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Q&A, Music and Squatters

Posted in General WoW with tags , , on June 16, 2015 by tomeoftheancient

ion-hazzikostasAs might be evident from my posts I sometimes … well pretty much ALL the time have a problem with focus. The Q&A was no different. I was trying to pay attention to what Halli … Hazzi … oh crap, Watcher said but I just couldn’t.

I was distracted most of the time by trying to figure out just WHAT color are his eyes? Were they tan, yellow? I also was spending way too much time trying to read the titles of stuff on the bookcase behind him.

As the recent flying kerfuffle made me realize, there are a WIDE range of play-styles. I couldn’t figure out why people seemed to see flying as just transportation because to me it’s an activity. After the reversal on flying and the introduction of Draenor Pathfinder I was truly surprised when many saw it as too much to do.

I didn’t realize that many would not have already completed most of the requirements so I obviously don’t know how people play which made me wonder if Blizzard does. Some of his comments made it seem like they think there are Mythic raiders, Normal raiders, LFRers, the end.


Um … do they know about us? I can’t be a special snowflake, there’s got to be more of me. Cat’s days are filled with things like freeing the poor slaves in the Bloodmaul Stronghold and debating where she’ll fish for lunkers based on the area with the best in-game music. I have quite a few favorites and one spot where I go to listen to the birds.

She had a VERY important mission to conclude today. She had to continue bashing poor level 90s to finally acquire the High Seas Music Roll because it’s very important to have a wide selection of music available when at home.

bandanaHachette’s mission in life is to pickpocket enough Dingy Iron Coins to buy a Barrel of Bandanas. I’m not sure why but hey, whatever floats her boat.

My alts were offended. He seemed confused by alts, that they should have a purpose. For example you’d have your raiding main and then maybe roll an alt to PvP. What? Where’s the fun in that, my … and I really don’t think of them as alts anyway they’re more like a big family.

I got the impression he thought people were plunking 5 or 6 alts down in the garrison solely to make a fortune. What? Yeah, okay … I’m doing that, but that’s not why they were created.

Back towards the end of BC before LFD Cat would try to get into groups. The answer was ALWAYS, you resto? When I answered no, I was met with silence. A sensible person would have rolled a healer but being pig-headed this pretty much ensured I’d NEVER be a healer.

So, end of expac. She was in a guild but only occasionally saw a guild member in the daytime unless someone took a sick day. Pugs were out, feral need not apply. I gave up on groups.

No level cap world content at the end of expansion?

Ironsally is born! And many, many others. Blizzard … um … I hate to bring up the dearth of level 100 content now that everything seems rosier but … in my case at least, you’re the daddy of all these alts.

I now sometimes feel like a squatter. Blizzard let me move in here assuming I would tow the line and conform. I would raid. But I was a sneaky little squatter.

I moved in. I didn’t get with the program. I refused to leave and proceeded to voraciously eat up the world content like some kind of demented termite.

Mythic, Normal, LFR and Voracious Termite.

Seriously though, this did make we wonder if Blizzard is aware of the vast spectrum of play styles amongst players. Here you have me, at the other end are serious raiders who PvP, pet battle and everything in between.

For people all playing the same game the range of how we enjoy it is kind of amazing. I just wonder if they know it or have been spectacularly lucky in designing a game that appeals to so many diverse methods of play.

Um … what was I talking about anyway … oh yeah.

“what color are ion hazzikostas eyes”

Nope, even Google couldn’t help me out.