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What We’ve Got Here is a Failure to Communicate

Posted in WoW Guilds with tags , on November 5, 2011 by tomeoftheancient

I was writing a post about the trials and tribulations of trying to collect my desired transmog gear when something happened that made me see guild drama and guild friendships in a whole new light. I’m in a guild, we all get along because we’re all me. Oh sure, we have our bad days. The times when an alt gets a drop/mount/pet that the main wants it gets a little tense but usually we’re all BFFs.

I called my daughter and asked her to see if my son-in-law could log into Fenris and invite my new paladin to the guild. He has a level 9 in the guild and logs in every year or so to invite my new characters.  I always try to bribe him to stay with offers of gold but it hasn’t worked so far. When he plays WoW he’s as loyal to his server as I am to mine. If I ever manage to get the parental lock off my account maybe we could play together through real ID. Yup, parental lock, I’ve locked myself out of real ID, but that’s another story.

We chatted a bit, I told him I was an official gold buyer now. I felt like I had to buy a Guardian Cub and sell it. It seemed like one of those things you just have to participate in like the Zombie Event. I got in the zombie spirit then and mildly annoyed people just enough to feel I had done my part. One of those, “I remember when …” moments. Yes, sonny, I remember when I was in the great cub gold rush back in ’11, them was good times.

I got sidetracked and wasn’t paying attention after a while and then noticed in the chat panel “bye” and then immediately after, “son-in-law” has logged off. For a second I forgot who it was and though, Oh, are they mad? Did I do something? I then remembered who it was. I started thinking about the conversation we’d had. Since I know the real life person I had context, I tried to imagine the numerous ways things that we’d typed could be misinterpreted if you didn’t have context and didn’t really know the person, their sense of humor or lack thereof.

When I was in guilds with actual people, for the most part they were fraught with drama. The first guild I joined was great, but after they disbanded I joined a succession of drama-laden guilds until I just gave up. What’s wrong with people, can’t we all just get along. Whoops. I’m now thinking it’s somewhat amazing as many friendships are born in an environment of just text, no context. I’d think having Vent would make it easier as emotion and humor convey through voice, but just text, man that’s hard. So I apologize to all those who I thought were being drama queens for always being in a snit at someone. Interpreting text is harder than I thought and humor has to be conveyed through funny little character combinations. If you say something without remembering the lol, you may have just started drama or hurt someone’s feelings. I think it’s astounding that so many friendships have been made in WoW through the medium of text. Not an easy thing to do.

Oh, and another one bites the dust. I hear that song every time I zone into Uldum, I have my fifth Stood in the Fire now. Deathwing is really, really, mad.

Anyone know the movie reference of the title? Hey, it won’t give away your age, you can just say you’re an old movie buff … ahem … you know, like me.

House Guest from Azeroth and What’s in a (Guild) Name

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , on October 26, 2011 by tomeoftheancient

On occasion I get visitors from Azeroth here, I mean it seems only fair since I spend so much time in their world. I should have seen this one coming though. My warlock wanted to visit to see what our Hallow’s End decorations looked like. That sounds innocent enough doesn’t it? Considering she’s a warlock I should have known she’d be up to no good, but this!

I happened to look out the window (sorry, the photo was taken through the window screen so it’s a little blurry) and OMG, she was stalking deer in the backyard and she had her Creepy Crate with her. I managed to get out there before anything happened but it was close. She didn’t see my point, she kept saying that they were only critters. I told her we have strange customs here and that we absolutely do not let Creepy Crates eat our critters. She was a little put out, said she thought she was doing me a favor as she’d heard me complain about the deer population eating all my Azaleas last year. Anyway, if you decide to let any of your characters visit, watch out, make sure they know the local customs. Avoid a bloodbath.

My guild is a hand-me-down that I was really lucky to get. I love having all those bank tabs to store all my junk. I was really lucky too in that the name was fine, Starflare, not “I Ate your Mother’s Underpants” as it so easily could have been. Trouble is, it wasn’t MY name, I didn’t get to pick it. I wanted to name my guild. This is kind of stupid as in all the time I’ve been playing I think only two characters got to have my first choice name, somebody’s always beaten me to it.

So yeah, as soon as I saw yesterday that you could now pay (real money) to change your guild name I rushed to Blizzards’s site to “read” (that’s what I told myself) about it. It would be silly to pay to change the name of my one person bank guild, really.

