. Why are they different. Does knowing their back story influence me in subtle ways I’m not even aware of? Does my sympathy for what Sasche went through help me overlook her bloodthirstiness?

Waiting for patches … deep thoughts. It gets even scarier if I think about that level 22 Goblin healer who doesn’t seem to give a rat’s ass if everyone lives or dies. What in the world is that about? I think it’s best I don’t delve too deeply there. I’m thinking she might be revenge for all Cat’s bad groups, she’s dangerous. I’d stay away. I’m not sure I want to know what she’s doing. I’d better go buy milk.