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WoW Fight Simulator

Posted in My WoW Wishlist with tags , , , on March 4, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

fightsimI was talking to someone the other day about how people learn differently. My reluctance to accompany a herd of strangers into LFR is because no amount of reading strategies or watching videos will help me know what to do. I learn by doing. Which probably means failing a few times. I’m not up for that with a group of potential foul-mouthed jerks. My fear is that spurred on by the foul-mouthed jerkiness I will then descend into responding in even foul-mouthierness. Trust me, it can happen.

So, I was thinking and I came up with a hair-brained scheme! All you smart people out there, listen! Couldn’t you just make a WoW Fight Simulator for those of us that learn by doing? No! I’m sure you could do it! I know Cat would pay big gold for something like that.

Oh well, it was worth a shot. Maybe Blizzard should do it. I’d pay at least as much as an expansion cost, and if they threw in a battle pet I’d even buy the World of Warcraft Fight Simulator Collector’s Edition for oodles of money.

Yeah. Think about it. I can’t be the only introverted, learns by doing, WoW player out there.

Yes, it’s come to that. I need a simulator game to be able to play my massively multiplayer online role-playing … game … sigh.