Yup, of course I did it. I did have a limit that I wouldn’t go over, I decided I WOULD ONLY PAY up to 25.00 for this service and it turned out to be 20.00. I wanted to name the guild “Tyranny” kind of an inside joke with myself, but no, already taken. I don’t know how many variations on tyranny I tried, still no luck.

Ah! Tyranny in another language, maybe that will work. I asked a bilingual friend how to say it in Spanish and that’s what I named it. Amazing what will float your boat but I’m so pleased with my new guild name, it’s the best thing ever. I just hope, really, really, hope that my friend wasn’t pranking me. It wouldn’t be above her to tell me the Spanish word for tyranny and it was actually “I Ate your Mother’s Underpants” in Spanish. Geez, I hope she didn’t do that, WoW is serious business.

Fine Print, WoW Goals and OMG!

Posted in Dog, General WoW with tags , , , , , on October 9, 2011 by tomeoftheancient

I was feeling kinda mopey after Ironsally reached her goal. Ah, I know just the thing, real life! We went to visit my daughter and son-in-law. At lunch my daughter asked about the ads on this blog. “What,” I cried indignantly! “Ads, my blog has no ads!” Okay, there is a link to a dog rescue, but that’s not an ad. Whelp, turns out she’s right. I’m sure this was covered somewhere in tiny small print when I enlisted with WordPress but … well … I sorta don’t do small print. And it turns out that I can’t see them. If you’re logged into a WordPress account they don’t show up, sheesh, I just feel violated somehow. So anyway, sorry about the ads if you see them, I didn’t do it.

I decided to complete a few WoW goals, like get my Army of One guild to level 3. Huzzah!! We (well, me technically) have arrived! We now have Mount Up and hopefully my herbalist will now stand a fighting chance against those swoopy druids when she goes out to pick flowers.

I then decided to assess my mount and companion collection. Although some of them looked possibly good to eat to my druid she didn’t eat any, I’m woefully behind as it is I can’t spare another. I really love being able to check on what I have not collected on the armory. I was looking for a quest I might have missed that awarded a pet and I found one! Tiny Flamefly for completing the quest SEVEN! YUP!. You may have to go to Flamestar Post to pick up the quests that will get you to it, but at 85 they were quick and fun to do. Tiny Flamefly got me to 109. I’m trying not to buy them but at some point if I want to get to 125 I guess I’ll have to. Mounts, I only have 60. I’ve been a lazy slacker with my mount collection.

With my mount and companion collection sorted out I was at a loss for something to do so I decided to go to Uldum and check on how Ironsally was doing.

OMG! I knew it, I just knew it! I knew that after her 15 minutes of fame Sally wasn’t going to go quietly into the night. That girl is just out of control. She had summoned Ironyca’s Elford to Uldum with some story about wanting company while she stood around Ramkehen trying to get Stood in the Fire. I always thought she was sweet on him. I got there just in time, because she was texting Döra’s Nerfiron to come too. Who knows who else she has on speed dial. I am so sorry Ironyca, I promise it won’t happen again. It’s clear to me now that I have to find something to keep her occupied, apparently fishing wasn’t her cup of tea. Hmmm, maybe archeology? Maybe I can bribe a guard to keep her in The Stockade until I can find something to occupy her and keep her out of trouble.

Social Anxiety, Performance Anxiety, New Players and Puppy Dog Tails

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , , , on July 3, 2011 by tomeoftheancient

Hungry for news about Döra’s new guild I managed to find Paranoid’s new website. Geez, I feel like a stalker but I was so interested in finding out how they were doing. I had social anxiety back when it was called being shy, hanging on my mother’s leg, crying and sobbing, “They’re looking at me!” Yup, that was me and I can’t say I’ve changed that much. If you’re lucky enough to be able to roll on an EU server and any of the below sounds familiar I’m sure they’d be happy to hear from you.

  • Would never think of talking in Trade
  • Would never think of talking in Vent
  • Fear of pugging
  • Fear of poor performance

I pretty much suffer from all of those. I remember when I wanted to get a certification in ColdFusion from a nearby university I had to take the LPAT to be able to enroll. I studied relentlessly and when the day came to take it, I looked at it and nothing made any sense. I thought I was taking the wrong exam, I didn’t recognize anything, it was as though it was written in a foreign language. I flunked. I retook it, the second time I tried to calm down and look through the questions until I found one that made sense. I finally did find one. When I went back to the first question miraculously they were now written in my tongue, I was able to continue and passed.

