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A Hunting We Will Go

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , , on October 12, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

timelesshuntMy Hunter was my first WoW character. There she is, Elder Zorakar. The last time I played her semi-seriously was in the pre-focus days when mana was important, since then she wanders about looking for pets to tame and picks flowers. Cat and Cim sent her Timeless Mail from the Isle until she had a whole set. Yeah … you see where this is going don’t you.

She wanted to go to the Isle. I told her that while ilevel 480 might seem like a dizzying height to her it really wasn’t, especially for someone who didn’t know their class. Sorry Zor, but you know it’s true.

Please, please! I’ll just stay there long enough to get 20,000 coins so I can replace my Sonic Pulse Generator with the Featherdraw Longbow, that’s all I want!

zorbeginsWe took a nostalgia swing by the place it all started and … WHAT THE HELL! OMG! These kids today! They start out with an insta-pet? Unbelievable! So against my better judgement we got her gemmed and enchanted. Surely she aught to be able to kill those little pink flamingo thingies on the Isle without trouble … shouldn’t she?

Zor is Beast Mastery, has always been and probably always will. Okay Zor, we’re here. Do you know what you’re supposed to do? Should I look up your rotation for you?

No, no. I’m good. Let’s go!

We land and TURTLE! Let’s get him! Wait … er … too late. Zor! Zor! Heal you Cat! She’s about … whew. The call went out for the ship event. Oh! Can we do that after the turtle? Sure, just kill the turtle first.

Okay, the ship event is one of the things that actually lasts long enough to get there, I mean if you kill your turtle first. People went racing past us to the ship … still killing turtle … still killing turtle … healing pet … killing turtle …

Next thing I know old Captain Genest is yelling, “This Cannot be! The Vazuvius could never fall to the likes of you!” and everyone comes running by … and we almost got this turtle down. Yes … it took as long as downing the ship. Obviously we’re missing something here. I know her gear is low but not THAT low.

OH! Glaive Toss! Sounds cool, perhaps you should be using that Zor, and oh! Look at this one, you get another pet to attack! Oh, and Focus Fire … THAT’S what the lovely screen display meant!

Wow … we sure got rusty doing nothing but picking flowers but I’m happy to report she’s still alive and doing much better after a little research into the present day Hunter. 15,000 or so coins so far and I’m not sure she’ll be leaving after she gets her bow, she’s having too much fun.

moondanceCat! What are you doing! This is Zor’s post, she hardly ever gets one, stop that at once! Sorry, ever since she saw Cymre doing it she’s been making that poor Moon Moon dance. The poor thing must be exhausted.

So anyway … what I’m worried about is if the Shaman gets wind of this … yeah. She’s in the 470s and sporting two Tankards O’ Terror that I bought her to bonk virmen on the farm. Blizzard considers this as having empty slots … doesn’t bode well.

And I last played her seriously in BC … with a two-hander. I know … Shaman carnage for sure. I’ve sworn all my characters to secrecy, I hope that’s enough. I’m not worried about the Death Knight, all she likes to do is mine and play Rammstein on her black market Goblin iPhone.