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Blogs and Dogs, or the detritus of an unfocused mind

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Yes, another rambling WoW related brain dump, mostly about blogging. I’ll put in titles to make it easier to skip stuff. First, it’s cold and rainy and icy so I thought a festive dog photo would be cheery. This was taken on holiday; we were at the beach so he’s wearing his beach hat. I felt bad that our little girl dog never gets to be a web star. Both our dogs have issues. My boy suffers from separation anxiety and will chew off his foot if left without a human for long. That’s why we all vacation together.

Our little girl does not take a good photo. She looks terrified in most, like the photographer is standing there with a polearm, ready to beat her. She’s a rescue and we thought we’d be able to help her but the consensus of the experts is her fearfulness is genetic, probably why she ended up in a rescue. She’s the sweetest girl ever but her heart really belongs to my husband.

Her favorite thing of all is to ride in the car. I just don’t get this because she squeals in terror the whole time. She doesn’t want to get out anywhere, just ride around. I wonder if a car ride is the canine equivalent of a roller-coaster to her. She’s not telling. So there she is looking only semi-scaredy.

What? Yes, I frequently wear a bag over my head at home. You know, bad hair day … too lazy to put on makeup. In this case I wasn’t though … that’s not even really MY HEAD.

My Servers

Morning Fenris! I just wanted to give a shout to Fenris. I can always tell what server I logged into and what faction by glancing at the chat. Yes, Alliance side, Fenris. No doubt there, and a bonus this morning. I don’t even have to black out any language. Horde side is usually nicer. Zangarmarsh is much nicer. Kind of freaked me out. People throwing out buffs, being helpful. It took some getting used to. I have a bunch of other servers but these are the two that I’ve spent the most time on so, Hi!

Norwegian Carrot Cake

I was so happy that Norwegian Carrot Cake man came back. They told me, “Hrm, Not the best post unfortunately. Sorry to be so blunt! You should try some Norwegian carrot cake ( ) to cheer you up instead.” Cyrme at Bubbles of Mischief said he visited her too. Yes, yes, I know I’m playing right into his hands but really, I want to make it. Here’s the recipe but I can’t read it. The only part I think I’ve got down, is to preheat the oven to 200° Celsius, then I’m stumped. If anyone can translate it, let me know I’d like to make it. I can’t stop thinking about Carrot Cake now, and I guess the Norwegian’s make the best ones.

Fashionista, So NOT

This one made me laugh so hard. The comment was, I love your fashion sense. My idea of dressing up is putting on a clean pair of jeans. Maybe she was talking about my Druid but that still doesn’t make sense. Below is the transmog outfit she put together. It’s what she wanted, a working girl look. I don’t know about you but to me her outfit kind of reminds me of those movies where there are the “townies” and the rich, smart, pulled together looking kids. Some of the people on my blog roll are the pulled together looking kids. It’s not my Druid, she’s kind of fashion challenged if you ask me.

My Druid kind of cracks me up. She’s so cute with that whole mean scowl she’s got there. Ooooo … such a scary Druid. Works much better in cat or bear form, human form just isn’t cutting it.

Search Terms

“ancient nude sexy” not once but TWICE! Aw, thank you but you shouldn’t have. I’m not sure where you actually saw nude pictures of the ancient, but I’m going to take your word for it. Chickens coming home to roost from my flagrant misuse of the word nude.

“pissing sopa” I KNOW! Me too! I feel exactly the same about it! That pissing SOPA! It’s nice to know we’re all on the same page here.

OH NO! This post is becoming ridiculously long, straining the  patience of kind readers to the breaking point and I haven’t even gotten to over half of what I wanted to say, geez. Okay the rest will have to wait, but just one more thing. I promise. Just one thing about three things but it’s really only one thing.

Links to Good Stuff

I saw that Niki of Gamer’s Fridge has a new SWTOR related blog up, Moz’s Cantina Crawl. I know, how cool is that. Although I have a Bounty Hunter too, her’s seems to be doing useful stuff like healing and all. Mine just runs around screaming, “Die, you #%@?##$@#er’s” and using Death from Above.

And Saz of World of Saz has a FaceBook page where she has tips and advice about all things enhancement shaman. This brings me to the place where I was going to talk about getting an Ancient FaceBook page and my inability to multitask well but I’ll but I’ll save that for another post cause this one’s just too long.

Oh, and here’s my rhyme, I’m so proud of it, it’s the only one I’ve ever done.

Navimie the Rhyming Machine and Healer Supreme oh wait … or, or,

Navimie the Rhyming Queen and Healer Supreme

OMG! I thought of another!! I’m getting good at this!