This is how WoW is for me. I get flustered by a group of strangers, I worry that I’ll cause, Oh God, a wipe. I don’t mind wiping but the terror of doing that to other people sometimes unhinges me to the point that I find I’ve become THAT Druid who is just mindlessly spamming mangle. Have you done the new fireland dailies? The one where you get your whole little group of NPC’s to kill bad guys? I do fine with those guys, I never devolve into mindless mangling with them. Is it because they don’t judge? NO, it’s cause they aren’t REAL people. I wish Paranoid had a sister guild on US side.

Anyway, I was kind of saddened when I saw that my backwater server was so low-pop that it was now designated for New Players. But that has changed. My beautiful home town of Darnassus is now alive again! There are low levels running around everywhere, I love it. I’m having a great time inspecting people and then mailing the neediest 20 gold. You get extra if you’re a Warrior wearing spirit gear.

I’ve also been trying to give away stuff but so far no success. When I saw all these new people I decided to dust off my experiment, a low level male worgen. The experiment was to see if my playstyle would be changed in any way by changing to a male character. I’d have to say it might. I was standing in Darkshore using the general channel to try to give away free scopes. I have NEVER used the general channel, I only whisper, ever. But HE was just belting it out over general trying to give stuff away. I know he looks a little grumpy but he’s not too thrilled about the purple robe I bought him.

No takers. Maybe they don’t know what a scope is for yet. Maybe they also have a little social anxiety. Whatever, I’m going to do it again today. Maybe I’ll explain what a scope is first, ON THE GENERAL CHANNEL. I mean that’s big for me, I love you, you new people you.

A Dramaless Guild

Posted in Dog, General WoW with tags , , on December 17, 2010 by tomeoftheancient

I’m in a WoW funk. Oh come on, that’s just an excuse to post goofy pictures of your dog. No, really. I’m not sure what it says about me that I have WoW mini depressions but I do. I am disappointed at the least. I’ve given up, thrown in the towel. After four years of hopefulness about finding a guild I have just finally put all my characters in my bank guild.

I admit that hoping to find a guild of older players with a heavy concentration of them online between 6:00 am and 3:00 pm is asking a bit much. I think the problem is that the first guild I joined way back in vanilla was such a guild. My server was fresh and new and a group of experienced people rerolled there and started a guild. Some of them were EMTs and nurses and worked strange hours so there was always someone to talk to. I remember discussing the merits of different fast food breakfasts while I was stuck in Desolace with nothing to eat but Delicious Cave Mold. Ah, the good old days. It only lasted a couple months though.

We finally had enough members to try our first instance, which was Scarlet Monastery … we were awful. The poor GM and an officer were trying to get us newbs into shape but OMG we were really bad. I didn’t have a clear idea at the time of what a dungeon really entailed so I did the stupid hunter trick of running out of arrows, and as the hunter dead zone was still there at the time I also pulled more NPCs into the fray by backing up to get range. There was more horror but you get the idea.

After the instance debacle I finally had enough money to buy my guild tabard, I put it on and admired it and logged for the night. When I logged in the next day I had a blank tabard. Huh, what happened. I then finally sussed that I was no longer in a guild. The shame, I mean I knew I had been awful last night but hey we all were. I’ve been kicked!!!

No not really. I found another guildie and whispered her. She said check out the guild website. There was a very nice notice that the GM had disbanded the guild overnight as he had real life commitments and none of the officers wanted to take over. I checked and neither the GM or officers still had characters on the server anymore so I think that translates as “we thought it would be fun to start a guild on a new server but had no idea what trying to teach a bunch of newbs to play would be like” lol. I can’t really blame them, it couldn’t have been much fun, we were that bad.

Some of the guild decided to reroll horde, some went to other guilds, other servers and other games, finally there was just me left.

After that between my different characters I’ve probably been in five or so other guilds. But although when recruiting, guilds always say, it’s okay if you’re only on in the daytime, it’s okay that you won’t be raiding they really don’t feel that way once the time comes to try to fill a raid.

So instead of being in a funk I guess I should be happy, I’m going to have a completely dramaless guild and who knows  in a year or two my guild might make it to level 2!